Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Foot reflexology shops women appeared in Beijing TV video said to Lei Yang

NPC master of mine-a prostitute killed messages to ignite public opinion being involved. Police in Beijing on May 11 on the event's latest survey reported that testing by the review and extracted according to law, relevant evidence, confirmed that Ray a whoring the pedicures in-store events and pay 200 RMB piao funding. Foot reflexology shops female employees evidence has also appeared in media, said mine-the night of the incident had provided a "plane" service. Pre-trial team Gao Chunzheng in Changping District, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau branch of Beijing television said the suspects for questioning, exhibits and transcripts related to the verification, found mine a prostitution evidence, mainly for field identification of condom could be proven.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) queries, the Beijing times reported 2013 found in Beijing police many years in law enforcement, airplane, chest push sexual services were identified as prostitutes.

According to the Beijing TV station released a video foot female appearance dialog displays, female employees said the night of the incident had been the foot shop owned by an "airplane", the following dialogue:

Q: he was wearing?

Women: wear black.

Q: how big is the age?

Female workers: probably more than 30 years old.

Q: did you speak with, wearing glasses did not wear glasses?

Women: wear glasses, I asked him: do you care? ' and he said, OK, then I'll give him air.

Q: why simple exchange between you both you, your experience, this person ever or go, do you feel?

Women: he should be a little, not sure, I ... ...

Q: do you feel he saying these words ... ...

Women: do you live I asked him and he said no, just took a few seconds ... ...

: To put it simply, right?

Female: well, when he just asked me, do you have a backdoor? said my back door, he just said something, I didn't hear you, just say ... ... Jinghong Yunnan hundreds of taxis stopped money

Q: do you have a back door?

Women: Yes ... ...

Q: did you tell him?

Women: no, I didn't tell him. I opened the front door directly, you go here.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Patients with loss of the right kidney event plot reversal kidney where remains

Patients with

Liu yongwei parties.

On May 5, Anhui media to go under the title of my right kidney, Suzhou man Liu yongwei was reported in Xuzhou medical college affiliated hospital thoracic surgery, mysterious disappearances of the right kidney. "Right after surgery lost" quick fermentation on the network, spearheaded the raise network strongly questioned the hospital concerned. That afternoon, hospital a "Declaration", were quickly reversed by events, Hospital says a media report "serious misrepresentation", saying patients after kidney surgery is still in the body. Subsequently, Liu yongwei parties being thrown to the waves of public opinion, causing netizens a new round of questioning.

However, the afternoon of 6th, Xuzhou Medical College Hospital, held a news conference, was again reversed by events, hospitals denied network spread has made "right kidney was not lost, but shrinking" argument, saying patients are still "right renal Agenesis", "kidney where" can only wait for the set of conclusions.

Within two days, the hot events reverse several times, hospitals, patients turn to accept the public opinion as parties grilled, Qi said, and "grievance". However, behind the noise, since "kidney where" questions and cannot find the answer. 6th, reporters learned from the Department of Xuzhou the intersection, the event has raised in Xuzhou city relevant departments attach importance to, and form a joint investigation team to investigate. Officials said the findings ahead of any hospital, patients of speculation and accusations are irresponsible.

"Right after the operation lost" priming public opinion

On May 5, Anhui media published as a guide to the main photo on the front page investigative report said in June last year, Liu yongwei car accident referral Anhui Suzhou people affiliated to the Xuzhou Medical College of medicine, at the finish after thoracic surgery, mysterious disappearances of the right kidney.

According to the media reports, Liu yongwei Suzhou people on June 12 last year because of an accident were sent to Anhui local hospital for 8 days in the hospital. Because of their poor treatment, 19th late referral to the Xuzhou Medical College Hospital. Hospitals for patients underwent emergency surgery that night, by cardiothoracic surgery chief physician at the hospital in skyblue surgeon, operation named "Transthoracic diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy + rib plate fixation + pulmonary fibrosis denudation". Successful operation the operation mentioned in the records of the injured chest organs one by one the reset, with special reference to "the liver and kidneys are incorporated into the abdominal cavity, repair of diaphragmatic muscle. " 16 brain King Chen Zhiqiang on Zhong Yong story

On July 1, the hospital underwent a second operation, mainly chest wound debridement. Since then, Liu yongwei resting in hospital, by August 18, pus in the body, skyblue doctor recommended referral to the Shandong provincial hospital for further treatment.

On August 19, Liu yongwei reached the Shandong provincial hospital and the next day he was diagnosed with "no exact display of the right kidney." Since then, Liu to Nanjing, Suzhou and other hospital for examination, and were come to the same conclusion: "the right renal Agenesis".

In Anhui a media of reported in the, said Liu yongwei on several occasions to Xuzhou sought "kidney to which has" answers, was local hospital, and police station, and Court, sector shuffle, lasted big half not figure out things truth, I also for "left kidney now also began by effect has, such down, I of left kidney also will bad off", "I right chest Shang surgery wound fester has, wants to to Suzhou of hospital, put fester of wound processing about. Hospital doctors know that my right kidney somehow missing something, they can't give me for surgery. "

The report published the same day, quickly fermenting on the networks, major websites, micro-blogging, micro-credit have reproduced, forwarded, "of right kidney after losing" blew up public opinion. Xuzhou Medical College Hospital was wheeled involved opinion on the cusp, network focusing on the patient "right kidney is missing", including the doctors hide medical errors, kidneys stolen pick and many other spread.

Plot reversal patients and pushed public opinion on air

The afternoon of May 5, Xuzhou Medical College Hospital official website a "' Anhui man of right kidney after no ' response to reports network--" men of right kidney after missing in Anhui Province, "Xu affiliated hospital of medical statements", public opinion quickly reversed.

The statement said: "1, today, a report was transmitted by the major media" Anhui man of right kidney after disappearance ". Materially misrepresent the contents of the report. Operation 2, date: June 20, 2015. After 3, respectively, on June 21, 2015 (1th postoperative day) and June 25 (5th postoperative day) 2 CT review put the patient's right kidney. "The statement also attached two CT, with a red arrow named patients after 1 day, 5th day of the right kidney is still there.

Intersection of reporters noticed, as that statement out, emerged to challenge the patient's voice on the network. Many websites also publish news, said that after Xuzhou Medical College Hospital expert examination, Liu yongwei right kidney has been found in the body, but contracted State. Xuzhou official letter in the local media published an article, friends are a lot of forwards. The micro-letter, in addition to the reference hospital statement, also posted a claim to Xinjiang, Zhejiang surgical micro-Bo, Deputy Director of the Charlotte Bobcats in white long analyzed patient Liu yongwei's right kidney was actually took place in about two months time, shrinking, organizing absorbed some, leading CT can not find atrophy of the right kidney is not "disappear".

"Right kidney was not lost, is actually shrinking," said Liu yongwei parties were thrown to the media outlet, contacted Liu yongwei understands that negotiations have a strong motivation to the hospital network for its questions, put him under enormous pressure. Liu yongwei said that have appeared on the network accused the kidney he lost to blackmail the hospital, also lists he borrowed in the event healthcare lie to insurance, such as extortion of Anhui Province hospital misdiagnosed as saying. "These claims are not true, I just wanted to seek answers, exactly where my right kidney. "

Plot reversal, the hospital concerned denied "kidney has been found"

When the network patients with one-sided accusations, 6th, Xuzhou Medical College Hospital held a news conference, again reversed.

The Conference, the hospital medical director Yang Yu, surgeon in patients with Hooper to attend. Yang first denied the network spread of hospital patients have been made "renal" conclusion statement. Yang said Liu yongwei has repeatedly negotiated with the hospital, and in February this year, complaints to the Xuzhou medical dispute mediation centers. Hospitals in conjunction with the survey, had submitted a report, refers to "atrophy of the right kidney" argument, but at present it's just a guess. At present, hospitals on its website only had a response, did not mention "the right kidney is still in" other theories circulating on the Internet are not true.

Yang Yu also said the hospital statement, the CT is only released 1th postoperative day, 5th day testing out patients of the right kidney, is not mentioned on the network used to justify "right kidney." Hooper also said, on January 5 this year on the CT showed patients still are "right renal Agenesis" State. At present, the hospital can't answer "right where" only waiting for the findings of the joint investigation team.

Investigation team response: for hospitals, patients accused it is irresponsible

This morning, Xuzhou health family planning Commission Director of medical administration hospital, Sun Jinsong responded to, at present, by the staff of the Department, thoracic surgery, urology experts and other members of the joint investigation team, had begun to look into the matter. According to the plan, the group first contacted Liu yongwei himself, confirmed by both parties, designated to examine patients at a hospital in Nanjing, in line with the principles of objectivity, impartiality, science, final findings to patient cases. Confirm before investigation results, patients "right where the" issue, currently there are no Department can answer my question. Sun said that before the findings are released, any hospital, with speculation and accusations are irresponsible, the investigation team will be based on the findings, confirm the responsibilities of the parties should in the event.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Man killed his wife and children were in Fujian province after police shot and

Man killed his wife and children were in Fujian province after police shot and killed, police: arrest a suspect Chase cut its civilian police

May 5, Children's Day, cangshan district, Fuzhou Nan lu JI XING Xin Cun homicide case in a unit in the room.

At noon on May 5 in Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau informed the official micro-blog a malignant case: a man armed with a knife will cut down my wife and 3 year old son died resisting arrest and cutting police, suspicion after police fired a warning shot and wounded the man to death.

Police said in a report on the merits, 5th, Children's Day, cangshan district, Fuzhou Nan lu JI XING Xin Cun homicide case in a unit in the room. Suspect man Yu Mouyong (42, Shaowu, Fujian people), knife-wielding wife, Zhan Mou (33 years, Fuzhou) and 3 year old son a hack to death. The party s newspaper published an article false

According to the information, in the process of arrest, suspect man Yu Mouyong knives to resist, and cut the civilian police. After warning shots ineffective, the police, the law decisive shot and wounded men on suspicion, to control it. 120 after paramedics arrived, suspected the men died. At present, the situation still further investigation.

The assailant because area residents and netizens have speculated that the incident is raised. Surging okurayama station, Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau told the news, the police are investigating the suspect's motive, including at the time of their mental state.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Man climbs Beijing jiankou great wall when he fell off a cliff visitors take

@ CCTV news, May 1, in recent days, a man climb the jiankou great wall in Beijing, he accidentally fell off a cliff. Fire fighters rushed to the hospital for treatment, after examining his waist, leg injury. Henan teachers residence was replace and move

Fire service personnel, when man is in the wall, stuck in my rucksack on step stools, result in the loss of Center of gravity falls off the high.