Sunday, October 30, 2016

China Maglev official industrialization operation more than more than 10 cities

Recently held in Wuhan "Maglev development Summit Forum", the crcc announced 2 billion yuan, was set up in Wuhan, the first specialization and industrialization of new investment in urban rail transit construction company--China railway investment and construction of Maglev transportation co., Ltd. After marking China's high-speed rail, Maglev, China formally industrialization operation. Shenzhen communication 6 square meter apartment

On May 6 of this year, China's first independent design, and independent production and independent construction, independent management of the Maglev project was officially put into use in Changsha, China has become the world's few master of low-speed maglev train technology in country. Crcc Xia Guobin, Vice said that running in 5 months, Changsha in the smooth operation of low-speed Maglev line, passenger traffic remained stable.

Chinese Academy of engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University Professor Qian Qingquan said in an interview, China Maglev transportation technology research began in in the 1980 of the 20th century, start late, but rapid development, has formed a complete industrial chain and development potential. At present, China has started to build high-speed magnetic levitation trains, speed evacuated tube magnetic levitation has also entered the design phase.

Iron in investment and construction of Maglev transportation Chairman Lei Jiamin said that diversified development demands on urban traffic in the future, as new products of the rail, Maglev transportation will become an important complement to urban transport carrier. He said Hunan province currently only planning a couple of magnetic levitation Express, there are more than more than 10 cities across the country are planning to build Maglev.

"Maglev development Summit Forum" organised by the iron in investment and construction of Maglev transportation co. Experts and scholars around the Maglev transportation and Maglev systems in key technical, application, manufacture and development of future discussion.

(Topic: Wuhan, China railway construction cost of 2 billion yuan to set up the company promoting the industrialized operation of Maglev)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Kunming customs anti smuggling police investigation smuggling case at the

Legal network news, October 26 Kunming Customs spokesman said, the morning of October 25, Kunming customs under the zhangfeng Longchuan County, Hu Bo, Director of customs in border areas for investigation when agricultural products smuggling cases with injuries, rescue is not valid on October 25 after 10 o'clock died while on duty, only 36 years old. Working grandfather revisited 40 high temperature

After the incident, the Kunming customs party attached great importance to, and immediately sent a working group to the zhangfeng condolences to family members, the Steering handle the aftermath. (This article was originally entitled the Kunming customs anti-smuggling police investigation smuggling case at the expense of agricultural products)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Henan brother jumping more than 20 meters high bridge rescued 15 year old suicide

Henan brother jumping more than 20 meters high bridge, rescued 15 year old suicide girl

Water from sidewalk more than more than 20 meters high pictures in this article are from the big river

Henan brother jumping more than 20 meters high bridge, rescued 15 year old suicide girl

Her family gave Zhu Jiangtao () send banner

Dahe daily news on October 22, more than 20 meters high, just a few seconds to decide, October 18, in Xiamen City, Fujian province, drove a cab in zhoukou of Henan JI master Zhu Jiangtao, he jumped from the bridge in Wuyuan, suicide girls xiaozheng and rescued. Yesterday afternoon, the girls rescued Zheng's family dedicated to the master Zhu's taxi company, sent a silk banner said.

The past few days, with reports in the local media in Xiamen, Zhu Jiangtao became in the eyes of the rescue heroes. Company called on to learn from him, saved her family sent a pennant hometown neighbors expressed concern ... ... These "positive energy" Zhu Jiangtao feel more "positive energy". "Thank you for your concern, I'm it's not really what a hero, just doing the easy things. "Zhu Jiangtao flatly said.

Chance encounter

Strange old man rushed to the middle of the road blocking traffic, in order to "rescue" the girls around

October 18, at 5 o'clock in the morning, is still very hot in Xiamen. Dressed in a short dress shorts, Zhu Jiangtao went out early, drove a taxi went live on the street.

About half an hour later, he pulled the need for passengers to the airport. When cars to Wuyuan bridge, an old man holding a girl rushed to the middle of the road blocking traffic. "Girls emotional at that time, the old man said, wanted to take the girls to a place where no sea. "Zhu Jiangtao memories, it seems that girls should have a hard thing, after the consent of the passengers agreed to, he let the girl get on the bus. But after the girl got into the car to talk, saying only that he did not fare, and only 7 bucks.

"We are very strange, master Zhu did not know the old man and the girl, but Zhu master finger, just happen to her for a while, and I am going to the airport is not too worry, master Zhu drew a girl. "Passengers to the Dahe newspaper said.

Simple Zhu Jiangtao told reporters, according to his understanding, the old man is wanted him to put the girl into a person, and safe place. According to the plan, he is prepared to put Xu to your destination, then put the girls at the airport near the villages that have no sea, where there is no floor, more people.


Girl commit suicide, he did not hesitate to jump into the rescue

However, the car just starts soon, danger.

Zhu Jiangtao told reporters that his preparation sailed past the Wuyuan bridge driving, there is no road to the Bridge Center, the girl suddenly said to pull over the car. "The speed was slow, I said wait, still not finished, she draws back the door and quickly jumped off and ran to the back. "Said Zhu Jiangtao, he quickly parked the car at the same time, Xu heard passengers shouting" girl jump off a bridge. " Without hesitation, both got off to the girl jump off a bridge.

"Hsu says he can't swim, is responsible for making 110 and 120 calls, I can swim, go girl. "Zhu Jiangtao said two rails on the bridge, he ran to the front, girls prepared over the second fence to jump into, he tried to pull up, but did not take hold.

At this point, the water is on the ebb, girls jump, which has exposed a reef, Zhu Jiangtao glanced didn't dare jump, ran a few steps in the direction away from the center of the bridge, and plunged into the sea. "Master Zhu did not hesitate, nor to undress and just jumped. "Mr Hui said.

"Water from the top is 76 meters high, I jumped and quickly swims to the surface. "Zhu Jiangtao said that after sticking out of the water, he managed to swam to the girl. Tour five or six meters away, his arms gripping the girl in a coma, to the shore.

And dragged on for five or six meters away, waters began to ebb, he feels feet directly next to each other, and put the girl on a rock, beat her back, after a girl throwing up large amounts of water, slowly awakening.

"I asked why she commit suicide, she does not speak and asks what she is doing is not afraid family concerned about it, replied no parents of the girls. "Zhu Jiangtao said, they stay for a while, a fishing boat got help information, will they receive a pier. Subsequently, the first aid car girl waiting there in Xiamen was rushed to hospital.


Local media said he was a hero, and her family send banner

After the rescue, Mr Zhu Jiangtao first sent to the destination. And when I am home alone waiting for him to change clothes, only to find the legs being sea washes the blaze, some burning pain, also broke a hole.

Ate breakfast, and some do not rest assured Zhu Jiangtao specialized arrived at the hospital in Xiamen, seeing the girl's family had been accompanying there. He then learned from her family, the girl surnamed Cheng, 15 years old, because of family conflicts and other issues to heart, thoughts of suicide.

In recent days, Zhu Jiangtao save deeds were widely reported by the local media in Xiamen, we have praised Zhu Jiangtao as rescue heroes. "He leaped, saved the life of a young girl", "the face of a stranger, resolute to jump into the sea to save ordinary people dare not imagine. Admired for he can say words into two words: Hero! "Xiamen, local media say.

At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, Dahe contacted xiaozheng rescued girls, she and mother with pennants to Zhu Jiangtao Xiamen million taxi co., Ltd. "Master Zhu is really wonderful, if not he rescued in time, consequences could be disastrous. "Zheng moved to say, she was jumping into suicide, mainly for the moment will not open.

"Zhu Jiangtao is a good driver, usually performed very well, often doing work, to pick up the kind of items left behind, will be submitted to the company in a timely manner. Have a grievance, he also was the first to come forward, the company has a good reputation. Next, we are to solemn recognition of Zhu Jiangtao of the company, called on all employees to learn from him. "Xiamen million taxi company Manager Mr Ng told the river reporter.

Simple do diligence, Zhu Jiangtao honest duty

Zhu Jiangtao 29 years old this year, Lao Jia Xiang Pan Nan village in xihua County, zhoukou city people gang. At present, his saving deeds have spread to the village Party Secretary Fan Wuping (sound) is pleased to tell the river reporter, Jiang Tao 2980 people in the village with a light, also from Henan province was light.

In Fan Wuping memories, Zhu Jiangtao followed her parents to go out when he was small, and rarely return to the village, his home land out of circulation. Once back home, has been very good to talk to neighbors, and "others to be honest, said something about not with anyone else. "Fan Wuping said that another, taller more capable, knew hard for so many years been opened outside rentals, unlike some young lazy.

Zhu Jiangtao brothers, along with his father, the family all 3 male driving a taxi in Xiamen, drive is the family's main source of economic income and family circumstances.


Family members "complain" regardless of death, he said he "didn't think that much"

Zhu Jiangtao Lv Mengjie home in fugou, the wife of Gu Cheng Xiang, Zhu Jiangtao old Guangzhou a baby girl was hospitalized with severe

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

13 year old girl in Shaanxi app talk to meet with men of the village were raped

On October 18, the certification for market information news @ reporter Tan Chunping Tweet said, on March 19 this year, Shiquan County in Ankang of Shaanxi Province within a village, a 13-year old junior high school girl in the van by the village men of sexual assault, was captured shortly after the latter had been "released". October 18, Shiquan County Public Security Bureau responded that police suspect arrested the same day for police, the current case has been transferred to the prosecution in accordance with law. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Shiquan County people's Procuratorate confirmed that the suspects were apprehended after being released on bail pending trial, present the prosecution case has been prosecuted according to law.

Injured girls Zhou Xiaomei (pseudonym) of father in a copies handwriting of on reflect Zhou Xiaomei was week xxx suspected violence rape a thing situation description in the said, March 19, 2016 night 10 o'clock around, its in Shiquan a middle school read junior of daughter Zhou Xiaomei (May 20, 2002 was born), was 34 age of men week xxx using micro-letter added friends lured to a car van within rape, violence men Department with village people. On March 20, Zhou Xiaomei to inform the family about the rape, then alarm, weeks was released after being captured more than a week. The note dated September 20, 2016.

Shiquan County Public Security Bureau on October 18 of the above instructions inform responded by saying that on March 20, 2016, the County Public Security Bureau Cheng Guan Zhen a village police station in suburbs of women police said her niece was raped by village Zhou. After the alarm, the County Public Security Bureau immediately organized criminal cases squadrons, technical Squadron capable of civilian police for the first time to the site to conduct the Survey and investigation work and the suspect Zhou captured on that day. At present, the case has been transferred to the prosecution in accordance with law. Shaanxi completed two years without support of

Shiquan County, Shaanxi Province, the people's Procuratorate prosecuted books (stone liable to public prosecution of criminal procedure 2016 70th) documents show that week (born in December 1982, Shiquan County people) on March 20, 2016, was arrested for the crime of rape under criminal detention by public Security Bureau of Shiquan County, on March 31 by the Shiquan County Public Security Bureau in accordance with the bail.

Lawsuit claims the cause of Shiquan County Public Security Bureau investigation, accused weeks was arrested on August 11, 2016 to the transfer to prosecute the crime of rape. The returned on August 31, 2016, the first time the investigation organ for supplementary investigation, which on September 5 fill checking.

By identified, this year March week xxx through micro-letter "near of people" added at discontent 14 age of Zhou Xiaomei for friends, March 19 noon two people agreed night 8 o'clock Xu in a shopping supermarket near met; week xxx driving a car five Ling macro light small bus contains with Zhou Xiaomei (sat Deputy cab), in returns way will car open to a space, Yu car within forced will Zhou Xiaomei adultery.

Indictment shows that accused girl under the week knowing that Zhou Xiaomei, using violence, threats or other means of imposing sexual relations, criminal facts are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient, criminal liability shall be investigated for the crime of rape. According to the relevant laws, to sue.

The indictment dated September 8, 2016. Surging news from Shiquan County people's Procuratorate confirmed the indictments of the staff concerned, and now the case has been heard by the Shiquan County people's Court. As the surging News went to press, the surging news to Shiquan County people's Court on trial for questioning, has not yet responded.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Qilu pharmaceutical and overlooking more than 10 years in the second o blame

Qilu pharmaceutical and overlooking more than 10 years in the second

Qilu pharmaceutical company right next door and licheng district, Jinan City, Shandong province, the second secondary school (hereinafter referred in licheng II), the feud was finally settled for more than 10 years.

October 14 at 23:30, overlooking the second released on its official website in licheng II a letter to parents, the letter says, in licheng district, we are overlooking two tangye Dong Jia town, relocated to the South side, the new school will begin construction by the end of this year, 1.5 years to build a relocation.

Licheng district, Jinan City, Shandong province, Jia Zhen Qi and pharmaceutical company, Hui Shi (qilu pharmaceutical subsidiaries) vent accidents occurred on October 10.

Accident caused no casualties, but again set off neighborhood overlooking two grievances accumulated more than 10 years. Previously, licheng II because of drug companies, so as to influence up to hundreds of complaints each year.

Described in the above-mentioned letter, venting after the accident, licheng district, the District Government leaders held faculty, retired teacher Symposium, listening to teachers, seeking public response to accidents in a timely manner the progress of work to ensure education in licheng II order.

On October 14, in licheng district Secretary, Chang Wu Chengbing overlooking two, seriously listen to teacher representatives and appeals, and chaired by the District Public Security Bureau, Security Bureau, the environmental protection agency and the Department of education, meetings of the Bureau and other relevant departments to participate in thematic studies.

Above topic Conference on recently work made arrangements: a is do days and Hui world company full discontinued, Ann for the than Austrian company (qilu pharmaceutical limited subordinates company) involved gas involved burst workshop discontinued work; II is established supervision mechanism, environmental, and Ann prison established working group, settled licheng II in the and qilu pharmaceutical factory, real-time monitoring monitoring enterprise production, until II in the completed relocation; three is in hired experts do risk assessment based Shang, discharge involved gas involved burst dangerous of workshop relocation timing Four was entrusted the qilu pharmaceutical factory clear completed construction and put into operation of high concentration wastewater treatment facilities of the time.

In licheng II said in a letter issued on this night, in accordance with the objective of creating elite, the relocation process in school will ensure that teaching quality is not reduced, ensuring that teachers ' interests are not damaged, ensure that students have a better learning environment. School of Shandong food feed canteen contracted

Monday, October 10, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual Norway Penguin review King s guard who are promoted

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey and met President

Local time on October 10, 2016, Turkey Istanbul, Russia President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a bilateral meeting. Maps/China Visual

Friday, October 7, 2016

Visitors pick a Lotus in the baiyangdian Lake was fined 500 Yuan the area from

The morning of October 6, surging Hubei tourist Wang Xingchao told the news, because 13-year-olds in baiyangdian area play pick a Lotus the Lotus garden attractions, being fined 500 Yuan, "I do not think it reasonable", but he said it could not provide tickets and receipts.

Wang Xingchao recalled on October 4 at about 10 o'clock in the morning the family to enter the scenic area of baiyangdian, Lotus garden attractions when the child reached out and plucked a Lotus in full bloom, "we go on the road, the Lotus reach, he gently picked on down."

Wang Xingchao says, then around several wearing "security" men in uniform, and pay a fine of 500 Yuan, Wang Xingchao said, "I think it's too much, but the guard said they have no idea, was the Security Department".

According to Wang Xingchao introduction, he paid a fine and leave, does not ask whether the corresponding receipts, "it's too hot we didn't asked him to rush off the invoice. "

In addition, Wang Xingchao also said "security man with Horn was in the attractions, stood apart speaker said to pick the flowers are fine, but did not say exactly how much money. "

At noon on October 6, baiyangdian, Hebei scenic spot ticket Hall staff said fines is governed by all the attractions within the attractions to develop, implement, "your Lotus Garden was sent to ask the staff of Grand View Garden. "

Lotus garden in baiyangdian Lake scenic spot of a horse named surging told the news, there are penalty provisions acts of defloration, spots clearly identifies to remind visitors of "picking is strictly prohibited on pain of fines", the corresponding regulations are necessary on the way to see the tourists, "fine in order to prohibit acts of random pick, avoid destroying the scenery. "

The horse name staff also, "said regulation did not expressly say that picking a flower fined 500 Yuan, pick two fined 1000 Yuan", fine the exact amount depending on the circumstances may be. According to him, specific amounts determined by the penalties for security, gravity by its judgment.

The staff said, described Mr King is unable to determine which security is fine, "if we can provide a fine location, the appearance of security, can go to learn about negotiation. "He says he not present at the scene could not be judged," but penalties are not security of personal behavior, fine we received were reported to led, unified process. " Against parking the dissatisfaction with his approach

In addition, the horse named staff, Lotus garden scenic spots in baiyangdian Lake by his baiyangdian, Hebei Grand View Garden of Lotus platform, unified management of baiyangdian Lake scenic spot Management Committee, including all management provisions, fines need to be reported, upon implementation of the agreement.