Friday, April 29, 2016

Xingyi Guizhou masonry is contained in a vehicle rollover crashes hit the beam

Xingyi, Guizhou masonry is contained in a vehicle rollover crashes hit the beam, the House killed 14 people

On April 29, xingyi city in qianxinan, Guizhou province, NI dang town traffic accident occurred on the day, the scene of the accident. Zhengzhou police being detained by private vehicles

Xinhua reported on external @ exclusive official micro-blog on April 29, xingyi city in qianxinan, Guizhou province, NI dang town traffic accident occurred on the day, has left 13 people dead and 12 injured. At present, local health departments are going all out to rescue the injured. The cause of the accident was still further investigation.

According to the State administration of work safety supervision Web site reported the same day, according to the Guizhou Provincial work safety supervision Bureau report: April 29 13 o'clock, in xingyi city in qianxinan of Guizhou province, a bus carrying bricks and NI dang town, agricultural vehicles passing through the village of 13 small stone forest, brakes down to the village the road side-turn room on the beam, resulting in activity and 14 deaths.

After receiving the accident report, national security administration attaches, Yang Huanning, Sun Huashan comrades immediately deployed: one is to ask the relevant departments timely to track accidents, with public security departments to guide local and make treatment, and so on. Second is to ask the Guizhou Provincial work safety supervision Bureau support the relevant authorities assist local governments with the rehabilitation treatment to verify the situation, law and compliance completes the investigation and handling of accidents work. Three is requirements Guizhou province and the regions seriously implement implementation State Ann Board will Office on strengthening "51" Festival during and flood safety work of notification requirements, for Festival travel and flood features, in-depth carried out road traffic security special regulation, effective strengthening on focus vehicles and rural mountain, focus sections of security supervision check, severe investigation agricultural car illegal passenger and illegal transport, traffic illegal violations behavior, in-depth carried out hidden troubleshooting governance, prevent heavy King accident occurred.

Xingyi, Guizhou masonry is contained in a vehicle rollover crashes hit the beam, the House killed 14 people Xingyi, Guizhou masonry is contained in a vehicle rollover crashes hit the beam, the House killed 14 people

For the scene of the accident.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ludian County in Yunnan province confirmed it was investigating Chengguan is

NET exposure ludian County in zhaotong city of Yunnan street vendors with beating back kids event, on April 27, ludian County party Committee propaganda Department's publicity Office staff to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) said that the current official has been involved in, and event details are under investigation, the findings will be announced to the public as soon as possible.

On April 25, zhaotong, Yunnan local users @ LOHAS Twitter leaks, the afternoon of April 25, near a restaurant in ludian County Street, Chengguan beating vendors carrying young children. Onlookers shouted: "you can't hit, carrying children, afraid of scaring children. "The city does not stop, ambulances rushed to the scene after the incident.

@ LOHAS zhaotong provided a long 12 seconds of video display, two city-clad men and 2 women and 1 man with violent physical conflict, including 1 woman carrying a child, beaten man carrying a basket on the back, with a cloth cover. 1 city living men, hitting its head with a fist. Meanwhile, onlookers in the number of women chanted "behind, and there is a doll you don't hit", but the city did not stop. Shaanxi English exam fraud exposed Gunners or

@ LOHAS surging zhaotong told news, local residents to prevent children from sunburn, usually covered with a piece of cloth in the basket.

Witnesses said, the event is caused by urban road stop vendors selling vegetables. However, this claim has yet to be officially confirmed.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thousands of people buying a House was demolished in Sanya real estate by Government

"Want to do migratory birds, now a bird without feet. "

The end of 2013, Lin Lizhun from Jilin province (not his real name) sell home House, in Sanya city, Hainan Province, to purchase a set of more than 40 square meters of houses, wanted to give their elderly and sick mother as a sanatorium, allows mothers to experience "migratory bird" life. However, in April 2015, his house was found to be illegally built, 3 months have been demolished. More than 300,000 of the purchase, Peregrine, Sanya rental dwelling only temporarily.

This reporter has learned, in Sanya, the same area only, and he had the same experience, there are more than 1000 households. They were looking for developers for money told business difficulties, sue the Government Department was rejected by the Court. 51 people from millions of home buyers, all called "boondoggle".

Community relocation site map

Take public real estate trust

In October 2013, at the House fair in Changchun City, Hainan's Sanya city more real estate business in the snow "cats in winter" Jilin people selling warm winter in Sanya mean temperature above 30 degrees Celsius. Excellent winter environment, is that many Jilin people can't imagine, really attracted a lot of Jilin people stopped consulting real estate information. Lin Lizhun is one of them.

In a number of real estate, Lin Lizhun were Yazhou, Sanya is located in the region of Golden Sun Hot Spring Garden District (referred to as Golden Sun Community). It is close to the history of Yu Jing hot spring, Sanya, developer Yu spa leisure agriculture development company limited (referred to as Yu Jing company) staff told him that community when completed, will have a large hot spring pool in public areas, every household will also arrange the pipes, hot springs home.

Lin Lizhun mothers has more than 70 years old this year, has severe rheumatism, by Walker to slowly move along. When the weather is warm, the condition is still relatively light; as soon as the weather turns cool, mother's legs hurts get out of bed. Lin Lizhun check information found on the Internet, often hot spring water is good for rheumatism human health. He had brought his mother to the Heilongjiang's Spa a few times, the effect is good. Homes will be able to a spa in your own home, this is where Golden sunshine district most attractive Lin Lizhun.

Moreover, Golden sunshine residential real estate prices are not expensive, just over more than 6,000 square meters. Salespeople told him that real estate prices slightly lower than the other equally Hot Springs area, a slightly remote location because the community, second, because the communities current procedures are not complete. But the salesmen assured him: "building walk procedure Sanya is the standard practice in real estate, our property for Government support. You see Deputy Mayor to stop for us propaganda. "

Buying a House, for Lin Lizhun really is a big deal. He left sales personnel contact, did not immediately decide to buy. "I think blocks are covered up again. "Lin Lizhun said.

"Buying new policies" address customer concerns

Dai Xiue before retirement is a legal worker in Beijing. By the end of 2014, she came to Sanya for the winter like in previous years, "migratory bird the old man". Dai Xiue memories, many properties are selling houses in Sanya city at that time, service was attentive. Once the customer is willing to House buses direct to customer connect community to see the showroom. "I real estate, has no intention of really buying, it's travel. "Dai Xiue said.

When in the process of showing, Kim Guang Xiao Dai Xiue still inviting. Most Dai Xiue is community built into "gossip" form of pools. "Oh, dozens of old soaking in hot pools. Hot Springs pool is more than 2 meters tall dense trees, does not print at all, really good. "

February 2014, the Golden Sun communities has completed construction. By the end of 2014, and property in the district, the store is up and running. Community canteen cooks for inconvenience residents are provided with three meals a day, community of green areas reached the developer promised levels. All the rooms have simple décor; as long as people buy homes, developers will offer items such as air conditioners, refrigerators, beds, out-of-town customers achieve "bag check".

However, see entity building the Dai Xiue is not assured. She came to the sales personnel to various materials related to the property, for fear that House was illegally built. Sales staff gave her the Sanya Government approval, and detailed planning to the Design Institute.

According to the document, Golden Sun community-owned land is a Research Institute of tropical agriculture in Sanya City (hereinafter referred to as the hot section). According to urban and Rural Planning Committee of Sanya Sanya 2013 issued by the tenth meeting of the modern agricultural science-technology area of constructional detailed planning of the project, in 488 acres of land within the planning, of two class II a total of about 56 acres of residential land (A09, A13). 56 acres of land is the purpose of the placement of workers ' housing, and teachers, students ' dormitory.

May 5, 2010, hot Academy signed with Yu Jing of the land contract, agreed the heat Academy out 300 acres of land to Yu Jing uses, land contracting fee of 400 Yuan per Mu each year. On July 21, 2012 and April 19, 2013, Yu Jing Guang Li Zhixin investment company and Sanya Properties Limited (referred to as guangzhi investment), has concluded that the investment and construction of modern agricultural science-technology area in Sanya A09 business agreement (23.3 acres), the investment and construction of modern agricultural science and technology garden in Sanya A13 operating agreement (29.5 acres). In accordance with the contract, and intellectual investment in the two pieces of the Earth into buildings.

In June 2013, guangzhi investment construction projects, or Golden Sun Hot Spring Garden District. In early 2014, 17 buildings have been completed and put into use in the district. Community housing 1988 total, minimum housing area of 30 square meters, up to 70 square meters.

However, the purchase agreement is still in the form of Dai Xiue to worry. Golden Sun Community purchase agreement says owners buying a house 20 years tenure, access to developers and then presented to the owners for 30 years. "After all, this is the meaning of rent. "Dai Xiue don't want to spend hundreds of thousands of rent on an apartment.

Dai Xiue told the Beijing Times reporter, in order to dispel her doubts, sales personnel, Hainan Province, showed her the 2010 issued by the General Office of the Hainan Provincial people's Government to implement the State Council on promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market to inform the implementation of views. Views display, exploring low-rent housing rent, Hainan Province, simultaneously, the management of common property. State-owned reclamation, forests and State-owned enterprise with its own stock of State-owned land for construction fund raising of cooperative housing, under the premise of meeting the needs of employees in the enterprise, and approved by the people's Governments above the county level, allowing the remaining listings as the price of commercial housing sales. Outside sale price of commodity housing to pay land leasing and related taxes from the handle housing title certificate. Therefore, the sales staff told Dai Xiue, Sanya, such a sale is new policy, are allowed.

Dai Xiue final ", Hainan Province, is bewildered by the new policy." She believes the sales personnel say, bought three sets of more than 30 square meters of small apartment, price 7000 Yuan per square meter, and spent a total of more than 600,000. "I bought one for my son and daughter. "Think of consumer excitement, Dai Xiue has crossed.

Community lack of planning permits to illegal building

Dai Xiue after buying the House, and took seventy thousand or eighty thousand Yuan to three House-made decoration, for furniture. Because developers donated furniture quality is rather poor, so Dai Xiue changed them. "Son and daughter is to take the mother-in-law, mother-in-law to live in, not get too shabby. "Tidying up the room yigelai months later, Dai Xiue in golden sunlight community" enjoy "returned to Beijing until the beginning of March 2015.

On April 13, 2015, Golden sunshine village resident micro-letter group "frying pan".

Residents have posted a notice. This notice was posted by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau of Sanya, it said, modern agro-Science Park project in Sanya in the case of lack of planning permit of construction engineering, building houses without permission. On April 9, 2015, the enforcement Bureau had asked that the builders of the illegal removal of illegal construction, but they have not been ignored. Therefore, strong law enforcement Council decided on April 16 to remove. Enforcement requirements by April 16, all households to complete the relocation.

Thousands of people buying a House was demolished in Sanya: real estate by Government propaganda, now from the lack of justification as unauthorised

Golden Sun Community suddenly became illegal.

Dai Xiue Sanya, known as unauthorised. Reports had said that as of April 2015, Sanya city demolished illegally built 1006, total construction area of 486,000 square meters. However, she did not expect your House will be illegal, and is already facing imminent demolitions.

Lawyers-turned-Dai Xiue decided to take up legal weapons to safeguard their lawful rights and interests. She and 50 other community residents on June 19 to Sanya, Sanya city intermediate people's Court to prosecute law enforcement Council and the municipal government, and application to stop enforcement of law enforcement activities. 51 household purchase totals more than 12 million Yuan.

In the process of preparation of prosecution materials, to keep his house of hope to her. In accordance with the law on urban and rural planning provisions of 64th, lack of construction project planning permit or not according to construction project planning permit for construction, urban and rural planning departments by local people's Governments at or above the county level shall be ordered to stop construction; able to take corrective measures to eliminate the effects of plan implementation, correct within a construction cost more than 5% 10% the following fines.

In 2012, the housing and urban-rural construction Ministry issued the administrative penalty discretion concerning the regulation of urban and rural planning guidelines. The guidelines for what constitutes a "fair to take corrective measures to eliminate the impact on the planning and implementation of" building are clearly defined. Lack of planning permit of construction engineering construction, urban planning departments have been made of the scheme of a construction project review document and content meet or take partial dismantlement and corrective measures to meet the requirements of review documents, just the scope of corrective measures to eliminate the effects of.

In Sanya, and Golden Sun Nanshan Garden District as the lack of planning permits, it escaped the fate of demolitions. Bureau of Hainan province said in explaining why, because most of the Nanshan Garden House has been sold, and most owners have to move, so enforcement is not demolished, but within the completion formalities. While the Golden Sun Community has been more than more than 1300 households.

Community cut off tenants "housing" for three months A teacher assaulted girls in Gansu province official

Does not believe that the House will be demolished is the aspiration of Dai Xiue, most households were. However, because Dai Xiue housing in Beijing, and old high, knowing that house demolitions did not immediately return to Sanya. But this time, Lin Lizhun had just renovated their house.

Lin Lizhun 2014 Spring Festival by invitation of a friend to Sanya to play live in Golden Sun Community. At that time, was his friend and he joined House fair in Changchun. Since Mr CHEUNG has extra money, so I bought a House; by 2013, after the completion of his own House, he admitted.

See Zhang shuxin, Lin Lizhun is determined to buy a house in Golden Sun Community. In order to raise money, he put his house on the market in Jilin, in early 2015, Golden Sun Community bought a bigger size of around 60 square meters. "Thinking at that time, if the home stay with relatives, mainly with her mother in the Sanya health. Children are great, not so much the burden of work. "

His house "ride in" Lin Lizhun more reluctant to see the House demolitions. Then, he participated in the household were forming their own "authority", maintenance of Community basic household life.

In April after posting notices, community property is removed. Community law enforcement's electricity and water supply was cut off, time to panic. Many of them because the air conditioning is not available, unable to bear the heat, you can only select home. Some people with diabetes because refrigerators without electricity cannot be stored insulin also left the community.

In order to maintain the normal life of the community, area residents have power professional who started the emergency power supply in the district, and their own power. But because such power generation costs are too high, only power supply 6 to 7 in the morning for an hour a day, one hour each at 5 o'clock in the afternoon to 6 points. Community canteen has been taken over by the villagers themselves, in order to cook properly, use gasoline generators to maintain power. Sales offices and residents voluntarily donated the refrigerator for centralized storage of insulin in patients with diabetes, there are a TV household pastime, two electric petrol generators to maintain power.

By day, village resident with a candle to provide light in the dark, with ever-bubbling hot spring water as their water, buy pure water as their drinking water. To provide community residents with affordable, centrally by the industry authority in large quantities to buy gas canisters and gasoline, then sold to households in need.

Solve the problem of water and electricity, community safety issues emerged. Around April 25, 2015, the Sanya City Bureau of law enforcement in dismantling the community outside of a hotel while trying to community demolished, thus breaking down cell walls. When a female tenant rigidly hold excavator locomotives, to stop the demolitions. However, the wall gaps and community more than a lot of unknown persons. Sales offices in the fridge and a TV were stolen overnight. In order to strengthen the security industry authority gap plugging the walls with simple railings on the one hand, and arrange household 24 hours as the men gang task. In building were divided into 17 groups of households and households in each group take turns on duty in front of the community, men's night shift, ladies day shift.

In this way, until July 7, demolitions will formally begin, the district also has five hundred or six hundred residents adhere to.

Tenants sued law enforcement Council was rejected

For the enforcement of water and electricity, Dai Xiue questioned. She said, 43rd of the administrative enforcement law of China provides that the executive authorities not to stop water supply to the residents, power supply, heat supply, gas supply, such as forcing the party to the relevant administrative decision. In this regard, the enforcement staff Mr Chung explained that the cut off is in line with the provisions of the Sanya city. Sanya under the illegal construction control measures for the provisions of the fourth paragraph Nineth, in respect of the comprehensive administrative enforcement agency in the course of investigating and dealing with cases of illegal construction, structures need to take power, expired, measures such as water, electricity, gas and water supply sector to cooperate with the implementation.

Dai Xiue felt in June have sued law enforcement Council, and won the case. Enforcement should wait for the Court's ruling before deciding whether to demolish. However, Mr Chung said, according to the provisions of the administrative procedure law 56th, during the proceedings, may not stop execution of the administrative act.

Sanya city intermediate people's Court was also dismissed by the end of 2015 Dai Xiue, who prosecuted. The Court found that Dai Xiue, Sanya, and others are not enforcement of administrative penalty decision and enforcement decisions relative, relative who is hot in Sanya City Academy, Yu Jing Guang Li Zhixin and company Corporation. Sanya Dai Xiue enforcement demolitions are not the legitimate rights and interests of the people have a real impact. On April 18, the higher people's Court of Hainan Province as Dai Xiue, who convened the hearing of appeal, hearing the results will be announced in the near future.

Dai Xiue said others who choose to sue Yu Jing Guang Li Zhixin and company company, or civil proceedings with them. Some owners do have access to the courts or the arbitral institutions of support, developers lose results were obtained. However, developers say there is no money to pay for the residents, they also lost a lot of money in the demolitions.

Dai Xiue administrative proceedings in first instance, Yu Jing company as a third party to appear in court, expressed his grievances. Tamai said Government demolitions did not have legitimacy and rationality. Yu Jing companies 70% reporting procedures. Because edge construction construction is common in ya area, Golden sunshine district is yacheng area complete the formalities. Golden Sun communities from project to regulatory, compliance and real estate featured, are all behind the Government in advance. August 2012 to February 2014 construction period, no Government Department, said the building was illegally built. Until March 2015, the enforcement Bureau will issue a removal notice to demolish. Company, the project of more than 100,000 square meters, enforcement should give developers time, rather than demolished and a waste of resources.

Rent's "dream of migratory birds"

This reporter has learned, Dai Xiue in Haikou, after attending the hearing of the High Court, again came to Sanya. This time she intends to buy a house in Sanya. Her children to comfort her, to "waste" money don't care, "when a stock loss. "But this time, Dai Xiue intends to loan to buy a House, not because of money, but because banks can help her review of the House whether there is a risk of unauthorised.

Lin Lizhun after the demolitions, has been rent in Sanya. Initially for the convenience of rights, then my mother's illness worse, can only stay in Hainan in order to get better. Lost a lot of money, Lin Lizhun face back home.

Lin Lizhun sons blame him to buy the House investigation of clear. "People like us, do not have professional knowledge, where I can discern it? "He explained to his son, there a lot of houses were illegally built, no wonder they bought from illegally built houses. But still asked him why other illegally built houses were not demolished? Lin Lizhun couldn't answer the question. Illegal structures built by the same House, the same fate, this was the place where Lin Lizhun most unwilling. Even if both the Golden sunshine district 17 houses, there are 3 has not been removed. Enforcement agency responded that was not removed because the three belong to the workers ' housing, in line with the plan.

Now, Lin Lizhun did not know whom to beg for their purchase. The Government says Yes, developers say they have no money, as if his own money evaporated, and no one seems to be willing to pay compensation. Lin Lizhun, without this money, his difficulty back home. He smiled and said, "wanted to do migratory birds, bird now homeless with no feet. "

Friday, April 22, 2016

After the market lost a child in the toilet was found to have shaved heads Beijing

Yesterday, some Internet users among a circle of friends "had lost children in Jinyuan, was shaved in the toilets found" message. In this regard, the Haidian police said rumours, no such warning was received. Friendship boats comic author after 85 of nerd

Yesterday, there was a message in the Internet sensation. Its content said: "parents in Jinyuan found children lost, security reflects indifference for security. Children counter to CHOW Tai Fook Dad grabbed a fire extinguisher and crack, then the alarm loudly, security out, and store all the doors are closed, and told their children lost, last child was found in a toilet, children's hair had been shaved off. This dad is too witty--parents can learn. "Forward this message each other in many parents and remind each other. But there are also netizens said, "this news is a bit familiar".

Through search, Beijing morning post reporters found that "children missing, found in the toilet, being shaved" message for a long time, and had similar plot to spread as much. Recently, this rumor was also involved in Jinhua city, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places, but most are based on "today talking about a lost child's true story" starting place is not clear.

Reporters consulted the century Golden resources Mall, Haidian District. Shopping Center said no such thing happened. On April 22, the Haidian Public Security Bureau on its official Twitter rumor, said recently in Golden Square does not receive a similar warning, hope netizens don't transfer rumors, don't believe rumors. Police also warned that parents with children going out to shop, play, pay attention to taking care of children and personal effects, if they get lost please call 110 and staff around to help, through broadcast, such as tracing. If there are suspected missing children or the elderly, please call 110. Found trafficking in children, may at any time to report to the police, the police will give rewards.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1 trillion New individual housing loans in the first quarter China hits new high

Guys buying enthusiasm this year just how high? Shanghai to speed up the dismantling of building

People's Bank of China (PBoC), released on April 20, the latest data showed first quarter of the year, individual housing loans increased by 1 trillion yuan, compared with increased 430.9 billion yuan.

In other words, all 4.61 trillion yuan of new loans in the first quarter, more than 20% into the mortgage market.

One-quarter of 1 trillion mortgage new incremental, setting a record high since the beginning of 2010, the Central Bank announced financial institutions Central Bank reports record the 6 years since.

Contrast is that all new individual housing loans totaled 2.66 trillion last year.

Seen from the balance, first quarter of the year, individual housing loans of 14.18 trillion yuan, an increase of 23.2% rate 5.7% higher than the end of last year, 8.9% higher than the loan growth.

Behind the mortgage increases, it is March in house prices.

National Bureau of statistics announced on April 18 residential sales prices in 70 major cities: new housing (excluding housing) prices rose city 62 (up 15 from February), (compared with the previous month) falls city has 8. Compared with the same month last year, prices of 40 cities.

In addition, the number of listed real estate companies in March also saw explosive growth in sales.

Not only is the mortgage market, and real estate development market.

Central Bank data shows that real estate loans increased by 1.5 trillion yuan in the first quarter, compared with added 504.5 billion yuan, increases accounted for 32.5% of the loan increase over the same period, high level of 1.9% per cent over the previous year. This data also refreshed the highest quarterly level since statistical data.

Among them, real estate development loans totaled 5.22 trillion yuan, an increase of 13% growth 4.9% lower than the end of last year, in which affordable housing development loans totaled 1.86 trillion yuan, an increase of 45.4%, growth rate lower than that of the end of last year 14.1%; real estate loans totaled 1.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 22.8% rate 10% higher than the end of last year.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Murder retrial decision 26 years ago after 4 years Jilin province notified the

Murder retrial decision 26 years ago after 4 years, Jilin province notified the High Court next Monday session

Jilin province High Court trial is scheduled for April 25 Liu Zhonglin murder appeals.

Surging news was informed by the lawyer representing Liu Zhonglin Zhang Yupeng, the morning of April 18, he received a phone call from Jilin province High Court, scheduled for trial April 25 Liu Zhonglin murder cases that day written notice at court to sign.

The arson took place 26 years ago, Liu Zhonglin final after received a suspended death sentence appeals for years, Jilin province March 28, 2012, the High Court decided to retry the case, but since then no further progress. Retrial decision from the court hearing, has in the past 4 years, and Liu Zhonglin serving nearly 26 years on January 22 this year released. Shanghai illegal firecrackers into the credit

On October 28, 1990, dongliao County, Jilin province, the village vegetable plots dug up a woman's body, was subsequently identified as was Zheng Dianrong young women in the village who went missing a year ago. The next day, the 22-year old villager Liu Zhonglin, arrested for killing Zheng Dianrong was taken away by police.

On July 11, 1994, Liu Zhonglin hospital in liaoyuan city at first instance sentenced to death, suspended for two years. On August 8, 1995, the Jilin Supreme Court approves death sentence verdict. From first trial to the approval stage, Liu Zhonglin did not have defence counsel and repeatedly denied killing.

According to Beijing Youth reported reported, Liu Zhonglin case exists many doubts: Liu Zhonglin in investigation to trial during, times pleaded guilty and times confession, modus operandi process, and tool, and way and motivation are has multiple version; this case of key witnessed witnesses of testimony also times repeatedly, only its description of away Zheng Dianrong of kidnappers number on has 1 people, and 2 people, and 3 people three a version; has evidence showed that Liu Zhonglin by had torture confessions.

During the service, only the second grade literacy culture Liu Zhonglin efforts, started to write a simple complaint material, family travel complaint for him for many years. On March 28, 2012, the Jilin province High Court decided to review Liu Zhonglin murder case.

Jilin province High Court said Liu Zhonglin appeal, by the Court's Judicial Committee for discussion and decision in the present case, in accordance with the procedure for trial supervision by the Court shall form a collegial panel of retrial.

However, Jilin High Court retrial decision book, no further action. On January 22, 2016, the 48-year old Liu Zhonglin was released, this was before the province High Court retrial decision has in the past 4 years.

According to the provisions of the criminal procedure law, the people's Court in accordance with the procedure for trial supervision for a retrial of the case shall be made within three months from the date of the trial, retrial decision concluded, necessary to extend the period shall not exceed six months.

According to the Beijing Youth daily reported that Liu Zhonglin just before his release from prison, his family told the retrial full Sun Zhenwei judge asked "why is one for four years." Sun said the plea the case material, must be considered carefully.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Zhou Yongkang former subordinate Zhang was referring to his help from the Ministry

Zhou Yongkang, former subordinate, Zhang was referring to his help from the Ministry of public security, airborne helm of the Hebei public security

Hebei provincial party Committee, legal Committee Zhang suspected serious disciplinary violations.

On April 16, 2016, in Hebei province, "four tigers" fell.

The same day, the Central discipline Inspection Commission informed the Ministry Web site said Hebei provincial party Committee, legal Committee Zhang suspected serious disciplinary violations, currently under investigation.

This is the original Standing Committee of the Hebei provincial Committee, Minister of Liang Bin (November 20, 2014 at Lok Ma), Secretary of the Standing Committee, the Secretary-General's Jing Chunhua (March 3, 2015 at Lok Ma) and former Zhou Benshun, Secretary of Hebei provincial Committee (July 24, 2015 Lok Ma), informed the Lok of Hebei province fourth provincial and ministerial level officials.

And, from the Hebei provincial party Secretary until March 2013 Zhou Benshun assumed office in November 2014, Liang Bin Lok Ma ago, these 4 people have at work with a provincial team.

And in September 2013, the Standing Committee of the Hebei provincial team feature on democratic life, Zhou Benshun also criticized Zhang, saying he "did to overcome pay attention to hardware construction, does not focus on team-building."

Procuratorial and judicial system was born, a former subordinate Zhou Yongkang

Zhang has experienced political and judicial systems background, he step by step by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Xuanwu Branch police climb to Hebei provincial Committee, Member of the political and Legislative Affairs Committee Secretary, Director of the provincial public security Department and party levels.

Zhang guangrao, Shandong people born in June 1961, and the party in November 1984, his career in October 1979, Central Party school correspondence school in-service postgraduate law graduate, part-time graduate degree of Central Party school, Chinese Academy of Sciences, MBA, Assistant Professor.

From the Beijing public security school (now Beijing Police College) after graduation, Zhang long at the Beijing Public Security Bureau. In October 1998, Zhang was appointed Assistant to the Chief of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Director of domestic security, and in 2000 defined as Deputy departmental level cadres. In April 2001, Zhang served as Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and CPC. Two years later, in November 2003, Zhang raised to the Ministry of public security, 26 Council member (anti-cult Bureau) Secretary. Street gangs had entrenched General Hospital of

Zhang presided over anti-cult Bureau of public security work during the post was by the then Minister of public security Zhou Yongkang, a member of Presidency. In December 2007, Zhang "Airborne", Hebei, Party Secretary of the Hebei provincial public security department.

Hebei provincial public security Department, a retired office Secretaries to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN), Zhou Yongkang, affected the personnel adjustments, "helped" Zhang Yue released, Hebei provincial public security department "top leaders" location.

A month later, in January 2008, Zhang served as Assistant to the Governor of Hebei province, Director of the provincial public security Department, Party Secretary.

In June 2008, when the Standing Committee of the Hebei provincial Committee, Deputy Secretary-General of the central political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the legal Committee Wang Qijiang transferred. Subsequently, Zhang Yue a smooth superior, as the Standing Committee of the Hebei provincial Committee, Secretary of the political and Legislative Affairs Committee, and serves as Director of the provincial public security Department, Party Secretary.

In March 2015, Liang Bin shortly after the Lok Ma, Zhang quietly stepped down as Director of the provincial public security Department and party positions.

On April 15, 2016, the last time Zhang to Hebei provincial party Committee, legal Committee status in public. According to the Hebei news broadcast of Hebei TV station reported, Zhang attended the Standing Committee of the Hebei provincial Committee in the morning (enlarged) meeting.

And part of the "Beijing moat project" to undertake a close

In addition, procuratorial and judicial system of the people of Hebei surging on news that, Zhang also "hand" reaches its positive "Beijing moat" project.

These "Beijing moat project" that Hebei with Beijing and other provinces and cities to implement the surrounding Beijing's defense, the control, the FBI, the play's tight three-dimensional protection net.

According to the people's public security daily disclosure of Hebei province, "Beijing moat" project launched in 1994, after 17 years of hard work and is made primarily to develop in depth, formed a major comprehensive measures to safeguard stability and social security work. The project's main duty is to go to persons, vehicles, goods all verifications, inspection and filtering security risks to ensure security in the capital; the implementation of patrol measures, guarantee performers to oil and gas utilities pipeline security; creating "peace of Hebei" to build its rear areas of the maintenance of security and stability in the capital coordinated joint, and the surrounding province (district city) form the pattern of security, great service.

In Hebei, Zhang served during, he was many times inspection "Beijing moat" project, and to schedule located in Zhuozhou, Hebei headquarters city moat in Beijing.

This person tells the surging news, Zhang lead key project is expensive, some of these companies to undertake the project more closely.

Sidelights on the Hebei provincial public security organs under the Olympic security accounts from 2007 to 2008, Hebei province, the finance for the Olympic security and related infrastructure investment of 200 million Yuan, in which moat command and the 17 checkpoints ring Beijing, at a cost of 120 million.

Surging Hebei officialdom and a person familiar with the situation to reporters that Jing Chunhua, and Zhang, and Mr Chen (Hebei province, former Party Secretary of the Office of housing, June 5, 2015 Lok Ma) in private relations during his term, Hebei province very well, they also work closely with Guo Wengui, including Zhang Hejing villagers in Shandong, Hebei officialdom even once known as the "iron triangle".

Previously, there have been media reports that Beijing Government springs holdings actual control Guo Wengui, former Vice Minister of State security of the Lok Ma shown people have abnormal relationship between Government and business, while Guo Wengui himself later said the crimes accused of damage to business reputation, and libel. Contemporary reports had mentioned one of the key officials involved for "in Hebei province, a senior government official".

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chengdu police on men s street beat woman Rob defense spray Video

On April 13, the two paragraphs on "Chengdu man the streets beating women" heat transfer of video clips of 1 man, 1 woman punched and kicked at the bus stop, and inviting woman rammed to the roadside to help stop and trash women spray counter has been brutally beaten. Many passers-by stopped to watch no one shot stop, only video story was discouraged. The night of 13th, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau political Department staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), the police are now aware of the event, has already commenced an investigation. Lanxiang principal s wife s application for a

51-second video shows when, at a bus stop, a man and woman bicker dispute, the man kicked to woman, were side men urged to open his car door. Woman shouted at the man yelling "roll", man was furious, rushed to the woman, punched the woman in the head, then the two sides grappled with. Subsequently, the men pulled the woman's hair and clothes, and crashed into the side of the bin and guardrails, and kept hitting the woman on the head with his fist. While some roadside began riding a motorcycle parked on the roadside watching.

And a length of 50-second video shows man hit the woman in the head with his fist, women were sprayed with a sprayer to the man's face. Subsequently, the man pulling the woman's arm and pulled the woman's hair, repeatedly pulling woman rammed to the roadside guardrail and kick to her face. Then the man grabbed the woman, sprayers, sprayer to the woman in the face many times Jet. At this time, the roadside has many cycling men parked on the roadside stop sitting on the sidelines, but no one stepped forward to discourage. End, beside the roadside 1 women in orally to dissuade the man several times, but to no effect, last in 1 women work together to discourage the next, the two sides stopped.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Shanghai Chinese train guard alleged woman drug requirements to watch videos

Shanghai-Chinese train guard alleged woman drug requirements to watch videos, suspended the investigation

Party Ms Deng. Chutian metropolis daily

On April 9, a young woman in Wuhan with his family on his way back from Shanghai by train D3086 Han, said being a train guard medicine, and were asked to watch mobile videos. On April 11, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Hubei Province, Wuhan railway Public Security Bureau of Wuhan Public Security Department confirmed that the marshals involved have been suspended from their investigation, police will be based on law and discipline seriously.

Party girl she introduced 9th around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the train starts soon, she and her mother bringing phones to train at the side of the sink outlet. Employment person year of fighting against millions

According to Hubei local media trends News reported, then train marshals long through to, with Deng ladies said marshals lounge has place charging, than in wash pool side convenient; marshals long for its pour water rushed bubble, she drink finished tea, took sheriff said he phone in has passion film, has sex of film, asked she see not see, was Deng ladies refused to; Deng ladies then left lounge, returns seat Shi feel head began Halo spin, body take cold sweat, heartbeat accelerated, was shaking. Telephone alarm immediately after Ms Deng's mother learned of the situation and contact the conductor, reflect the situation.

Shanghai-Chinese train guard alleged woman drug requirements to watch videos, suspended the investigation

Use envelopes, tape involved a mobile phone with the Cup seal. Chutian metropolis daily

More than 10 o'clock that night, after the train reached the station in Hankou, Wuhan railway Public Security Bureau police car ordered police to hand over the parties mobile site using envelopes, tape involved a mobile phone with the Cup seal. While she was in the hospital taking blood and urine samples to the police, and their retention.

Wuhan, Hubei Province, the railway then adopted the official Micro-Blog of the Public Security Bureau of Wuhan Public Security Department confirmed that after receiving the complaint Ms Deng, investigating organizations, relevant evidence had been extracted and sealed. Now according to the relevant legal provisions, early on involved civilian police to take measures to stop carrying out their duties.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

A vacuum cleaner can reduce the noise, as the rounded part of the wheel accommodates a engine, exhaust, power supplies, filters, and all other parts, not only reduces the volume to body weight is also low in narrow area also can find turns, 360-degree steering system with no dead ends as users move. Well this is worth ("family"). With our innovative products the difference is common, household appliances is always only one evaluation criteria-easy to use.

Buy "cleaner", easy to use or not the main criteria is the effect size, noise, dust.

Because of the smaller "engines", DC48 itself is very small in size. In design and are made of synthetic resin inlet and simplifying the air outlet and suction channels and shell on the outside of the engine cover, DC48 noise is reduced as much as possible. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

This "invisible", but "hear", of course, welcome home dragging move also will realize that the decrease in the light of labor.

According to the official data, DC48 fuselage "measurements" are 192x361x253mm, 2.8kg, rubbish bin capacity for 0.5L. DC48 uses is the "Dyson digital motor V4", the PM digital 1150W motor output power, maximum speed up to 101,000 RPM.

DC48 is currently available only from Japan shopping service, in stock already on the day, at about 5000 RMB.

Smartisan T1

2716 votes

Smartisan T1

"Hammer the phone" is a hammer technologies (Beijing) limited design and development of a high-end Smartphone. Using Smartisan based on customized Android OS smartphone operating system.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Zhoukou imposter scholars publicly on complete survey and other information

Zhoukou imposter scholars publicly on

Wang Nana to accept media interviews.

Inviting the girl was on the cover of concern Wang Nana, on April 3 the parties separately to University events, zhoukou city people's Government, zhoukou City Public Security Bureau branch in taihao v road police station to send a disclosure application form, official publication information requirements.

Wang Nana, zhoukou Government Office to apply for an open three pieces of information, the first is "Wang Nana" complete investigation reports; the second was penalized nine specific violations involved and punishment based on; the third is open joint investigation team formed by the departments, units, and its legitimacy is based.

And on, zhoukou City Public Security Bureau v branch too Hao road police station, Wang Nana application public impostor who braw foreground in May 2004 change identity of proved file, and application table, and ID, and account this, and approval views, related material; public braw foreground Yu October 2015 handle temporary ID of application table, and account this, and approval views; application public braw foreground Yu January 2016 handle residents II generation ID of application table, and account this, and approval views, material. Zhengzhou police being detained by private vehicles

According to the Government information disclosure Ordinance, Wang Nana as qualified applicants have the right to apply to relevant government departments for information disclosure, disclosure of the relevant government departments should receive Wang Nana reply within 15 working days of application.

Beijing Youth daily reporter Wang Nana, said since the incident, Zhang Yingying I have not to contact her in any way, she said to the infringer (braw foreground) apologized publicly in the media. Wang Nana said, through this experience, felt growing up, would reconsider their own life plan.

"I'm thoughtful, determined to think back on the University of ideas. First, this time media attention on me, just let me have the determination and confidence to look forward to justice will come sooner or later. In addition, user support, and also makes me think of my dream as long as the efforts of the University, is achievable. "Wang Nana said.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

International dignitaries are what mobile phones

When it comes to the stars of international dignitaries, the first must be the Obama. Obama, who has called the "BlackBerry President", BlackBerry does not leave during the campaign, also won the votes of many young people. After taking office, Obama insisted on a BlackBerry to stay in the White House, wanted to "directly listening to the White House in addition to work team of the human voice", he also became the first serving email using BlackBerry during United States President.

International dignitaries are what mobile phones

Although the BlackBerry in the Obama presidential campaign made a contribution, once insisted that Obama's BlackBerry after he took office in the White House, became United States first "hold" phone the White House. However, he is because BlackBerry not up to the United States National Security Council certification standards, and had to put on United States National Security Council for it to create phone Sect é RA Edge. Paul Frank iPad Mini Case

International dignitaries are what mobile phones

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel: BlackBerry

International dignitaries are what mobile phones

It was reported that in March 2013, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and other senior officials of the Government are equipped with the latest smartphones. This is with Canada, "BlackBerry" mobile phones the same types of smartphones designed specifically for government officials, but much higher than the average Smartphone security, can send logo "top secret" files and only the words "Government officials" can identify the scope of information.

Russia President Vladimir Putin: ZTE mobile phones

International dignitaries are what mobile phones

In 2012, Putin took cell phone pictures were photographed. Putin used the phone in the picture proved to be a resurgence of MTS Glonass945. This is a "China-Russia mobile phones", by the Russia business combined with China's ZTE to develop, mainly used against the United States GPS and Apple iPhone4 invasion, this phone is able to receive from the United States GPS and Russia GLONASS satellite signals, its navigation precision up to 93%.

North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-UN: HTC cell phones

International dignitaries are what mobile phones

February 2013, the media broke from the photo of Kim Jong UN, Chair, North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-UN with HTC phones is a big Butterfly (Butterfly). According to the analysis, Kim chose Taiwan HTC smartphones, Apple's iPhone is not selected or Korea Samsung Galaxy phone, because Kim worry about using the United States and Korea brands invite unnecessary hassles and negative criticism, use HTC phones.

Paul Frank iPad Mini Case

Article updated, users are welcome to provide information!

via:cnbeta Paul Frank iPad Mini Case

International dignitaries are what mobile phones

1778 votes

Xinjiang Phantom 3 Professional

We know that large parts of Xinjiang in the civilian UAV market but occupies a very large share of Xinjiang also continued to introduce new products, the most popular is the big frontier spirit series, today we want to share experience is the big frontier of the latest Elf 3 unmanned.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fujian a reservoir behind the more than more than 30 tombs the husband and son

Fujian a reservoir behind the more than more than 30 tombs: the husband and son three people buried tombs

If it is not the water more, hiding graves at the end of difficult to find.

Channel Web on April 1, in recent days, a reservoir fishing in Zhangzhou, but also so light for the first time. As the water slowly leaked to, everyone was surprised to find, hidden at the end of a huge Tomb Raider base. Within the scope of just more than 300 meters, spread over more than 30 graves, from the Qing dynasty to the Republic of China, spanning almost 300 years.

As the tombs uncovered, also brought back memories of the local villagers: this area since ancient times for "treasure", is the ideal place of burial. 60 of the last century, in order to irrigate here into reservoirs, submerged the Tomb, was slowly forgotten with time.

Find tombs of changshan reservoir, located in the village of Zhangzhou lantian town pool, belongs to the cloud rock mountain on the West side of the hole. In ancient times, is here to Zhangzhou, South of Chaozhou, West of tingzhou where necessary. Workers with severe burns in Yunnan province family

Fujian a reservoir behind the more than more than 30 tombs: the husband and son three people buried tombs Fujian a reservoir behind the more than more than 30 tombs: the husband and son three people buried tombs

"We're flooded a few days ago, because he had a lot of fish, you need to put water, catch fish. "Contracting reservoir, Lin said. It is reported that about three or four years the water of the reservoir fishing, but never so little water, just before showing portion tombstones, we didn't notice the end of so many tombs.

From the tombstone inscription information, the Tomb owners were mostly members of the surrounding area. Surprising is that a Qing Kangxi Tomb, buried two men and a woman. Three people he zangmu, comparatively see is one of two wives of "one man and two women," husband and wife he zangmu, however this point is "two men and a woman," was buried. Side-by-side on the gravestone says "great-grandparents deceased mother", "study of the great-grandfathers", "ancestral test." Zhangzhou literature expert Guo Lianzhi said from the tombstone information, this is a threesome with husband and son was buried, in accordance with practices in Zhangzhou, buried most of the couples, like father and son, brothers, buried the rarely seen, husband and son buried more of less and less.