Thursday, June 30, 2016

Female cadres late at night to check flood in Hubei Province who died on the

Female cadres late at night to check flood in Hubei Province who died on the way, this just the other day was approved as a probationary Member

On June 28, the village of Baisha Town, yangxin County, Hubei Province, Wang Wu Jing Li Lian, Director of women killed in flood control zhagang the way, yangxin County women's Federation 29th ratified the Lee-Lien ticket as "sanbahongqishou". China Women's news

Chu, June 30, the Lee-Lien ticket lying quietly on the water, near scattered bags for flood control.

On June 28, yangxin County, heavy rain, rainfall in Bai Sha Zhen suffered the biggest since 1988. Yangxin County flood control and drought relief Headquarters issued the ponds, reservoirs, inspection instructions, the Lee-Lien ticket pushing a motorcycle rushed out the door and never came back.

Before the afternoon, Bai Sha town Party Committee formally agreed to the Lee-Lien ticket for the Communist Party members, but in flood control and the next day, she died. From the 27th party members to the 28th for duty, the Lee-Lien ticket may become a party standing since the founding of the shortest member.

Encounter heavy rainfall since the 1998 most Media visits Lei Yang foot bath street Police

The morning of June 28, Wang Wu Jing Shi Shu Cheng, Secretary of the village branch is wakened by one short phone.

At 1 o'clock in the morning, heavy rain note. Yangxin County flood control headquarters to convey instructions, requires responsibilities to the respective responsibilities of the person in all ponds, reservoir ponds, reservoir tour di check risk.

Baisha town Party Secretary Chen Dishun memories, June 28, rainfall is a town since the 1998 most heavy rainfall, average precipitation of 129mm, even in parts than 150mm.

Pick up the telephone, Shu Cheng Shi suddenly slow to God, the window of the rain into a curtain, he pick up the phone for a few phone calls all village officials focused, to inspect all ponds, reservoir.

45 years of the Lee-Lien ticket is one of them. After graduating from junior high school have been working outside of her, and her husband have one son and one daughter. In 2014, she enters the Wang Wu Jing Wei Hui.

Husband Pan Shiwu never dreamed of the Lee-Lien ticket, go out to check the flood's wife will never come back, from the bedroom door that way, as he walked with his wife finished the last stage of their journey.

The Lee-Lien ticket, how could she not?

At 2 o'clock in the morning, the Lee-Lien ticket received a phone call, asked her to bring bags collection immediately rushed to the village party branches to carry out inspections. Sound phone awoke the sleeping husband. Pan Shiwu memories, learned that the Lee-Lien ticket to check out flood, he would help his wife from an indoor motorcycle out of the door, his wife rode a motorcycle soon disappeared in the rain.

At 4 o'clock in the morning, Pan Shiwu also received a call from the village, "Lee-Lien ticket, how could she not? "The thought of his wife out of the House as early as an hour before, Pan Shiwu panic God, he put on his clothes burst into rain.

Search has continued, until noon, no one has discovered any fall of the Lee-Lien. Relatives came, villagers came around, search teams extended from a few people to hundreds of people.

However, the most inconvenient thing, people are coming. June 28 at 13 o'clock, local cadres and the masses in the village, Li fan, found the car battery of the Lee-Lien ticket to ride in Hong Kong. At 17 o'clock, search teams finally under the fan in the five downstream fan Cun found her within reach, but at the moment she has no life.

Her absence is a loss to our village

Hearing news of wife's death, Pan Shiwu huddled in the corner, holding toilet paper in his hand rubs a wrinkled.

"At first I didn't want her to the village when leaders," said Pan Shiwu, literacy is not high because his wife, afraid of her good.

"Who said no culture ever be good village? "Frank better than just not this evil by nature.

Bai Sha Zhen over eight villagers in Ma Chang and handicapped son depended on each other. October 2015, two people become the Lee-Lien ticket precision support for poverty alleviation, the Lee-Lien ticket give them medical assistance and policy support aid plan. "She always came to my home, not giving out oil is sending rice" speaking of the past with the Lee-Lien ticket, is 84 years old Ma Chang's eyes seemed to twinkle.

As with the Ma Chang, villager Chen Yin hua's family is also helping the Lee-Lien ticket, more than 30 year old son suffered from eye diseases have little ability to work, the family odd jobs to make a living rely on only one person. "Help employment and training policies reveals, decision Lo-1, medical subsidies, 3. "The Lee-Lien ticket down Word by Word.

"Careful, diligent," evaluation of most of the villagers for the Lee-Lien ticket. On the afternoon of the day before the storm hit, Bai Sha Zhen held the party committees to discuss agreed for the Communist Party members, and to the party was sworn in on July 1.

"She is a good village, she's out there is our loss in the village. "In the village Party Secretary Shu Cheng Shi's view, while the Lee-Lien ticket into a village not long, but she has become an integral part of the village.

The Lee-Lien ticket will not be under oath, but she had earlier used life flag to make a solemn promise.

Monday, June 27, 2016

A man point of light all dishes in Chongqing and then didn t answer the phone

Dragonsoft was informed by the shapingba district of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, June 25 14:30, shapingba 110 police said restaurant owner to deliver the meal, man when your reservation is confirmed to play peekaboo, boss but for police to ask for help. Police contact the alarm and rushed to the scene. Wenwan walnut clusters to tens of thousands of

Police understand that man Wu is a University City, a fast-food restaurant owner, at noon the same day received a great deal on the Internet, there is a user called Lee of all the dishes in the restaurant ordered a, 26, also had ten or twenty bottles of beverages, valued at nearly 400.

Wu boss very happy, so all family members pitched, also returned a few orders. One o'clock in the afternoon, Wu boss packed all the food and drink, contact Lee prepared for a meal, Lee was playing peekaboo. Initially, the line can get through, but when delivered to a specific location, Wu boss keeps knocking on door not open homeowners. This is very nasty bad boss Wu, it is unpleasant for the police civilian police.

Police also tried to call the reservation by phone, but the other side is in a shutdown state. By visiting its neighbor, said that homeowners have not lived for a couple of months. Boss Wu only becomes aware of something wrong, how can one possibly dishes the restaurant all have. Police recommend boss Wu and intervening with the takeaway website to reduce losses, the subsequent process is still underway. Police remind the Internet age, is always the "good faith" Word, hope that we build together a harmonious network.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Henan residents decorate using lift pay per property called the balance of

Report review

On June 20, the new Super town West community resident of zidong Garden District, the Sun reflected to Dahe said that displayed a message in the Community Shield with Hexi village official notices, posted above the elevator using specific criteria. Initial decoration of the user, charge by the decoration of the building area of 15 yuan per square meter; renovated but not finished by the user, charge by the elevators run, 50, floors high and low fees.

"Reporters Revisited" district close to the elevator using "exotic" notices

"15 Yuan/square meter" calculation, renovation of the resident household paying 1500 to more than 3,000 yuan as "50" calculation, the cost of transporting materials to the upstairs

The afternoon of June 21, the new Super town, intermittent light rain continued. Sunshine zidong Garden District, some owners are busy decorating.

The District Road in the flat, health and tidy, and planted with trees, lawns, looks no different from Zhengzhou new district. However, in the neighborhood apartment building door, stuck a paper notice. Contents of notice, is controversial lift pay-for-use case descriptions and fees.

Henan residents decorate using lift pay-per-property called the balance of interests

Elevator charge notices posted within the community by

Went into the floor hole, reporters found that the elevator buttons on the first floor of dark, look not powered up. Introduce several being decorated by the owners, community notices are posted on the last two days, every house in the district area of little more than 100 square meters, large duplex, a House has more than 200 square meters. One owner said, if the announcement said the first charge "15 Yuan/square meter," to compute renovated 1500 to more than 3,000 residents to pay more money, if you charge by the second method of "50" calculation, the cost of transporting materials to the upstairs.

Henan residents decorate using lift pay-per-property called the balance of interests

Elevator buttons on the first floor of dark, look not powered up.

It is understood that the sunny location of zidong Garden District, used to be a village, later was modified. Xinmi where an entrepreneur investment sunshine zidong Garden District, has been put up for sale to the original village of house price is roughly 1000 Yuan/square meter. The district plans to build 14 buildings, the current phase has been completed and building 6, building 2 suites, 4 buildings are complex. But the second phase of the project has not yet started.

West community (also known as the "West Village"), one charge, the community is to improve the living conditions of the local villagers, the construction of the new rural community selling price was lower than the cost of construction of the villagers. In 2012, xinmi city, watch new rural communities also have to the scene to observe the community building site.

Properties "explained" fees notice issued in order to balance the interests of the residents

Some residents decorate useless lift, some residents have made elevators used property lifts than hire back material up to save money, Wei Hui said there are difficulties

"This is to balance the interests of all parties to make decision, village also had difficulties. "Says Mr feng, head of the property of the community, the community has been built in 6 buildings, 1TH and 2nd floor has been renovated, both resident in the decoration of the building, Elevator has not been installed, owners are mostly paid people to sand, cement and other materials back upstairs. Now, an elevator has been installed, they may not reach the condition of opening, but basically, if the lift is free for residents to use, it has been recently renovated, 1th floor, 2nd floor, residents will not balance.

So, just introduced this pay-for-use notice. Mr FUNG said, the village was not intended to earn money, and just wanted the announcement block people who want to use the elevator, "because now the power plate has no connection, in principle, cannot be used. "

Fee basis, Mr FUNG said, this is based on the people hired back upstairs decided the cost of decoration materials, for more than 5 floors of residents, calculated according to the elevator using a 50 Yuan spent material cost than hiring people back up the stairs to save money. Moreover, the property company is currently no resident decorating trash pickup fees, nor to tenants of the property charge.

At present, how many renovated have pay money to use the elevator? Mr FUNG said, some people pay a fee, but no specific data and statistics.

The "related question" has been submitted to, official opening of the elevator why not?

Because of financial and other reasons, Elevator installation, commissioning and acceptance of the time delay

Hexi village surnamed Qian, Deputy Secretary said construction of the community starting from 2012 start scheduled official opening of the elevator really should be submitted to meet the conditions, but the construction period because of funding and other reasons, Elevator installation, commissioning and acceptance of the time had to delay back. And villagers eager fetches, shelter House, so I have to pay. Wuhu 17 deaths caused by explosion accident investigation

Super town, xinmi, a staff member said, the district is self-funded by West Village building, community greening and other facilities are donated by individuals, construction, management and formal housing communities vary, some complex to solve some problems.

Last night, the head of residential property, whether or not to cease paying decoration using the elevator requirement needs such as Wei Hui, research discussions and then make a decision.

"Online buzz" objection, it was understood

On June 21, the River to the client's report is issued, attracted a large number of netizens buzz. A new-media clients are also reproduced in the report showed that as of last night, reading has reached 106,000 visitors, of which more than more than 400 messages, comments.

One is the "brick", believe that the use of elevators to pay rules in "exotic". A Netizen said lift belongs to the community of public facilities, ought to be free for use by the owner, such charges are clearly arbitrary charges, property and village committees are too capricious.


There are some netizens expressed their understanding. Netizen "good guy" said, when decorating a variety of cement, sand, bricks going up, this will cause some damage to the elevator, collecting money for elevator maintenance is also nothing wrong with "the elevator to our community is being decorated personnel belongings, knock out, the entire community renovation, Elevator basic overhaul time. "

Monday, June 20, 2016

A nephew of Anhui Province after heavy rain on the bridge to pick up the fish

According to Anhui daily reported yesterday (June 19) susong heavy rain was a child still catching fish accidentally falling off a bridge was washed away in the tragedy.

A nephew of Anhui Province after heavy rain on the bridge to pick up the fish, 9-year old boy was accidentally washed away

From the evening of 18th, susong County, suffered from heavy rainfall since 1983. @ Xinan evening news

About 10:00, the County Po liang Zhen Wu with a 9 year old nephew out of the village, passing through a small pond bridge, due to overnight rain and pond water level rise just dozens of centimeters from the deck. Just when nephew riding a motorcycle ready to cross the bridge, suddenly a fish leaping out of the water and landed on the deck. Wu sees busy after stopping to pick up on the fish. Who knew uncle nephew saw parking, busy jumping run to pick up the fish. Shenzhen responded no power challenge road of

According to Wu introduced, after he set up his car, looking back at her nephew had disappeared. Villagers rushed rushed around the pond looking for. Helpless, because water flows too fast have children trace was not found.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A boys wrist band 3 parents in Sichuan province were found by repeatedly discharging

A boys ' wrist band 3 parents in Sichuan province were found, by repeatedly discharging cannot bend

Remove the rubber bands from the order on his left wrist. WCC

A normal wear a rubber band on your wrist, and "long" into the flesh, embedding the periosteum, Sichuan Ziyang 4 order (not his real name) on his left wrist and therefore repeated infection, pus can't even bend. The morning of June 16, order at the Centre for women's and children's Hospital in Chengdu city underwent surgery, the doctor helped him already and bones together rubber bands out, order is now restored, scar excision surgery is expected after six months will be. The doctor said, if there is no timely detection and remove the rubber bands, order may face the risk of amputation. Single women are the husband high insurance insurance

A boys ' wrist band 3 parents in Sichuan province were found, by repeatedly discharging cannot bend

Before the surgery, cloudy swelling of the left wrist, and a dark red "bump". WCC

Boys wrist repeated infection is rubber band "play"?

Because the swelling of the left wrist, and a dark red "bump", finger or very good straight, on April 18, the order was sent to the women and children's Hospital in Chengdu. Deputy Director of children's orthopaedics song Fu introduced, long-long wrist exterior was not fester, when asked about the history, order the father he said long-long, from 1-year-olds, wore a silver bracelet, until December 2015 because the order was taken off the wrist discomfort.

According to the order situation at that time, doctors consider he was acquired led to the oppression of metal ring lock with a local infection, probably because silver bracelet too tight, resulting from poor blood circulation. Then doctors order to control inflammation, and prepared to wait for SCAR to soften after surgery to remove the scar.

People did not expect, however, is June 8 order relapse once again came to the women and children's Hospital in Chengdu. His left wrist is not only recurrence of infection, skin has ulcers, there is also a 2 cm or so "pus-bubble" stop flow of pus, the doctor decided to give long-long implementation of drainage, pus draining out first.

A boys ' wrist band 3 parents in Sichuan province were found, by repeatedly discharging cannot bend

Order the x-rays of the left wrist.

Doctors have found that the rubber band "long" into the meat is not removed in a timely manner or face amputation

"During the operation found a rubber band on his wrist, had to grow meat in, deeply embedded in the periosteal surface. "The song Fu says, when the drainage of pus for the order, he found a white object deep in the wound, a pull on the elastic. Out he sees long-long wrist pus "culprit" turned out to be of a diameter of less than 2cm band!

"If not removed in a timely manner can lead to wrist repeated infections. "The song Fu said long rubber band on wrist muscle blood vessels are affected by the devastation of tendons, nerves, make children finger movement leads to disability, poor blood circulation can lead to long-term wrist far necrosis, also could face more serious amputations.

A boys ' wrist band 3 parents in Sichuan province were found, by repeatedly discharging cannot bend

Dr rubber band was removed from the order on his left wrist. Chengdu business daily

Play Miss wearing a rubber band who knows the band slowly improving wrist

Wear rubber bands how to order at hand? "After the accident he himself recalled, when I was playing with her, specific time and he could not remember clearly. "What Mr said, himself and order mother perennial in Chengdu working, usually rarely home, only annual new year only back days see children, order has been is with Grandpa with life, and because neglect observation children, and band is tip into skin, slowly led to wrist fester of, so home people are no timely found Dragon Dragon wrist of exception, until order wrist began serious swelling, and fester only realized that things of serious.

A boys ' wrist band 3 parents in Sichuan province were found, by repeatedly discharging cannot bend

Doctors say long rubber band on wrist muscle blood vessels are affected by the devastation of tendons, nerves, make children finger movement leads to disability, poor blood circulation can lead to long-term wrist far necrosis, also could face more serious amputations. WCC

Doctors advise: Geely safety parents tie red string does not need a lot of attention

"Each year, similar in patients with small, but seriously like order is relatively small. "The song Fu says some parents to Geely, based on practices for children's fingers, wrists bound red line and other children safe and healthy, but that there are really many security risks. "Children of poor immune response, local reaction is not obvious, and some traces of string, rubber bands hidden in the folds of the skin is not easy to be found, it has a greater need for parents to pay attention to, and prevent the occurrence of similar accidents. "

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Li Yi feng wrecked piers driving luxury cars its brokers at 12th pay 6508

Official micro-blog, June 14 @ Beijing times, May 27, artist Li Yi feng drove a white Lamborghini, Jiao Ting Qiao, Chaoyang District, North of the pier, resulting in flooded water from a bridge was damaged. Reporters learned from the urban management of road maintenance centre in Beijing, Li Yi feng brokers pay Jiao Ting on June 12-bridge pier was hit North of compensation total of 6508. Zhengzhou Henan is now best illegal car the craziest

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Recommended can t afford to help England tonight This group of young lion ready

"Editor's note"

Second night of European Cup, the youngest team in this European Cup--England is coming up.

This is a brand new three lions, Ouardi, Hali·Kaien, and Ali ... ... Since after the 2002 World Cup, England is no longer bright eyes of the contest, the first Russia, watch the vitality they take all three points.

As the new face of the tournament, Wales sitting on a bale and Aaron Ramsey, team Joe Allen, Andi·Jin, Davies and keeper of Hennesey is currently playing in the Premier League player. First, Red Dragon is expected to complete.

As a rising star, Switzerland has been in progress over the years, but given the defensive stability of Albania, attack lacks the strength of Switzerland does not occupy too much cheaper.

Switzerland VS Albania 

Color recommendations: ball 3 1

Date: 11th 21:00

Expected start:

Switzerland: Somel/lixishitaina, and Chailly, Johan Djourou, Rodrigues/Zacca, and zhemayili, and Valon Behrami/Sha Qili, and seferovici, and maihemaidi

Albania: Berisha/haisayi, Chi-na, and mavraj, agri/Roth, and baasha, and meimushayi, and Edward Zacca, and lunguni/xikalaishi

Switzerland ranks in the top 20 in the world in recent years, but competition play is very limited, especially in the European Cup is very bad, but in the World Cup two years ago is still showing a decent side into the top 16 and Argentina into overtime out of regret, this qualifier suffered double play in England but also the successful breakout.

Team in a pre-season friendly in General, concentration on the defensive line is a bit worrying. There are stars in the team, lixishitaina, and zemayi Ma yili, and Sha Qili and Edward Zacca, who is currently the team's core players, the current expansion and differentiation of group strength more obvious cases, Switzerland is expected to usher in a breakthrough.

Albania is all the odds to win a minimum of the squad, power disparity is not promising, but qualifier beat Denmark and Serbia won the second automatic promotion was amazing.

The team characteristics, attacking ability is limited but the quality of Defense outstanding. Although the team didn't show good defense in the warm-up, warm-up drill offense while defense issues cannot be magnified.

From Italy's coach debixiya in recent years into Italy's defensive philosophy, Albania's progress on defense is the shining point of this year's European Championship.

Asia-pan the home side Switzerland was opened by half, although not in the immediate footwall of low water, three meetings in the last few years in Switzerland to keep Albania unbeaten advantages and take no small advantage at the scene.

As the most underachieving teams this European Cup, qualify top Switzerland but only half handicap attitude with high water line is clearly too cheap, this more optimistic about Albania played defensive skill.

Wales VS Slovakia

Color recommendations: Wales 3 1

Date: 12th 00:00

Expected start:

Wales: Hennesey/edmubd Gunter, and Chester, and ashili·weilianmusi, and Benjamin Jay Davis, nier·taile/Ramsey, Joe Allen, Laidley, Bell/luobusen·Kanu

Slovakia: kesaqike/peikalike, Martin Skrtel, Durica, and jiaobeier/Pejkovski, Kuczka/mark, and Marek hamsik, and Weiss/neimeiqi

This Welsh success to break, fans came to an end 40 years of waiting, Giggs and other famous unfulfilled wish came in under Bell's leadership can be achieved. End of the descendants of the Sun I do not have to

In addition to leading Bell and Aaron Ramsey, a Manager Coleman is well made the most of this team's hero, team players played for England in the League, Joe Allen, and Andi·Jin, Davis of Hennesey is currently playing in the Premier League and goalkeeper player.

Wales played very well the process of qualifying as a whole, Defense statistics are best, but it also could not hide too reliant on Bell, attacking a single question.

Slovakia in recent years focused in the 2010 South Africa World Cup team into the last 16, was particularly exciting for black horse. But after the team suffered declines, Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup teams in qualifying miserably.

But he Cozac team quickly rebounded, composed of Marek hamsik, Martin Skrtel, Coutts card after he and Weiss and other components of the field was competitive and Serie a leader Marek hamsik temper has become more mature and have the charisma, but the attack is a little short, striker Robert Vittek masked lost or let the team due to injury.

Asia-pan the home team tied Johei half a per cent in early morning trading, warm-up outstanding performance or give Slovakia plus, qualifying the parties show ability to attack is not particularly good, but attack mode feature is quite clear.

Wales clearly did better on defense, wing drop and good Slovakia for Wales is not a bad thing, watch the unbeaten Wales.

England VS Russia

Color recommendations: England 3

Date: 12th 03:00

Expected start:

England: Hart/Walker/Wayne, Cahill, Chris Smalling, Ross, Dell, Ali/Stirling, Kane, Lalana

Russia: Igor Akinfeev/simolinkefu, and yigenasheweiqi, and beileizusiji, and Shennikov/Samedov, and Golovin, and Shatov/Smolov, and Kokorin, and hereby Yuba

The three lions are favourites but have always been champions no chance, but the contest, more than the rise of young players, each position on the lineup is relatively balanced.

Strike up Kane, Ouardi Rachford combination is most people look forward to, but Rooney's role is to withdraw to the playmaker, which is done by the core team in the absence of sacrifice.

But as he grew older, now Rooney's role is well promoted, backcourt Club in the same talents, and Ali, Chris Smalling, Ross and Walker's growth are also three lions defenders hope.

Russia power did not stand out this year throughout Russia football talent gap phase, team's declining influence in the international scene, in particular the midfielder zhageyefu Denisoff missed this year's European Cup and also saddened.

But now have no shortage of key players in the team, from Zenit are Youba excellent offensive efficiency can be the key to this team.

After taking office in Sludski, have relatively balanced team defense, team team domestic Club, and relatively more understanding between the players.

Asia hosts England let the ball flat half-opened mouth quickly rose to hemispheres, in looking forward to that first game, Roy Hodgson's team had to quickly build out the favorable opportunity, and good performance in the warm-up may be good this England eliminated slow signals, the promising England kaimendaji smoothly down an opponent.

June 11 football color data

Week Euro 6,002 Albany VS Switzerland

Let the ball WINS

(0) 4.96 3.05 1.68

(+1) 1.90 1.25 3.40

Week Euro 6,003 Wales VS Slovakia

(0) 2.75 2.75 2.52

(-1) 7.00 4.40 1.32

Week Euro 6,004 England VS Russia

(0) 1.74 3.15 4.30

(-1) 3.46 3.40 1.83

This column is official partner of the Shanghai sports lottery Center. Color, tie color of authority recommended, most timely lottery information, visit the guidance of experts.

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Pregnancy only to find her boyfriend married unmarried mother of cable damage

Hwang became pregnant, found "boyfriend" is married but she gave birth to a child. "Unmarried mother" called Huang was ashamed, she thinks, is the "boyfriend" to damage her in a great spirit of deception. Thus, Huang Huang, Lin told the Court, but she is not asking for child support, but Huang Lin compensation for her loss of reputation costs 50,000 yuan. Huang, Lin did not recognize fell in love with her, admitting only had a relationship with her. On June 8, the reporter learned from xixiangtang district of Nanning city, Guangxi courts, for the honorary right to dispute, the Court ultimately did not support a request.

A thunderbolt

Pregnancy after the discovery of "boyfriend" married

Now just turned 30 years old, Huang said, the end of 2010, she met Huang, Lin is 5 years older than me. In early 2012, the two men established a relationship. In September 2012, Hwang was pregnant, when she was the happy news told Huang, Lin, Huang, Lin asked her to abort the child. Hwang repeatedly requested the birth, Huang Lin and then told her he was married and had children. The news, Hwang came as a thunderbolt, consideration could be given to the unborn baby is 5 months old, and ultimately she decided to give birth to the child.

The end of May 2013, Huang, gave birth to a girl. After the baby is born, Huang Lin not only don't pay, pay not pay anything for children, which give a very sad. "Boyfriend" unfeeling, Huang Huang, Lin told a court, ask a compensation for damage to reputation, costs 50,000 yuan Lin Wong. Huang because Huang Lin feeling deceived, she not only youth, pregnant and alone to bear a great deal of mental injury and mental stress. Facing secular condemned and denounced as an unmarried mother, caused her personality and reputation of serious injury.

Version of Huang, Huang Lin is negated. Huang, Lin acknowledged that gender relations have occurred between the two men, but it does not mean that two people are in love. From the perspective of law, in violation of his obligation of loyalty between spouses. But Hwang, his behavior there is no illegality relate only to moral issues.

A pregnant Wong is in his strong opposition to unilateral acts in the context of, and the law does not treat reproductive behavior as a civil rights protection. Even if Hwang's social evaluation and therefore reduced, but his conduct does not have tort, so he shall bear tort liability.

Court decisions

Both behaviors are social morality

Huang, Lin denied that parent-child relationship with Hwang's daughter yellow March 2014, apply to the Court for paternity testing. The final confirmation, Huang Lin and Huang biological kinship. Court investigations also found that the end of September 2011, Huang Lin and Zhao got married.

Huang Lin's behavior is not a violation of rights to Hwang's reputation? The Court found that the honorary rights refer to citizens and legal persons for their reputation against other violations of the rights, defamation, for insult, slander or other acts. Huang advocated a forest to hide in yellow of their married status, take the form of cheating and her and led to her pregnancy, a violation of her right of reputation.

But look at the relationship between them, first of all, Huang does not exist as evidence confirmed that Hwang forest hide the fact that have been married. Secondly, even if Huang Lin conceal the State of marriage, but he did not take the insult, slander or other means to damage Hwang's reputation and dignity, does not conform to the elements of the tort. Lijiang ancient town close storm wrestling behind

Once again, they are consensual relations between men and women, and both of them are in fact within the scope of social moral evaluation and should not be adjusted by law. So, Huang claims there is no factual and legal basis, the Court does not support.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Haidian District Beijing a small passenger car 4 people died from drowning being

Haidian District, Beijing, a small passenger car 4 people died from drowning, being investigated

@ Peace Beijing, June 7, at 0:17, Haidian District, a small passenger car fell into the water, Haidian branch of police and firemen arrived at the scene to rescue them, 4 people in the car were rescued, Beijing 999 ambulance CENTREL confirmed that there were no vital signs. Explosive mass loss of Tianjin Port car white

Friday, June 3, 2016

A ceiling fan off to 1 in middle school students were injured in Sichuan the

A ceiling fan off to 1 in middle school students were injured in Sichuan, the school emergency replace 68

A computer that is running at the top of the classroom ceiling fan suddenly fell off. Hubei ridicule reviewed the old age allowance

The day before yesterday morning, first high school in Ziyang city, Sichuan (3) classes, students are in class, a computer that is running at the top of the classroom ceiling fans flew off, leaving 1 students were injured. Yesterday, the Chengdu business daily reporters from Yanjiang district, Ziyang City Bureau of education and learn to Ziyang, wounded students diagnosed by hospitals for minor skin traumas.

A ceiling fan off to 1 in middle school students were injured in Sichuan, the school emergency replace 68

Fall fan.

At this point, the school has emergency replacement of 68 potentially unsafe ceiling fan, the education sector has also been emergency arrangements for all schools in the area start troubleshooting. School officials said that ceiling fan off is caused by the fixed ceiling fan bolt.