Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Weifang city Captain accused of punching owner due to parking conflicts urban

Weifang public network news on December 27, in recent days, friends @ media BBM on SINA weibo and explosive material, said Chengguan Weicheng district, Weifang city, Shandong province, branch city officials because of parking problems, disputes and roadside businesses, then punched approached the owner, also threatened to the store level. On December 27, Weicheng district, Weifang city, Office of urban management enforcement Bureau Director Xin Huanqi confirmed to reporters, beating their subordinates squadron under squadron leader Nan Guan Zhao. It is understood that the attacker Zhao is still on the job. Xin Huanqi says to wait for results of the police to deal with.

Weifang city Captain accused of punching owner due to parking conflicts, urban management Bureau police check Weifang city Captain accused of punching owner due to parking conflicts, urban management Bureau police check

Users Twitter broke the video surveillance footage of the woman has been in process.

Parking dispute, the city Captain punched the landlady

On December 25, friends @ media people long micro-blogging and picture blue power said, December 19, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, beating Cho to drive a Suzuki car stopped in front of the shops that were playing Mrs Meng left, Mrs Meng for entrance does not let its Park here, then the second dispute.

Quarrel, Cho claimed, he was City Council, then forced Park to leave. Meng asked the car fails, will foot kicked the tires of the car in two, Cho said he then pulled out telephone to call people smashed shop. When Mrs Meng block Cho left again, Ms Zhao fist to Bangladesh.

Journalists see from Twitter picture, one man is dressed in Brown fist hitting a red jacket woman. Other pictures show, Mrs Meng on the emergency medical record had been diagnosed with multiple soft tissue injuries.

The landlady has bruising on the face, exposing dislocated his arm was dragged

On December 27, the reporter met Mrs Meng by hitters. Though what has been the past week, but women face still has a slight bruise. Reminding me of things occurred on the 19th, Mrs Meng and don't want to say any more. "At that time he was across in our store, preventing customers from entering not only, also affects the normal traffic. "Down the direction of Lady fingers, reporters saw a lady about three or four meters wide space in front of the shop, but many vehicles plying between the woman shops where the offices were needed from her house after. Mrs Meng told reporters, before it was parked in front of the car, because people cannot be found, causing other vehicles can't go.

Mrs Meng shop there are a large number of parking spaces to the South. "I was in front of the empty parking space is running out, but there are a few empty spaces on the southeast corner. "Meng said, I don't know why Cho vehicles were not put on the parking space to a distance, rather than to park in their own door.

Meng said that because someone insisted on parking in front of the store, and later had an argument on both sides. "He punched me, then in the process of pulling, dislocated my arm up. "Meng said that when he took out his mobile phone to his store took photographs, and threatened to hit stores.

In fact Twitter mentioned that Mrs Meng after being hit, her husband Liu Weicheng District visited law enforcement Council reflect the situation, but avoid seeing the leadership of urban management enforcement Bureau, Weicheng district. However, Liu told reporters on December 27, just yesterday, law enforcement, Weicheng District Council leader has come to apologize, the attacker also raised would pay for part of the cost. More than the network anchors were found false

Mr Liu said that, in addition to the normal medical expenses that he would not accept any compensation, only want the police to ascertain the truth at an early date, hit people were dealt with according to law.

Urban management: conclusions will be made according to the police to decide whether to deal with the perpetrators

Subsequently, the reporters came to the units in which the attacker Zhao Weicheng district superiors – urban management enforcement Bureau. Xin Huanqi, Director of the Office of the Council said that this fight is investigating the handling of the police station, they do not disclose too many details.

When a reporter asked whether the batterer is when Xin Huanqi explained that because Cho fights did not occur during the normal working, is not related to him. "Fighting this kind of thing we should not only listen to one side, or to wait for the results of the police investigation, if that is his responsibility, we will handle it in accordance with the relevant provisions. "

The afternoon of December 27, Nan Guan, reporters rushed to Cho's Squadron, trying to find Cho at that time, Nan Guan, but according to the staff of the Squadron, Cho's off today is not in the unit.

(Originally entitled the Weifang city Captain punched the landlady also smashed shop City Council: police result processing)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Video a truck ran a red light will be 3 years old boy in Zhejiang into underside

CCTV news client on December 24, 22nd, 306 in Anji county, Zhejiang Province, road intersection, after a truck ran a red light, is the intersection of a boy involved in the vehicle. Lucky is that child is okay.

Monitor display: the time of the incident, straight line signal has been converted to a red light, screen left a pedestrian pushing a stroller across the road. At the same time, below the screen fast approaching a red truck, when the truck found and when the baby, it was too late to avoid, 3 on the baby boy was the involvement of large goods vehicle. Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify

Anji county police brigade Xiao Feng Squadron squadron leader Wang Xianggen: accidents occurred at around 1:50 P.M., on enquiry, the drivers didn't rest at noon, opening for more than two hours by car, feeling fatigue.

Lucky is that baby is okay, from the end of the car was brought out to the mother.

Introduced police: truck driver Hu bear full responsibility for the accident, red light violations have been given a fine of 150 Yuan, 6 points of discipline. At present, the case is further processed.

Traffic Police reminded drivers must stop fatigue driving and traffic safety. (This article was originally entitled the truck ran a red light of 3 boys were involved in vehicle)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Members suggested without gross negligence need to take responsibility so good

The morning of December 20 meeting of the national people's Congress Standing Committee review the draft General Civil Code three peer reviewers, members of the NPC Standing Committee has made, poorly defined in gross negligence, in real life, and propose the deletion of negligence leading to recipients the restriction of liability for damage, so good Samaritans no worries.

During the second trial in the General Civil Code, the draft, some members and attend the meeting of the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress proposed, aid to protect the civil rights of others, resulting in damage of recipients, the salvor shall be exempt from civil liability. This will help rectify social mores, assistance to the courageous people be encouraged and protected.

Therefore, in order to encourage and protect the good Samaritan Act, submitted to the national people's Congress Standing Committee 25th meeting consideration of the General Civil Code three peer reviewers of the draft new rules: implementation of bailout recipients to damages caused by acts, except for gross negligence, a salvor not bear civil responsibility.

According to this provision, Member of the national people's Congress Standing Committee Xu Zhenchao suggested deleting "Apart from gross negligence," the expression. In his view, should let people know that good Samaritans are duty-bound to do things, and not have to worry about this thing do to take responsibility for it.

"Seeing the old man dared fall to help? Help, can cause old injuries, rescuers had to bear civil liability. "Attending the meeting of the national people's Congress Fan Haitao also believes that not everyone can define or control what is called gross negligence. For example, he said, some people in common sense relief of acute onset of people, it may be because they do not know the condition of special damage caused recipients. Expert she won t be impeached Korea or the delayed

Members of the NPC environmental and resources protection Committee said Pu Changcheng, provisions may continue to weigh on the bailout. He pointed out that, in case of major natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, many experienced and inexperienced people to rescue people in need of help, but they do not necessarily have the professional knowledge of rescue, legislation should further consider incorporating "not saved" and "fault" it sort out the relationship between the two.

"Good people or don't know too many people in legal disputes and details of, priority should be given encouragement and protection, which are the legislative branch must pay more attention to. "Attend the meeting as representative of the national people's Congress, Chen said, hoping" the good Samaritan "not very familiar with the law on general public more protection, particularly with respect to civil liability.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Guangxi senior middle school students drinking and driving without a license

The morning of December 10, hechi, Guangxi drive 5 car even hit a high school students killed 1 wounded, after the investigation, the student part of the drunk driving and driving without a license. On December 16, the publicity staff of hechi, Guangxi Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), drivers of minor, the police will be punished according to law without taking coercive measures such as detention, the current accident responsibility determination in the case is still under further investigation. Dr dialogue delivery students are becoming alienated

Road monitoring video showed a white SUV driving fast, overtaking and suddenly tilted sharply to the left to the right, lost control and collided head-on with the right side of the sidewalk, street trees fell heavily after vehicle hit by a dive.

News photos from the scene after the incident saw the surging, off-road front and body was severely damaged, with blood on the ground; dirt bike 4 car parking spaces in front were damaged, another electric car was damaged.

According to hechi local micro-blogger reflects, Nan Xin XI road accident in hechi city BBQ snack kiosk opposite the hospital. Accident drivers 16 years of age, hechi is a local high school student, driving the family car out to supper with friends, drinking beer, drove a friend on his way home after an accident.

On December 16, hechi above staff of traffic police detachment, the Public Security Bureau publicity Office confirmed to the surging news, driver and 3 other people on the bus were young, one of the passengers injured in the accident, is still under treatment in hospital.

The staff said, after treating the wounded and discharged, traffic police will make specific incident identified; accident driver minors, not to detention and other coercive measures in accordance with law, at present mainly fines and other penalties, and the parents of the driver education.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Anhui Luan due to family conflicts and abandoned three young children police

Anhui Luan due to family conflicts and abandoned three young children, police found a number of relatives of unclaimed

On December 11, Luan city, Anhui Province, because of family conflict was abandoned three young children in a small roadside ' an, the police contact his parents, grandfather, uncle and other relatives, were unclaimed. @ Luan police online Guangzhou a baby girl was hospitalized with severe

Anhui Luan Winter Street, maximum temperature 13 degrees Celsius. On December 11, has been standing in the cold in the 3 children, attracted the attention of nearby residents-the oldest girl is only 9 years old and the other two children are twins, at the age of 2 years old. Them in huoqiu County people.

This afternoon, they started by her mother "lost" in a restaurant, after being abandoned by his uncle on a small road. Until the police find Grandpa's House with their children, no matter what the police because he had, always closed. Civilian police from outside the window to see, Grandpa slept at home.

12th to surge of Luan City Public Security Bureau staff news (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed the above situation, the child has not yet been taken back by their parents, by parents and relatives are reluctant to come forward to get back, they were temporarily placed at a local orphanage by local police. Police continued to contact his relatives.

The night of December 11, ' an District Public Security Bureau through their official Twitter @ Luan police launches online 6 micro-blog, live with a child-tracing the situation-

11th 23:22, under the leadership of three civilian police, reached the children grandfather district. At this point, the mother and police calls, also are reluctant to pick up the kids.

11th 23:28, kids Grandpa still refuses to open the door. Civilian police and children were at the door, and saw through the window of the police, child my grandfather was lying on the bed.

2:45 A.M. 12th, three children were civilian police had placed in a local orphanage. One episode was because of "three children have immediate family", in accordance with the relevant provisions, institutions can only be rejected, the police again after half an hour of negotiations, three children, was temporarily placed in institutions only.

According to the Public Security Bureau staff, 11th, ' an District Public Security Bureau in the Jinan branch of the three bridge police station received a report, known as a community with three children were thrown to the curb. At present, the three children remain in institutions, police are still in many ways continue to contact their relatives, yet new developments.

According to the child's mother described to police after she took her three children to his father's friends and relatives home for Xidan, children to children after Uncle left. Zhihou, boy Uncle took them to her friends and family community and abandoned.

The staff, police call parents of 3 children call their parents ' mobile phones were shut down, contacts his uncle, uncle, grandfather, without people willing to adopt, shifting responsibilities onto others. When finally get through her phone, the child's mother claims that doctor in Hefei, and provides a child my grandfather's address. In addition, she also explained the abandonment of children is that fathers regardless of children no matter their own, which leads to family conflicts.

In this regard, the lawyer with Guangdong Yasunori Liao Jianxun believes that according to the provisions of article 261 of the criminal code, for younger minors, guardians (parents) have the ability to raise and not raise, abandoned, aggravated criminal cases and criminal prosecution. "Aggravated" refers to serious harm minors or police repeatedly contacted them but refused to support, can require a criminal case, be investigated for criminal liability, children should not become the victim of both contradiction or chips.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Changsha 26 year old female white collar died due to work issues hanging suicide

Hunan by depending on by depending on focus micro-letter public, December 8 message, this year 26 age of young woman small drive in Changsha a company work, engaged in financial work, normally said belongs to many people envy of white-collar, but December 5 work Hou, small drive is has been no home, family find has a night, second genius found, small drive was in company building of stairs between hanging died! Also left a suicide note saying "really tired, always wanted to rest."

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Family members said Monday, December 5, small ride to work, but failed to return home after work, family search, results received large news the next morning. Only 28 days in Zhengzhou issued 42 real estate

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Scene in the top floor of the building where the company, 20/f, a cleaning worker found the small ride hanged himself in the stairwell. After the incident, police immediately obtain monitoring company found the day after work, large elevator 17 and down from the company, appears to be ready to go home.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

But on the first floor, large elevator and not to leave, but waited a while back into the elevator. The elevator, large has been looking at mobile phones.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

This monitor was last photographed small figure. After the accident, police dug out from her carry-on bag with a note that says "I'm really tired," and her mother goodbye.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Large is the only child, birthdays only 26 years old the day before the accident. She met the kind of pressure will make her think she doesn't open it? Family from a small range of diaries and mobile phones, and found her work seemed in trouble.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Several days before the accident, and Xiao cheng Zeng wrote a long letter, the letter said at the beginning of "MOM, when you look at the letter, maybe I don't, having to believe in fate."

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

From letters and chat, you can see that small process ran into trouble at work, has been in a State of anxiety. The night of December 3, large and their girlfriends stone spoke by telephone, said he intends to resign Monday, December 5.

After the incident, the company has no operations, only two or three employees on duty. Reporters contacted company official, said the head office has been sent to deal with, currently is cooperating with the police investigation.

(Formerly titled sorry! Changsha 26 year old female white-collar workers killed, claiming that "really tired")

Monday, November 7, 2016

Net red County influenced by a some poor households do not understand Thanksgiving

Hubei badong County influenced by methyl

"Net red County," said National Secretary of County party Committee, Secretary of the Hubei badong County chenhang, once again becoming the focus of media attention in recent days.

On November 4, 2016, the broadcasters in their letter public in badong County, had pushed the chenhang: precision of poor self in Thanksgiving education to keep up with the article. In this byline article, author Chen Hangjia said in the process of poverty reduction, some poor ungrateful, but there has been unreasonable attitude: "I'm poor, I fear", "who I was small I'm afraid of the people", "I grabbed you play." In response, Chen Hangjia calls for strengthening self-reliance Thanksgiving education among the masses.

On November 7, Chen Hangjia told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), the precise poverty self-reliance in Thanksgiving education to keep up with the article was written by himself, his articles and speeches are made by local television stations or released badong Yangtze River. Resulting concerns, Chen Hangjia quietly says "inconvenience".

"This issue should not be taboo" Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident air

Chen Hangjia self in the precise poverty said in a Thanksgiving education to keep up with a paper, wrote this article, because of "recent isolated throat, not to cough."

Chenhang caused such strong reactions, one dispersed relocation is a township in badong County of the poor. Chenhang described the poor dispersion chose to settle down his flat ground. According to the policy, the local government provides standard 2500 Yuan to 10,000 yuan per capita grant (four in the House). Results in the subgrade in the process, the Foundation sill cracks due to improper construction, cost more than 10,000 yuan.

"He was ' right ' to the township government repeatedly make, want the Government to give him the ' lost ' money. Reason is that the Government asked him to get out of poverty, to repair his house will have a foundation problem. "Then, influenced by a bold font described this poor" ungrateful ".

Chenhang analysis said, "now, there are a few people really have such a mentality: ' I am who I fear poor ', ' I was small I'm afraid of the people who ', ' I grabbed you play ' vexatious subtext. A small number of poor households to cadres who came to the House to help numb think cadres more than he needs, he cadres not rang up out of poverty, but poverty also wanted him to sign it on the table! "

Therefore, Chen Hangjia put it, "all sorts of self-improvement, not ungrateful, storming into biting hard bone, hard pull village out of poverty at this point in time, we should also strengthen the active poor out of poverty and family education issues on the agenda. "

In fact, influenced does not avoid mentioning that might dispute – "Nowadays, said education officials seem to be correct, says the education people seem to fear politically incorrect, in fact, this problem should not be taboo, especially in precision in the process of poverty alleviation should be clearly mentioned. "

In his view, the "precision is not only to help improve the living conditions of the poor for poverty alleviation, let them turn on the economy, also mentally to stand up, the ' pocket ' and ' head ' and rich. In this process, the Government and the people need right at Government, more to try. In no way can keep the good policies of the party depends on your country, and keep keeps was not feeling well, a bit of unpleasant things went back to the Government, ' pence '. "Otherwise," if all is numb, it is a good policy and no amount of help are will alleviate ".

In the end, Chen Hangjia pointed out that occurs because the poor are not self-reliance, ungrateful, is ultimately a lack of education among the masses of cadres: "next, are we going to loud comes, also want to educate people, and guide people, in order to strive to be grateful to know what ... ... So-called, to party with Government, political winds Chun folk customs. Customs how Chun? Through education and guidance. "

Has been repeatedly involved in public controversy

In fact, being widely regarded as "net red" influenced by methyl has been repeatedly involved in public controversy. For example, in August this year, influenced by the efforts of cadres, national mobilization, "anti-doping" create widely spread through to the end of the speech – in which he "big slam", but encounter a lot when I was named national outstanding County reporting, which he himself "no personal spite, only outrage."

Before that, influenced by armour had had a parachute to promote tourism, a mirror singing and recording MV have repeatedly "fire".

Now 45 years old, Chen Hangjia (1971.1) xingshan County, Hubei, and won a master's degree in public administration of Tsinghua University, in xingshan County, Yichang city in Hubei province under the jurisdiction of the early work before the end of 2006, Yichang city, as Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission, and party member, and transferred a few months later, Yichang City Government Deputy Secretary-General.

In December 2009, Chen Hangjia served as Deputy Secretary of Working Committee of Yichang in Hubei Province economic development zone, Deputy Director (at county level). In 2011, Chen Hangjia diaofu, Yichang city, under the jurisdiction of yidu city, served as Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee and Mayor.

In October 2011, Chen Hangjia appointed to badong County in Hubei Enshi autonomous prefecture under the jurisdiction of the Secretary. Padang is a State-level poor counties, and county-wide poverty population of 167,000.

2015 "71" before the Department from the national more than 2,800 counties (city, area, flag) selection of 102 "in the County (city, district, flags) comrade Secretary posts to achieve outstanding results", awarded the title of national outstanding Secretary of County party Committee. After layers of screening and selection of Enshi in badong County, Hubei Province, Secretary of influenced a-class list.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A soft palate fall girls high were seriously injured in Yunnan Bureau denied

A soft palate fall girls high were seriously injured in Yunnan Bureau denied that because Lisp was teacher abuse

Girls from a nearby building before the roof fell.

Recently, qiaojia County, zhaotong city, Yunnan province, a junior one last middle school girls falling from the roof of a building near the school, was seriously injured. Family members said before the girl falls for congenital soft palate cleft talk is unclear, was teacher abuse. On November 3, qiaojia County, Department of education staff to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN), there are no teachers insult students ' behavior, which was still under investigation. Baihetan qiaojia County Public Security Bureau police station said police have been involved in the investigation.

On November 2, the Yunnan local micro-public information, post said, on October 27 at about 7 o'clock in the morning, a 44-year old, suspected student girl ran to the qiaojia County, four high school Golden harvest garden roof on the House floor, falling 8 points from the top. Photos show a girl standing on the roof, suspect held high up in the wire.

A soft palate fall girls high were seriously injured in Yunnan Bureau denied that because Lisp was teacher abuse

Girls are qiaojia County, four junior middle school 13 years old girl Yang (pseudonym).

The post said, girls are qiaojia County, four junior middle school 13 years old girl Yang (pseudonym). Incident Hou, Yang of mother to Kunming television spring city channel said, Yang with congenital soft cleft palate, talk pronunciation some fuzzy, grew up on some inferiority, on others strange of vision particularly sensitive; because class Shi didn't can neatly to answered out teachers of questions, was teachers and students of laughed at, even was teachers scolded "mouth residual", heart cannot bear Hou from school near a building residential floor jumped Xia, fell into injured.

On October 31, the official letter of spring city Kunming TV station channel "8099999" had also issued a news release saying, qiaojia County, 13 year old girl Yang, because class failed to quickly answer the teacher's question, was ridiculed by teachers and students, a four-storey building near the school dropped and fell seriously wounded.

On November 3, surging qiaojia County party Committee propaganda Department told the news, according to feedback information, Yang was not being in class after the teacher reproached jumping; on the morning of the incident, Yang phoned Yang to parents prior to school school schools found to have their school, was informed that falls to the event. Into the Taobao fraud young force tent sit lie

Qiaojia County Bureau of security administration staff to the surge-news, according to the public security departments to survey feedback view, by visiting Yang students, teachers, and others in this class, you can be sure there are no teachers insult students ' behavior. "Many students have confirmed that teachers do not have the (abusive students), the teacher only said they asked other students not to laugh at her, because the student has certain physiological conditions, and others are not the same. "The staff member said, public security organs at present qualitative events from a building.

Yang falls prior to being subjected to verbal abuse, surging IV news number qiaojia County school officials, but always unanswered.

Baihetan qiaojia County Public Security Bureau police station above the staff confirmed that police had to intervene, now also in the details for further investigation.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

China Maglev official industrialization operation more than more than 10 cities

Recently held in Wuhan "Maglev development Summit Forum", the crcc announced 2 billion yuan, was set up in Wuhan, the first specialization and industrialization of new investment in urban rail transit construction company--China railway investment and construction of Maglev transportation co., Ltd. After marking China's high-speed rail, Maglev, China formally industrialization operation. Shenzhen communication 6 square meter apartment

On May 6 of this year, China's first independent design, and independent production and independent construction, independent management of the Maglev project was officially put into use in Changsha, China has become the world's few master of low-speed maglev train technology in country. Crcc Xia Guobin, Vice said that running in 5 months, Changsha in the smooth operation of low-speed Maglev line, passenger traffic remained stable.

Chinese Academy of engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University Professor Qian Qingquan said in an interview, China Maglev transportation technology research began in in the 1980 of the 20th century, start late, but rapid development, has formed a complete industrial chain and development potential. At present, China has started to build high-speed magnetic levitation trains, speed evacuated tube magnetic levitation has also entered the design phase.

Iron in investment and construction of Maglev transportation Chairman Lei Jiamin said that diversified development demands on urban traffic in the future, as new products of the rail, Maglev transportation will become an important complement to urban transport carrier. He said Hunan province currently only planning a couple of magnetic levitation Express, there are more than more than 10 cities across the country are planning to build Maglev.

"Maglev development Summit Forum" organised by the iron in investment and construction of Maglev transportation co. Experts and scholars around the Maglev transportation and Maglev systems in key technical, application, manufacture and development of future discussion.

(Topic: Wuhan, China railway construction cost of 2 billion yuan to set up the company promoting the industrialized operation of Maglev)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Kunming customs anti smuggling police investigation smuggling case at the

Legal network news, October 26 Kunming Customs spokesman said, the morning of October 25, Kunming customs under the zhangfeng Longchuan County, Hu Bo, Director of customs in border areas for investigation when agricultural products smuggling cases with injuries, rescue is not valid on October 25 after 10 o'clock died while on duty, only 36 years old. Working grandfather revisited 40 high temperature

After the incident, the Kunming customs party attached great importance to, and immediately sent a working group to the zhangfeng condolences to family members, the Steering handle the aftermath. (This article was originally entitled the Kunming customs anti-smuggling police investigation smuggling case at the expense of agricultural products)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Henan brother jumping more than 20 meters high bridge rescued 15 year old suicide

Henan brother jumping more than 20 meters high bridge, rescued 15 year old suicide girl

Water from sidewalk more than more than 20 meters high pictures in this article are from the big river

Henan brother jumping more than 20 meters high bridge, rescued 15 year old suicide girl

Her family gave Zhu Jiangtao () send banner

Dahe daily news on October 22, more than 20 meters high, just a few seconds to decide, October 18, in Xiamen City, Fujian province, drove a cab in zhoukou of Henan JI master Zhu Jiangtao, he jumped from the bridge in Wuyuan, suicide girls xiaozheng and rescued. Yesterday afternoon, the girls rescued Zheng's family dedicated to the master Zhu's taxi company, sent a silk banner said.

The past few days, with reports in the local media in Xiamen, Zhu Jiangtao became in the eyes of the rescue heroes. Company called on to learn from him, saved her family sent a pennant hometown neighbors expressed concern ... ... These "positive energy" Zhu Jiangtao feel more "positive energy". "Thank you for your concern, I'm it's not really what a hero, just doing the easy things. "Zhu Jiangtao flatly said.

Chance encounter

Strange old man rushed to the middle of the road blocking traffic, in order to "rescue" the girls around

October 18, at 5 o'clock in the morning, is still very hot in Xiamen. Dressed in a short dress shorts, Zhu Jiangtao went out early, drove a taxi went live on the street.

About half an hour later, he pulled the need for passengers to the airport. When cars to Wuyuan bridge, an old man holding a girl rushed to the middle of the road blocking traffic. "Girls emotional at that time, the old man said, wanted to take the girls to a place where no sea. "Zhu Jiangtao memories, it seems that girls should have a hard thing, after the consent of the passengers agreed to, he let the girl get on the bus. But after the girl got into the car to talk, saying only that he did not fare, and only 7 bucks.

"We are very strange, master Zhu did not know the old man and the girl, but Zhu master finger, just happen to her for a while, and I am going to the airport is not too worry, master Zhu drew a girl. "Passengers to the Dahe newspaper said.

Simple Zhu Jiangtao told reporters, according to his understanding, the old man is wanted him to put the girl into a person, and safe place. According to the plan, he is prepared to put Xu to your destination, then put the girls at the airport near the villages that have no sea, where there is no floor, more people.


Girl commit suicide, he did not hesitate to jump into the rescue

However, the car just starts soon, danger.

Zhu Jiangtao told reporters that his preparation sailed past the Wuyuan bridge driving, there is no road to the Bridge Center, the girl suddenly said to pull over the car. "The speed was slow, I said wait, still not finished, she draws back the door and quickly jumped off and ran to the back. "Said Zhu Jiangtao, he quickly parked the car at the same time, Xu heard passengers shouting" girl jump off a bridge. " Without hesitation, both got off to the girl jump off a bridge.

"Hsu says he can't swim, is responsible for making 110 and 120 calls, I can swim, go girl. "Zhu Jiangtao said two rails on the bridge, he ran to the front, girls prepared over the second fence to jump into, he tried to pull up, but did not take hold.

At this point, the water is on the ebb, girls jump, which has exposed a reef, Zhu Jiangtao glanced didn't dare jump, ran a few steps in the direction away from the center of the bridge, and plunged into the sea. "Master Zhu did not hesitate, nor to undress and just jumped. "Mr Hui said.

"Water from the top is 76 meters high, I jumped and quickly swims to the surface. "Zhu Jiangtao said that after sticking out of the water, he managed to swam to the girl. Tour five or six meters away, his arms gripping the girl in a coma, to the shore.

And dragged on for five or six meters away, waters began to ebb, he feels feet directly next to each other, and put the girl on a rock, beat her back, after a girl throwing up large amounts of water, slowly awakening.

"I asked why she commit suicide, she does not speak and asks what she is doing is not afraid family concerned about it, replied no parents of the girls. "Zhu Jiangtao said, they stay for a while, a fishing boat got help information, will they receive a pier. Subsequently, the first aid car girl waiting there in Xiamen was rushed to hospital.


Local media said he was a hero, and her family send banner

After the rescue, Mr Zhu Jiangtao first sent to the destination. And when I am home alone waiting for him to change clothes, only to find the legs being sea washes the blaze, some burning pain, also broke a hole.

Ate breakfast, and some do not rest assured Zhu Jiangtao specialized arrived at the hospital in Xiamen, seeing the girl's family had been accompanying there. He then learned from her family, the girl surnamed Cheng, 15 years old, because of family conflicts and other issues to heart, thoughts of suicide.

In recent days, Zhu Jiangtao save deeds were widely reported by the local media in Xiamen, we have praised Zhu Jiangtao as rescue heroes. "He leaped, saved the life of a young girl", "the face of a stranger, resolute to jump into the sea to save ordinary people dare not imagine. Admired for he can say words into two words: Hero! "Xiamen, local media say.

At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, Dahe contacted xiaozheng rescued girls, she and mother with pennants to Zhu Jiangtao Xiamen million taxi co., Ltd. "Master Zhu is really wonderful, if not he rescued in time, consequences could be disastrous. "Zheng moved to say, she was jumping into suicide, mainly for the moment will not open.

"Zhu Jiangtao is a good driver, usually performed very well, often doing work, to pick up the kind of items left behind, will be submitted to the company in a timely manner. Have a grievance, he also was the first to come forward, the company has a good reputation. Next, we are to solemn recognition of Zhu Jiangtao of the company, called on all employees to learn from him. "Xiamen million taxi company Manager Mr Ng told the river reporter.

Simple do diligence, Zhu Jiangtao honest duty

Zhu Jiangtao 29 years old this year, Lao Jia Xiang Pan Nan village in xihua County, zhoukou city people gang. At present, his saving deeds have spread to the village Party Secretary Fan Wuping (sound) is pleased to tell the river reporter, Jiang Tao 2980 people in the village with a light, also from Henan province was light.

In Fan Wuping memories, Zhu Jiangtao followed her parents to go out when he was small, and rarely return to the village, his home land out of circulation. Once back home, has been very good to talk to neighbors, and "others to be honest, said something about not with anyone else. "Fan Wuping said that another, taller more capable, knew hard for so many years been opened outside rentals, unlike some young lazy.

Zhu Jiangtao brothers, along with his father, the family all 3 male driving a taxi in Xiamen, drive is the family's main source of economic income and family circumstances.


Family members "complain" regardless of death, he said he "didn't think that much"

Zhu Jiangtao Lv Mengjie home in fugou, the wife of Gu Cheng Xiang, Zhu Jiangtao old Guangzhou a baby girl was hospitalized with severe

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

13 year old girl in Shaanxi app talk to meet with men of the village were raped

On October 18, the certification for market information news @ reporter Tan Chunping Tweet said, on March 19 this year, Shiquan County in Ankang of Shaanxi Province within a village, a 13-year old junior high school girl in the van by the village men of sexual assault, was captured shortly after the latter had been "released". October 18, Shiquan County Public Security Bureau responded that police suspect arrested the same day for police, the current case has been transferred to the prosecution in accordance with law. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Shiquan County people's Procuratorate confirmed that the suspects were apprehended after being released on bail pending trial, present the prosecution case has been prosecuted according to law.

Injured girls Zhou Xiaomei (pseudonym) of father in a copies handwriting of on reflect Zhou Xiaomei was week xxx suspected violence rape a thing situation description in the said, March 19, 2016 night 10 o'clock around, its in Shiquan a middle school read junior of daughter Zhou Xiaomei (May 20, 2002 was born), was 34 age of men week xxx using micro-letter added friends lured to a car van within rape, violence men Department with village people. On March 20, Zhou Xiaomei to inform the family about the rape, then alarm, weeks was released after being captured more than a week. The note dated September 20, 2016.

Shiquan County Public Security Bureau on October 18 of the above instructions inform responded by saying that on March 20, 2016, the County Public Security Bureau Cheng Guan Zhen a village police station in suburbs of women police said her niece was raped by village Zhou. After the alarm, the County Public Security Bureau immediately organized criminal cases squadrons, technical Squadron capable of civilian police for the first time to the site to conduct the Survey and investigation work and the suspect Zhou captured on that day. At present, the case has been transferred to the prosecution in accordance with law. Shaanxi completed two years without support of

Shiquan County, Shaanxi Province, the people's Procuratorate prosecuted books (stone liable to public prosecution of criminal procedure 2016 70th) documents show that week (born in December 1982, Shiquan County people) on March 20, 2016, was arrested for the crime of rape under criminal detention by public Security Bureau of Shiquan County, on March 31 by the Shiquan County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the bail.

Lawsuit claims the cause of Shiquan County Public Security Bureau investigation, accused weeks was arrested on August 11, 2016 to the transfer to prosecute the crime of rape. The returned on August 31, 2016, the first time the investigation organ for supplementary investigation, which on September 5 fill checking.

By identified, this year March week xxx through micro-letter "near of people" added at discontent 14 age of Zhou Xiaomei for friends, March 19 noon two people agreed night 8 o'clock Xu in a shopping supermarket near met; week xxx driving a car five Ling macro light small bus contains with Zhou Xiaomei (sat Deputy cab), in returns way will car open to a space, Yu car within forced will Zhou Xiaomei adultery.

Indictment shows that accused girl under the week knowing that Zhou Xiaomei, using violence, threats or other means of imposing sexual relations, criminal facts are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient, criminal liability shall be investigated for the crime of rape. According to the relevant laws, to sue.

The indictment dated September 8, 2016. Surging news from Shiquan County people's Procuratorate confirmed the indictments of the staff concerned, and now the case has been heard by the Shiquan County people's Court. As the surging News went to press, the surging news to Shiquan County people's Court on trial for questioning, has not yet responded.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Qilu pharmaceutical and overlooking more than 10 years in the second o blame

Qilu pharmaceutical and overlooking more than 10 years in the second

Qilu pharmaceutical company right next door and licheng district, Jinan City, Shandong province, the second secondary school (hereinafter referred in licheng II), the feud was finally settled for more than 10 years.

October 14 at 23:30, overlooking the second released on its official website in licheng II a letter to parents, the letter says, in licheng district, we are overlooking two tangye Dong Jia town, relocated to the South side, the new school will begin construction by the end of this year, 1.5 years to build a relocation.

Licheng district, Jinan City, Shandong province, Jia Zhen Qi and pharmaceutical company, Hui Shi (qilu pharmaceutical subsidiaries) vent accidents occurred on October 10.

Accident caused no casualties, but again set off neighborhood overlooking two grievances accumulated more than 10 years. Previously, licheng II because of drug companies, so as to influence up to hundreds of complaints each year.

Described in the above-mentioned letter, venting after the accident, licheng district, the District Government leaders held faculty, retired teacher Symposium, listening to teachers, seeking public response to accidents in a timely manner the progress of work to ensure education in licheng II order.

On October 14, in licheng district Secretary, Chang Wu Chengbing overlooking two, seriously listen to teacher representatives and appeals, and chaired by the District Public Security Bureau, Security Bureau, the environmental protection agency and the Department of education, meetings of the Bureau and other relevant departments to participate in thematic studies.

Above topic Conference on recently work made arrangements: a is do days and Hui world company full discontinued, Ann for the than Austrian company (qilu pharmaceutical limited subordinates company) involved gas involved burst workshop discontinued work; II is established supervision mechanism, environmental, and Ann prison established working group, settled licheng II in the and qilu pharmaceutical factory, real-time monitoring monitoring enterprise production, until II in the completed relocation; three is in hired experts do risk assessment based Shang, discharge involved gas involved burst dangerous of workshop relocation timing Four was entrusted the qilu pharmaceutical factory clear completed construction and put into operation of high concentration wastewater treatment facilities of the time.

In licheng II said in a letter issued on this night, in accordance with the objective of creating elite, the relocation process in school will ensure that teaching quality is not reduced, ensuring that teachers ' interests are not damaged, ensure that students have a better learning environment. School of Shandong food feed canteen contracted

Monday, October 10, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual Norway Penguin review King s guard who are promoted

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Friday, October 7, 2016

Visitors pick a Lotus in the baiyangdian Lake was fined 500 Yuan the area from

The morning of October 6, surging Hubei tourist Wang Xingchao told the news, because 13-year-olds in baiyangdian area play pick a Lotus the Lotus garden attractions, being fined 500 Yuan, "I do not think it reasonable", but he said it could not provide tickets and receipts.

Wang Xingchao recalled on October 4 at about 10 o'clock in the morning the family to enter the scenic area of baiyangdian, Lotus garden attractions when the child reached out and plucked a Lotus in full bloom, "we go on the road, the Lotus reach, he gently picked on down."

Wang Xingchao says, then around several wearing "security" men in uniform, and pay a fine of 500 Yuan, Wang Xingchao said, "I think it's too much, but the guard said they have no idea, was the Security Department".

According to Wang Xingchao introduction, he paid a fine and leave, does not ask whether the corresponding receipts, "it's too hot we didn't asked him to rush off the invoice. "

In addition, Wang Xingchao also said "security man with Horn was in the attractions, stood apart speaker said to pick the flowers are fine, but did not say exactly how much money. "

At noon on October 6, baiyangdian, Hebei scenic spot ticket Hall staff said fines is governed by all the attractions within the attractions to develop, implement, "your Lotus Garden was sent to ask the staff of Grand View Garden. "

Lotus garden in baiyangdian Lake scenic spot of a horse named surging told the news, there are penalty provisions acts of defloration, spots clearly identifies to remind visitors of "picking is strictly prohibited on pain of fines", the corresponding regulations are necessary on the way to see the tourists, "fine in order to prohibit acts of random pick, avoid destroying the scenery. "

The horse name staff also, "said regulation did not expressly say that picking a flower fined 500 Yuan, pick two fined 1000 Yuan", fine the exact amount depending on the circumstances may be. According to him, specific amounts determined by the penalties for security, gravity by its judgment.

The staff said, described Mr King is unable to determine which security is fine, "if we can provide a fine location, the appearance of security, can go to learn about negotiation. "He says he not present at the scene could not be judged," but penalties are not security of personal behavior, fine we received were reported to led, unified process. " Against parking the dissatisfaction with his approach

In addition, the horse named staff, Lotus garden scenic spots in baiyangdian Lake by his baiyangdian, Hebei Grand View Garden of Lotus platform, unified management of baiyangdian Lake scenic spot Management Committee, including all management provisions, fines need to be reported, upon implementation of the agreement.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Founding liuyalou old house was demolished Harbin 11 leaders being accountable

Liuyalou home in Harbin City Commission for discipline inspection recently, two-city 7 sites of unmovable cultural relics were severely damaged accountable.

On August 31, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Harbin City Commission for discipline inspection site was informed that 7 unmovable cultural relics such as liuyalou home was severely damaged, investigation team of Harbin municipal supervision Bureau, the responsibility related to the event were investigated, 11 persons responsible are held accountable.

Harbin municipal discipline Inspection Commission survey found that dual-city shantytown in levy is imposed by the Office in the implementation of reconstruction projects, in violation of regulations, without bidding, and not dismantled qualified enterprises to sign removal agreement specifies that enterprises incur removal project. Meanwhile, within the scope of heritage, not heritage responsibilities seriously, and on corporate oversight. Twin city sports broadcaster and heritage management which is not in accordance with the required safety of the cultural relics management responsibilities to the grass-roots level, on the destruction of cultural relics site failed to take effective protective measures.

Founding liuyalou old house was demolished, Harbin 11 leaders being accountable

Above, liuyalou home that was destroyed (on August 25, Xinhua News Agency Wang photo); fig to the damage before the liuyalou residence (file photo).

Among them, the double is imposed by the District Office Director Chen Zibiao is dismissal, Deputy Director Wang Yunsheng was a demerit, twin city housing and Meng Xianbo, Deputy Director of the construction authority collect administrative demerit, working under the auspices of the Deputy Secretary Lu Mingjiu administrative warning.

Jiang Yong, Deputy Director of the double city historic relic Administration Director Zhang Tao, Heritage Minister Chen received a demerit, twin city style broadcasting Secretary Zheng Mengnan administrative warning.

Twin City Chang Gao Lixin, Deputy in charge of cultural relics protection work was ordered to make a written check, Vice-Mayor Vice Mayor Liu zhicheng criticized treatment of the work, Chang Mao Chen was ordered to apologize publicly. Order written checks to the twin cities area to municipal governments.

On August 30, the news from the twin city authorities that the surging, Harbin municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Liu Shifa on August 29 to 7 unmovable cultural relics such as liuyalou home see the damage, including Mao Chen, Liu zhicheng, Chen Zibiao, Zheng Mengnan, who many officials the morning of August 30, going in Harbin City Commission for discipline inspection for their conversation.

The end of 2015, twin cities area the Government decided to levy a shanty town reconstruction project site, liuyalou residence, Northeast democratic coalition independent site 7 have not been approved and announced as the immovable cultural relics of the cultural relics protection units located within the collection.

On June 25 this year, head of the demolition site XXX Katie driving excavator 7 unmovable cultural relics building were removed, resulting in cultural relics were severely damaged.

At present, often has been the procuratorial organs approved the arrest, the public security organs is under further investigation. Hebei first girl after being bullied hit persons

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Silver murder suspect Gao Chengyong graduate from high school and married the

On August 26, the police battled suspected in Gansu province in May 1988 to February 2002 silver and baotou, Inner Mongolia, two rape murder crime 11, killing 11 people suspect Gao Chengyong (male 52 years old), in Baiyin city, successfully captured by public security organs. The trial, pleaded guilty to crimes committed by some of its high, of du Meridian Silver "8·05 series" rape kill maim female 28 years successfully cracked the case. Bloomberg News millions of people live their day

Silver murder suspect Gao Chengyong graduate from high school and married, the police DNA test identified

Suspect Gao Chengyong

It is understood that the case for cruel means, bad social impact, long investigation failed to break, by the Ministry of public security organs, from August 2001 to case of the Governor. In March 2015, the provincial public security Department decided to reopen an investigation, provincial and municipal public security organ fully engaged with capable experts drawn tightly around two aspects of fingerprint and DNA detective work. Recently, the provincial public Security Bureau through the DNA-Y chromosome testing, initially identified the suspect through DNA and fingerprint comparison further than the last suspect Gao Chengyong (male, of Han nationality, born November 10, 1964, in yuzhong County, Gansu province, and ID card number 620123196411100018, domicile for Qing Cheng, yuzhong County of Lanzhou city village, No. 428). On August 26, police in Baiyin city industrial school canteen will be captured. After preliminary interrogation, the suspect in the May 1988 to February 2002, Gao Chengyong rape murder crime 11, confessed the crime of killing 11 people. At present, the subsequent investigation of the case of the pre-trial work is in order.

Silver murder suspect Gao Chengyong graduate from high school and married, the police DNA test identified

(This article was originally titled lasted 28 years cracked "8.05" series of rape murder suspect released Gao Chengyong information)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shandong surely college girls fraud phone shorn tuition cardiac arrest unfortunately

Shandong surely college girls fraud phone shorn tuition, cardiac arrest, unfortunately passed away

Xu Yuyu living pictures. Pictures in this paper are Meng evening news

Shandong linyi was about to enter university 18 years old girl Luo Zhuang Xu Yuyu, 19th received a fraud call, the result being cheated the University fee of 9900. After learning of the deception, Xu Yuyu inconsolable, stagnation in the heart, leading to cardiac arrest, although the hospital to rescue but unfortunately died on 21st, one distraught.

According to the reporter, college entrance examination this year, luozhuang district high Tan Xu Yuyu in the community with 568 points in the streets of Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications. 4:30 P.M. 19th, she received a strange call, the other party claims that there is a 2600 Yuan grants issued to her. Before this strange the phone, Xu Yuyu had received notice of the Education Department grants. "18th daughter received a call from the education sector, makes her a grant of the relevant procedures, that money can be made in a few days. "Xu Yuyu's mother Li Ziyun told reporters that due to the education sector received the day before phone is real, so they did not doubt the authenticity of the call.

Shandong surely college girls fraud phone shorn tuition, cardiac arrest, unfortunately passed away

Xu Yuyu admission, the phone number was cheat number.

In accordance with the request of the other party, Xu Yuyu 9900 of the tuition fee will be ready to enter the cheats provided account ... ... Found to be cheated, Xu Yuyu was upset that night and his family reported the case to the police. On the way home, Xu Yuyu suddenly fainting, unconsciousness, despite hospitals to rescue, but have still failed to save the life of her 18 year old.

According to the briefing, Xu Yuyu in good health before his death, and no major illnesses, family poverty, alone with his father to earn money for the whole family. 9900 Yuan of tuition, but also family scrimped and saved more than half a year to get them.

At present, the case is still under further detection. 8 years between the national 360 city water logging

Shandong surely college girls fraud phone shorn tuition, cardiac arrest, unfortunately passed away

Xu Yuyu cheat remittance of documents


Frequent fraud of his tricks

In an interview, Xu Yuyu and many students said they had received similar calls of fraud, but are caught. Xu Yuyu pure and without the world, and did take genuine grants issued phones before, ask her to scam unsuspecting. Press again, prospective college students encounter such scam, must keep their eyes open, his tricks.

Restore event

"The swindler to my daughter's life! "

As Xu Yuyu 18th, received a notice from Department of education grants, and anything, so the 19th the fraud phone does not let doubt Xu Yuyu and step into the liars trap. Reporters interviewed Xu Yuyu parents, restored the entire process of being cheated.

A cold call cheated girl 9900 Yuan for tuition

19th, Crooks was a direct call Xu Yuyu's mother Li Ziyun. "I've heard said by telephone, to issue grants, I am afraid I do not understand, let the girl on the phone. I remember the day it's going to rain this afternoon, my daughter said she wanted to go back tomorrow, and on 19th but the phone is the last day of grants, later out of reach. "Li Ziyun memories cheats had the daughter in 20 minutes next to the ATM machine and call through the ATM machine, to get the sum of grants," she had no doubt, grabbed home poncho, rode to a nearby bank. "

According to Li Ziyun told reporters learned that Xu Yuyu to Bank, follow the instructions in the man on the phone, operations at the ATM machine, but to no avail. Liar and asked whether she had any other bank card, but this time, Xu Yuyu was just filled with tuition fee bank cards, the presence of some 10,000 dollars, she said this to each other. Then the other side said that tuition fees the bank card has not been activated, she took her 9900 through ATM machines, by bank card is activated in this way, and then put the money into the designated account, and also stated that it would, within half an hour, 2600 Yuan the 9900, together with grants sinks back again. Xu Yuyu is no doubt, in accordance with the said completion of the operation. After a while, Xu Yuyu began to realize that something was wrong, they call, but telephone that has been shut down. Xu Yuyu wishing each other as their commitment at this time, the money remitted back. At this point, the sky has been raining, Xu Yuyu desperately waiting for a person, and she waiting for a miracle, but half an hour later, Xu Yuyu despair ... ...

"MOM, I'm being lied to, tuition is gone! "

Rain, Xu Yuyu bikes, with the fastest speed back home. Seeing her mother, Xu Yuyu said the first sentence is: "MOM, I'm being lied to, tuition is gone! "He cried. "I think she cried sadly, also didn't blame her, comfort her, all tuition fee when buying a lesson ', ' not having had to scrape together, we could afford. "

But his mother did not let Xu Yuyu heart feel better. Maybe, 10,000 dollars for many families may not be big, but Xu Yuyu, mother, her legs unable to work, with his father doing odd jobs to earn money, on average, only three thousand or four thousand a month income, cost per month family planing, left 10,000 dollars means that parents have to scrimp and save more than half a year to get out. Poor families did not allow her to this "spend money on lessons learned" error, because it's too extravagant ... ... In her heart, the 10,000 dollars might be her all, guilt, remorse, and say a desperate, so she shouted over and over again, "we were so, why would anyone lie to me! "……

"Looking forward to the police early detection, comfort her soul"

"I'm going to go to the police the next day, but daughters want to go that night. "Father Xu Yuyu Xu Lianbin told reporters that around 7:30 19th, he and his daughter came to high station, police record case when you are finished, let them go back.

"From out of the police station, I was riding a tricycle with a girl, and go every few minutes, I thought just finished shower a little cold, and told her put on her coat, and turns her head tilted, down on the car and fell unconscious. "Xu Lianbin told reporters that he stop," I hug her, found the body soft, immediately dialed 120. "Later, after the hospital series of rescue, though saved lives, but still not out of danger. To the 21st 9:30, Xu Yuyu eventually died.

The morning of 22nd, Xu family held a funeral for her daughter, her classmates, friends, teachers also came to give her a ride. At the funeral, the girl's parents die, surrounding neighbors cry, "hurt the natural order! Such a good girl said no. "

"The swindler to my daughter's life! "Xu Lianbin told reporters that his biggest wish now is to hope that the police can solve as soon as possible, to comfort her daughter's soul," these crooks are so heartless, and got caught, not let them harm! "

"She has a cute smile, we all like her"

Xu Yuyu in the eyes of all kind, sensible, economical, and cheerful

Xu Yuyu's sudden death so that her family, her classmates and teachers were hard to accept. In their eyes, Xu Yuyu in addition to good grades in addition to in life, personality and interpersonal aspects are a very good girl.

Chen Keyu is Xu Yuyu classmates, the two men used to be at the same table, very good relationship, and she did not believe Xu Yuyu was gone. "Yuyu smile very cute, we all like her. "Chen Keyu told reporters," we will never see her have any unhappy things. "

Xu Yuyu head Pan Baojian told reporters, Xu Yuyu at school not only top grades, even in the city, but also of good quality. "The ' two-mode ' exam, she is ranked 18th in the city, other times is the city's top 50. "Pan Baojian told reporters that daily life, Xu Yuyu cheerful, humble, polite, popular in the class, all the teachers are also very fond of her. "The University entrance exam she didn't play well, we're sorry for him, but she saw very light, such a good girl just walked up, too bad! "

Xu Yuyu Li Ziyun's mother told reporters that the daughter usually lived very frugal, "high school when resident, she just more than 200 Yuan every month for living expenses. We are concerned that she is not eating well at school, will give her some money, but she saved. "

"Every year, the adults in the House would give her some money, she is saved, and never spend. Until she was gone, we found that the child had saved more than more than 1000 coins! "Li Ziyun said.

Xu Yuyu three told reporters, "I often buy clothes with Yuyu, every time she picked those discounts, on sale, never choose expensive clothes, very sensible boy. "(This article was originally entitled the linyi girls being cheated out of school fees, and stagnation in the heart of death)

Friday, August 19, 2016

IIR experts downward pressure remains large export trade this year could have

IIR experts: downward pressure remains large export trade this year could have declined over last year

Photo: Photo NET

Long Guoqiang, Deputy Director of development research center of the State Council said on August 19, downward pressure on China's exports are still very great, this year is likely to be negative, even negative growth than last year will be a big one.

According to customs statistics, in 2015, China's imports and exports of US $ 3.96 trillion, down 8%, exported US $ 2.28 trillion, a drop of 2.8% imports US $ 1.68 trillion, a drop of 14.1%.

2016 years ago in July, China's import and export US $ 2.0278 trillion, a drop of 8.7%. Among them, exports US $ 1.1676 trillion, down 7.4%; imports $ 860.1 billion, a drop of 10.5%.

Long Guoqiang believes that demand from foreign trade, foreign trade, environment and competitiveness factors, China's foreign trade are not so good.

He thought the global economic weakness, global goods trade remains low and growth is not just a Chinese pressure, downward pressure on States.

"In the context of weak, of all types and various forms of protectionism on the rise, particularly against China. "Long Guoqiang said, according to China Steel has a variety of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, that is consistent with WTO rules of form, protectionism in practice, so the external environment of China's foreign trade is more severe.

In addition, China's traditional goods trade is dependent on labour-intensive industries compete globally, value chains are mainly labor-intensive products.

In recent years, labor costs in China are rising, land costs, financing costs and other cost increases.

"Rising costs in extrusion we depend on low-cost advantages in global competition over the years. "Long Guoqiang said the increased number of developing countries, such as Viet Nam and Cambodia, also began to participate in global competition in labour-intensive industries to China have become compressed. Experts on China s free trade zone administrative

He believes in traditional competitive advantages are squeezed in the process, have emerged such as Huawei, China enterprises with technology and brand, but by quality, by brand, by technology, by service, international sales channels, and to create new advantages in international competition, and on the whole has no real form.

Imports, Assistant Minister of Commerce, said Zhang JI, commodity prices fell by a big impact on imports. "Last year was increased price drop, spend more than 180 billion dollars less, more commodities were we come in, the effect is very good, although the figures worried, but actually spent less money and more. "

Zhang JI also said the imports but also by the country's economic impact. "The decrease in domestic demand and fixed-asset investment slowed down, affecting imports of investment goods and intermediate goods", Zhang JI said. China's imports of investment goods and intermediate goods accounted for about 93% of.

Analysis of Zhang JI Tao, Chinese exports, mainly from the effect of external demand and domestic supply side, imports mainly under the influence of international commodity prices and domestic demand. "From the perspective of these factors, we export large downward pressure is present. "


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Days out in a city of Inner Mongolia work death leaving the age of twins

Days out in a city of Inner Mongolia work death, leaving the age of twins

Wang Chih-kang and mourning. This pictures are Zhang Linhu

Beijing, Hohhot, August 11, 11th, at 10 o'clock in the morning, Hohhot City Hall second gather to bid farewell to friends and family members of Wang Chih-kang and final leg. Dirge in the condolence Hall keyed, mourning tide, mourning banners hung above the main hall, below the banner is a portrait of Wang Chih-kang. They placed wreaths, and let stand in the Hall on both sides.

Wang Chih-kang is a Chengguan, as the yuquan district, Hohhot City urban administrative enforcement Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Jade spring City Management Bureau) inspectors ' team captain. 20:30 P.M. August 3, 2016 or so, Wang returned home from work to work, ready to barbecue the night market regulation of inspectors, due to days of continuous work, physical overload operation, sudden illness of sudden death, at the age of 43.

Sudden news of the death of a colleague Jiang Xiaoyi Wang Chih-kang to believe, about two hours before the accident, Jiang Xiaoyi received Wang Chih-kang phone, asking him to intensify their work, inspectors for law enforcement team working overtime at night.

"Around 18 o'clock, he also passed the work my Office due to busy work you were doing didn't say hi to him, didn't think he was suddenly gone. "Said Wang died, yuquan Xu Meng, Director of the Office of City Council several times choked up.

Days out in a city of Inner Mongolia work death, leaving the age of twins

Wang Chih-kang and his Office. 

11th, Wang Chih-kang's farewell ceremony before the funeral held in Hohhot, their friends, colleagues, relatives, masses of the people have come to say good-bye. Arrivals stood in silence before the body, after the bowed to Wang's body, whispered comfort his wife and family.

Wang Chih-kang left, leaving more than 80-year old father, a loving wife and a pair of Dragon baby under one year of age women, this situation makes him sighing.

Wang Chih-kang and colleagues agreed that the Chengguan is an excellent, conscientious and disciplined. Yuquan district city management team coach Li Shengqiu told reporters that in June 2007, his treatment while cleaning up a lightbox that wreaths piled up outside the shop, meet with violent resistance method, is the owner of the shop has just released knife injuries, tendon of his left hand was cut off. After the injury, he wasn't any demands on organizations and units, not complaining, after recovering, and for the first time to work.

Yuquan district in Huhhot Gao Lifeng Wang Chih-kang met 8-year old friend of policy holders. "Such a good person, so young, why go out? We have received a lot of his care. "Gao Lifeng said, crying.

60-year old Gao Lifeng runs a small shop, over the years, Wang Chih-kang has been helping disadvantaged her. "A few years ago, my daughter and I live in large umbrellas, plastic sheets, wooden planks erected shacks, Wang Chih-kang said was illegally built, to be torn down, I seen her fight. Didn't think split at the shack, he released an abandoned booth let us live, then help us apply for affordable housing, we finally have our own home. "Gao Lifeng, said Wang Chih-kang also helped her to replace steel, make her sell food for their families. Her nephew had Purpura disease hospital, Wang Chih-kang and several pay for help.

Days out in a city of Inner Mongolia work death, leaving the age of twins

Gao Lifeng Wang Chih-kang and color-coated steel in front of the house built for her.

"He had some time ago, said he would help me get a room above the roof, because the roof is leaking, he worried about my attack of rheumatism, but......" life changed for the better, and want to thank is Wang Chih-kang to Gao Lifeng, now have no chance. Hebei denied the local miners wages both enterprises

After Wang died while on duty, yuquan district Party Committee held an emergency Standing Committee ratified as an excellent party members.

"Comrade Wang Chih-kang is a model of urban management systems, his deeds have inspired our staff throughout the system, for which I also call on all city staff members to learn from comrade Wang Chih-kang, contribute to the capital building. "Hohhot City urban administrative enforcement Bureau Deputy Director, said Spokesman Liu Siping.

Wang Chih-kang's Office also maintains he was at work, packed inside the House clean and tidy. A radio on the arm of the sofa, hanging on the racks of uniforms, two Hat neatly placed there. Desk, neatly stocked with material he refers to, a full record of the meeting notes and copy the members of study notes, desk on the other side stood a bottle of medicine for pharyngitis, and has recorded numerous works memo desk calendar, time stopped on August 3.

Office furnishings everything, but Wang was not coming back again ... ...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

One week summer vacation in Beidaihe politics annual experts come to

The first week of August, the official news agency of news, "Beidaihe" back into the public view.

Beidaihe Xinhua News on August 5, commissioned by the General Secretary XI Jinping, Liu Yunshan, a member of the Secretary of the Politburo the same day visit summer vacation at Beidaihe expert, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to the Panel of experts to extend my sincere greetings.

Activities for this year's summer vacation in Beidaihe 56 experts and is based on the national "plan" experts as the main representative of domestic talents in various fields.

Beidaihe, has become the leader of the "expert talent drawing room"

Beidaihe is politically weakened, outstanding experts from all walks, Beidaihe every summer "VIP". Elderly in Hunan province to the town government

In July 1987, the 14 CPC Central Committee invited the national technology sector specialists and their families to vacation in Beidaihe, Comrade DENG Xiaoping and other leaders met with representatives of some technology experts.

In 2001, China's strategic talent issues to the country for the first time, summer vacations as a system of experts was finalized, Beidaihe, location.

Summer invites specialists to Beidaihe vacations, party and national attention and concern of experts an institutional arrangement. Since 2001, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have invited 16 groups over more than 900 experts and scholars to participate in holiday activities.

According to annual national work focus of different, by invited experts of field also will has focuses on, like 2001 was invited of is defense technology experts; 2003 is fight SARS of medical and technology experts; 2006 to "agricultural" for features, organization has 51 name agricultural technology experts and rural practical talent to Beidaihe vacation; 2010, by invited of is selected "thousand people plans" that "overseas high-level talent introduced plans" of part experts......

Beginning of August 2012, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council also invited 62 national field experts and front-line personnel and their families to vacation in Beidaihe. Experts in Beidaihe scenic country in the middle of the Sea Hotel is located in the hotel. Hotel close to the beach, opened the window to see the sea, out of the hotel about 200 meters to the sea.

Since the 18, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, four summer, commissioned by the General Secretary XI Jinping, Liu Yunshan met at Beidaihe expert in that year to summer vacation activities.

On August 5, 2013, Liu Yunshan met with include manned spaceflight, manned diving, high-speed trains, supercomputers and other State major science and technology, national defense science and technology priorities, Chief Designer of the State key construction projects, the total charge, a total of 60 experts.

On August 6, 2014, met including academician Zhao Zhongxian, Zheng Xiaojing Liu Yunshan, Zhao Jinzhou Southwest Petroleum University Professor, Peking University Professor Justin yifu Lin, Chinese Academy of social sciences researcher Li Jingyuan, 50 experts of the Chinese Academy of engineering, x.n.Yang.

On August 5, 2015, Liu Yunshan met with Nanjing University of technology, Professor ouyangpingkai, aerospace science and Technology Corporation, China researcher Wang Wei, Institute of high energy physics Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang yifang, Henan Provincial Academy of agricultural sciences researcher Zhang xinyou, Hubei University of technology Professor Tang Yajie, Chinese Academy of social sciences researcher Gao Peiyong, 54 experts.

Xinhua reported that the August 5, 2016, this year's vacation activities 56 experts and is based on the national "plan" experts as the main representative of domestic talents in various fields, they have made important contributions in their respective fields.

In this way, usher groups of leading experts and professionals in Beidaihe, in "resort" more identity-leaders other than "expert talent drawing room".

These "plan" are the experts of what people?

In simple terms, appeared in the "plan" of experts, are regarded as areas of "elite".

Comprehensive reports of people's daily and Xinhua News Agency, approved by the Central Government, the organisation Department, human and Social Affairs 11 ministries in 2012 and launching the national-level talents special support plan (hereinafter referred to as "national plan", also known as the "plan").

The plan for 10 years, domestic-oriented selection of 10,000 or so in batches the natural sciences, engineering and philosophy and social science areas of outstanding talent, leading talent and young talents given special support.

And has been running for years and is intended to introduce overseas talents "thousand person plan", the "plan" for domestic talents, so that with the "thousand person plan" matched, in fact, made with the "thousand person plan".

Public information, at the end of 2008 to consider the "thousand person plan", the CPC Central Committee put forward clearly, timely implementation of national plan of support for domestic talents, maximize the domestic talent and innovation at all levels of entrepreneurial activity.

In September 2012, "million plan" officially launched and is expected to be in 10 years, several times selected about 10,000 science, engineering and technology leader in the fields of philosophy and social sciences outstanding talent, talent and young talents, and special support.

And the "thousand person plan", the "plan" is also China's national personnel, by Department, human and Social Affairs 11 ministries set up a leading group responsible for overall coordination.

According to the people's daily reported on October 30, 2013, attention at the outset of the scheme, XI stressed in the Association's 100 anniversary celebration, to make full use of domestic and international human resources, with greater efforts to promote "universal plan".

According to the people's daily reported, plan consists of 3 levels.

First level 100 name, for has impact Nobel award, and growth for world level scientists potential of outstanding talent; second level 8,000 name, for national technology and industry development needed shortage of leading talent, including technology innovation leading talent, and technology venture leading talent, and philosophy social sciences leading talent, and teaching teacher, and millions engineering leading talent; third level 2000 name, for 35 age following has larger development potential of youth top-notch.

According to "plan" measures selected will receive State level funding, policy and service support.

Beidaihe in the past, used to be the political "barometer"

Beidaihe and political roots, which can be traced back to the late Qing dynasty.

During the 24 years, in 1898, upon the request of Western envoys in Beijing, the Qing Government formally Beidaihe turned into summer, "and foreigners live together." This also makes it the first in Chinese history to people from different countries identified by the State tourist summer.

In 1912, the officials of the Beiyang Government began construction of vacation homes in Beidaihe. In the decades since, North of Beidaihe, Lushan mountain and the South into summer in the Kuomintang military and political officials of the two main ingredients.

Public information and reports on, and after the war, the summer of 1954, the Central collective to the Beidaihe summer resort Office, the political geography of the seaside town began reconstruction, the "summer capital" of the resulting. It's a more official name is "summer Central Office System."

The mid 1950, many important meetings are held here in the middle of the summer, "Beidaihe" the words had appeared in newspapers, some major decisions of the party and the country also came in from birth. Gradually, the Beidaihe became to a certain extent China's political "barometer".

For example, the famous 1958 "Beidaihe meeting", that is, from August 17 to August 30, CASGC CPC Committee of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, is the "great leap forward" of a landmark meeting by pumping out steel and the big people's decisions. This time, Mao Zedong's decision "bombardment of Kinmen".

After 1965, due to a large extent the "cultural revolution", near-routine the Beidaihe meeting "disappear" until the 1980 's, Deng Xiao-ping's figure appears frequently in Beidaihe.

On February 4, 1979, the people's daily published a message in a prominent position, "the Party Central Committee and the State Council decided that the Beidaihe resort area allocated for receiving foreign dignitaries in the tourism sector." Who made the decision, was Deng Xiaoping.

Interrupted for more than 10 years of summer Central Office system again, "summer" is also returning to Beidaihe.

Deng Xiao-ping's Beidaihe vacations for the last time, in July 1992, when he was 88 years old, in Beidaihe accommodation review 14 draft report, agreed with the report's framework.

After a long period of time, Beidaihe is a central interior, diplomatic offices during the summer, this practice has been continued in 2003.

This year on July 19, the people's daily issued a message: "the central decision, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the national people's Congress, the CPPCC, Vice-Chairman of the top-five leadership to Beidaihe this summer will not work ... ... Excludes heads out during this period, and so on, must be strictly carried out in accordance with the regulations, are not allowed to go to Beidaihe, a summer resort. "

Since then, the party and State leaders to the saying of Beidaihe summer Office no longer reported, "the Central summer Office-system" becomes history.

According to the global figures reported, although the Central collective leadership to Beidaihe Office, but their practices have not changed on the holiday, a number of conferences and meetings are often held here.

Now, Beidaihe district most of the retreat and sanatorium have open, beautiful surroundings attract tourists every year. Outside of academics, medical leave, and part of the central organ of the cadres and workers and their families.

It was disclosed in the legal daily, morning of August 4, 2016, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Party Secretary, Attorney-General of evidentiary rules kind visit Beidaihe vacations highest cadres of workers and their families, and with some cadre meeting.

The legal daily reported that in recent years, the highest party adhere to the system of regular talks, during a vacation in the summer for workers and staff set, every year leaders such as evidentiary rules and everybody face to face discussion, in-depth understanding of cadres and workers, work, real life, listen to everyone's opinions and suggestions, brainstorming, checking for deficiencies, further strengthen and improve the building.

Except for the highest, a number of party and State organs also built a training base at Beidaihe, and Wellness Centre.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In Nanchong a 25 year old woman from 24 death naked

Nanchong of Sichuan news network, August 3 (Xinhua He Chunlin photography) this (3) days after 6:30 A.M., Nanchong jialing district, a district, a 25 year old woman from falling 24. After the incident, 120 arrived on the scene. Shame is, after inspection, the woman had no vital signs.

In Nanchong, a 25 year old woman from 24 death naked

Nanchong of Sichuan news network, August 3 (Xinhua He Chunlin photography) this (3) days after 6:30 A.M., Nanchong jialing district, a district, a 25 year old woman from falling 24. After the incident, 120 arrived on the scene. Shame is, after inspection, the woman had no vital signs. Shanxi Changzhi sudden hail and rain smashed car

In Nanchong, a 25 year old woman from 24 death naked

"Girls don't wear clothes, naked. "The community security master Zhao introduced early this morning, when their patrols in the area to a shed, was found on the ground floor on the concrete floor of a woman face down on the ground, around the pool of blood. Upon seeing this, Zhao master colleagues immediately called 110.

In Nanchong, a 25 year old woman from 24 death naked

Came to the scene, leaving Sichuan news net reporter saw a pipe, a pool of blood. Today, the Sichuan news net reporter learned from the jialing district, Riverside police station, from a woman, 25 years old, Nanchong jialing district people. According to police sources, the woman born in Nanchong, a Bank, not long ago, in good grades to get into a county of Nanchong's civil service. For the girl's death, and police are investigating. Currently, the family is preparing the funeral.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chongqing a 14 year old mentally handicapped woman was Uncle sexually assaulted

Pengshui County of Chongqing 14 year old girl Yang (pseudonym) hard fate adds a scar, sick mental disorder as a child, she suspects during the summer vacation this year by Uncle Wu repeated sexual assault. On July 30, pengshui County Public Security Bureau Police Brigade police investigators to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) said the suspect Wu arrested for the crime of rape has been detained by police, at present, the case is still under further investigation.

Yang Hong, 14 years old, pengshui County of Chongqing town people, attended a local secondary school the first two days. Surging Mother Yu Feng told the press on July 21 this year, she learned that her daughter Yang suffered sexual assault. That night, Yang Hong-bath, Yu Feng in his pocket and found more than 40 Yuan. "Daughter, not accounts, we hardly give her money. "Yu Feng said her daughter Yang pocket so much doubt, ask the source of the money. Yang told his mother that money is given by Uncle Wu, other requirements forbid her to tell. Mother continuous questioning, Yang said that Wu had her pants before money, and press her down on the bed.

Yu Feng told the word news, Wu about 70 years old this year, Yang called his uncle, because it is a relationship, Wu often came to the House, but she and her husband are often busy with farm work was not at home, in addition to Yang, there is also a lame deaf old man.

On July 22, Yu Feng with Yang before Wu cards identified in these people, Yang pointed out that her Wu.

To obtain evidence of sexual assault, 23rd, Yu Feng Yang, Chongqing to qianjiang district people's Hospital, doctors told that Yang has been infringed. Only a preliminary examination, the hospital has not issued by the relevant written material.

"Taking into account the daughters themselves with intellectual disabilities, two relatives, originally I did not intend to pursue the matter. "Yu Feng said, but the premise is, Wu from hurting his daughter.

But no, 24th at 11 o'clock, Yu Feng shampoo at home seeing his daughter Yang Hong with 20 Yuan. Yang said she pressed, Wu arrived, making signs and Wu touched her breasts and lower body. Furious at Yu Feng, Yang went to Wu on reasoning.

Yu Feng said, after finding the Wu, he denials after Yang identified and then came the husband under questioning, sexual assault by Wu confessed in July, Yang Hong and gave money. Yu Feng to call 110. Subsequently, the Wu arrest. Said Yu Feng, Wu Yang was sexual assault by police 4 times. Birth mother for the first time to victims of

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One man who refused to cooperate with police in Nanning is playing Police law

On July 24,, Nanning city, a middle-aged man who refused to open the building door access control system for police. 26th, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) liangqing branch from the Public Security Bureau of Nanning City confirmed that a man surnamed Huang did clash with police. At present, the police have established a working group to investigate until after the facts are clear, according to law and according to the rules for processing, must not take sides.

Liangqing district Tianzhu Sena district, Nanning city, surging on news that an informed owners, July 24, Huang after socializing outside of a home, residential property owners. In the district, building 3, door, wearing helmets and carrying riot shields Police called Hwang, asked him to help open the access control system. Hwang was drinking, "plus others you are welcome to talk", Huang refused to open doors for civilian police. Birth mother for the first time to victims of

Guangxi TV station broadcast a monitor screen displays, 24th 0:52, Hwang and several police at about the same time came to 3 door. At this point, already has a police car parked at the scene.

For more than 10 seconds, a member of the police takes yellow arm, yellow to get away from him and pointing a camera saying a few words. Subsequently, several police Huang, pushed to the ground and punched and kicked. Afterwards, Huang was taken to a police station, Sha Tin, until 5 o'clock in the morning to go home.

These owners said the night of the incident, 3, 17/f, couple conflict, several police officers had police, clashed with Hwang is to reinforce the police.

The District Manager of a land named said, personnel have not received notification to open the door of the police on duty on the day of the news.

Liangqing branch of Nanning municipal Public Security Bureau, a staff member said, on July 24, the Bureau received complaints, saying in liangqing district built Senna community day surnamed Huang men clashed with police. After receiving the report, Bureau leaders attach great importance to and discipline inspection, inspectors, legal system and other parts of the Organization immediately set up a special working group to investigate the incident. At present, the event is to check for further investigation, after the facts are clear, the public security organ will be processed according to the rules, must not take sides.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Anyang Henan province after a flood wall is real estate advertising don t buy

Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising:

Xu Jia GOU, Anyang country village disaster occurred after a real estate advertisement on the wall, "not to buy a house in the town, all in vain. "

Anyang, according to radio and television broadcasting centre official Micro-Blog @ Anyang broadcasting messages, heavy rain RAID, some rural roads in Henan Anyang linzhou County West, interrupt, communication interruption, houses were washed away. Xu Jia GOU, Anyang has just experienced floods the country village of disaster occurred after a real estate advertisement on the wall, "not to buy a house in the town, all in vain. "Journalists to verify, released after the flood of advertising, advertising company said that after review, entirely legal. Guangzhou a 4 years spent 200 000 for the elderly

Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising:

Xu Jia GOU, Anyang country village site after the disaster.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hubei welfare House young man wounded old man to death police psychiatric

Yunmeng County in xiaogan city, Hubei Province, on July 18 to the surging news broke said on July 15, Pu Wu Zhen, Yunmeng County public welfare home an old man with young men killed. Political section July 19 Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Yuan Ziyuan suspects have been detained, and at present is to cooperate with the police investigation into psychiatric evaluation.

Zhang Mr provides to surging news of cover has xiaogan city Yunmeng County, judicial Council Wu Pu judicial by seal of mediation agreement displayed, July 15 5:30 Xu, Wu Pu town orphanage dependent personnel Yuan Ziyuan (male, October 15, 1988 was born, Wu Pu town Wu Pu community people) and Zhang Jurong (female, Han, September 11, 1941 was born, Wu Pu town Wang Qiao Cun, five group people) occurred disputes, Yuan Ziyuan will Zhang Jurong wounded, led Zhang Jurong sent hospital treatment invalid death. Pu Wu Zhen auspices of the Government of the people's Mediation Committee mediation, Zhong-Zhen Pu Wu Zhen orphanage home assistance we offer families of 60,000 yuan.

Pu Wu, Yunmeng County, the Mayor of xiaohuiming confirmed to the news the surging real mediation agreement, he said, Yuan Ziyuan is Pu Wu Zhen, an orphan, Yunmeng County, parents have died, only one uncle. Yuan Ziyuan was pyramid control beat stimulation has been silent, finally decided to make it into the town government institutions. On July 15, Zhang Jurong wounded during labor.

Xiaohuiming says, Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau is currently on file for investigation, detained Yuan Ziyuan, is currently under psychiatric evaluation. Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau surging political section tells news, Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau of Interpol in the investigation, filing results will be determined according to the suspect's psychiatric evaluation results. Fitness personal training chaos the fastest 7

Hubei welfare House young man wounded old man to death, police: psychiatric evaluation

Cover the Yunmeng County in xiaogan city judicial Bureau Wu Pu seal of Justice mediation agreement. Mr Zhang Jurong family photo.