Monday, November 7, 2016

Net red County influenced by a some poor households do not understand Thanksgiving

Hubei badong County influenced by methyl

"Net red County," said National Secretary of County party Committee, Secretary of the Hubei badong County chenhang, once again becoming the focus of media attention in recent days.

On November 4, 2016, the broadcasters in their letter public in badong County, had pushed the chenhang: precision of poor self in Thanksgiving education to keep up with the article. In this byline article, author Chen Hangjia said in the process of poverty reduction, some poor ungrateful, but there has been unreasonable attitude: "I'm poor, I fear", "who I was small I'm afraid of the people", "I grabbed you play." In response, Chen Hangjia calls for strengthening self-reliance Thanksgiving education among the masses.

On November 7, Chen Hangjia told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), the precise poverty self-reliance in Thanksgiving education to keep up with the article was written by himself, his articles and speeches are made by local television stations or released badong Yangtze River. Resulting concerns, Chen Hangjia quietly says "inconvenience".

"This issue should not be taboo" Bei Qing Reading Rainbow aircraft accident air

Chen Hangjia self in the precise poverty said in a Thanksgiving education to keep up with a paper, wrote this article, because of "recent isolated throat, not to cough."

Chenhang caused such strong reactions, one dispersed relocation is a township in badong County of the poor. Chenhang described the poor dispersion chose to settle down his flat ground. According to the policy, the local government provides standard 2500 Yuan to 10,000 yuan per capita grant (four in the House). Results in the subgrade in the process, the Foundation sill cracks due to improper construction, cost more than 10,000 yuan.

"He was ' right ' to the township government repeatedly make, want the Government to give him the ' lost ' money. Reason is that the Government asked him to get out of poverty, to repair his house will have a foundation problem. "Then, influenced by a bold font described this poor" ungrateful ".

Chenhang analysis said, "now, there are a few people really have such a mentality: ' I am who I fear poor ', ' I was small I'm afraid of the people who ', ' I grabbed you play ' vexatious subtext. A small number of poor households to cadres who came to the House to help numb think cadres more than he needs, he cadres not rang up out of poverty, but poverty also wanted him to sign it on the table! "

Therefore, Chen Hangjia put it, "all sorts of self-improvement, not ungrateful, storming into biting hard bone, hard pull village out of poverty at this point in time, we should also strengthen the active poor out of poverty and family education issues on the agenda. "

In fact, influenced does not avoid mentioning that might dispute – "Nowadays, said education officials seem to be correct, says the education people seem to fear politically incorrect, in fact, this problem should not be taboo, especially in precision in the process of poverty alleviation should be clearly mentioned. "

In his view, the "precision is not only to help improve the living conditions of the poor for poverty alleviation, let them turn on the economy, also mentally to stand up, the ' pocket ' and ' head ' and rich. In this process, the Government and the people need right at Government, more to try. In no way can keep the good policies of the party depends on your country, and keep keeps was not feeling well, a bit of unpleasant things went back to the Government, ' pence '. "Otherwise," if all is numb, it is a good policy and no amount of help are will alleviate ".

In the end, Chen Hangjia pointed out that occurs because the poor are not self-reliance, ungrateful, is ultimately a lack of education among the masses of cadres: "next, are we going to loud comes, also want to educate people, and guide people, in order to strive to be grateful to know what ... ... So-called, to party with Government, political winds Chun folk customs. Customs how Chun? Through education and guidance. "

Has been repeatedly involved in public controversy

In fact, being widely regarded as "net red" influenced by methyl has been repeatedly involved in public controversy. For example, in August this year, influenced by the efforts of cadres, national mobilization, "anti-doping" create widely spread through to the end of the speech – in which he "big slam", but encounter a lot when I was named national outstanding County reporting, which he himself "no personal spite, only outrage."

Before that, influenced by armour had had a parachute to promote tourism, a mirror singing and recording MV have repeatedly "fire".

Now 45 years old, Chen Hangjia (1971.1) xingshan County, Hubei, and won a master's degree in public administration of Tsinghua University, in xingshan County, Yichang city in Hubei province under the jurisdiction of the early work before the end of 2006, Yichang city, as Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission, and party member, and transferred a few months later, Yichang City Government Deputy Secretary-General.

In December 2009, Chen Hangjia served as Deputy Secretary of Working Committee of Yichang in Hubei Province economic development zone, Deputy Director (at county level). In 2011, Chen Hangjia diaofu, Yichang city, under the jurisdiction of yidu city, served as Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee and Mayor.

In October 2011, Chen Hangjia appointed to badong County in Hubei Enshi autonomous prefecture under the jurisdiction of the Secretary. Padang is a State-level poor counties, and county-wide poverty population of 167,000.

2015 "71" before the Department from the national more than 2,800 counties (city, area, flag) selection of 102 "in the County (city, district, flags) comrade Secretary posts to achieve outstanding results", awarded the title of national outstanding Secretary of County party Committee. After layers of screening and selection of Enshi in badong County, Hubei Province, Secretary of influenced a-class list.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A soft palate fall girls high were seriously injured in Yunnan Bureau denied

A soft palate fall girls high were seriously injured in Yunnan Bureau denied that because Lisp was teacher abuse

Girls from a nearby building before the roof fell.

Recently, qiaojia County, zhaotong city, Yunnan province, a junior one last middle school girls falling from the roof of a building near the school, was seriously injured. Family members said before the girl falls for congenital soft palate cleft talk is unclear, was teacher abuse. On November 3, qiaojia County, Department of education staff to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN), there are no teachers insult students ' behavior, which was still under investigation. Baihetan qiaojia County Public Security Bureau police station said police have been involved in the investigation.

On November 2, the Yunnan local micro-public information, post said, on October 27 at about 7 o'clock in the morning, a 44-year old, suspected student girl ran to the qiaojia County, four high school Golden harvest garden roof on the House floor, falling 8 points from the top. Photos show a girl standing on the roof, suspect held high up in the wire.

A soft palate fall girls high were seriously injured in Yunnan Bureau denied that because Lisp was teacher abuse

Girls are qiaojia County, four junior middle school 13 years old girl Yang (pseudonym).

The post said, girls are qiaojia County, four junior middle school 13 years old girl Yang (pseudonym). Incident Hou, Yang of mother to Kunming television spring city channel said, Yang with congenital soft cleft palate, talk pronunciation some fuzzy, grew up on some inferiority, on others strange of vision particularly sensitive; because class Shi didn't can neatly to answered out teachers of questions, was teachers and students of laughed at, even was teachers scolded "mouth residual", heart cannot bear Hou from school near a building residential floor jumped Xia, fell into injured.

On October 31, the official letter of spring city Kunming TV station channel "8099999" had also issued a news release saying, qiaojia County, 13 year old girl Yang, because class failed to quickly answer the teacher's question, was ridiculed by teachers and students, a four-storey building near the school dropped and fell seriously wounded.

On November 3, surging qiaojia County party Committee propaganda Department told the news, according to feedback information, Yang was not being in class after the teacher reproached jumping; on the morning of the incident, Yang phoned Yang to parents prior to school school schools found to have their school, was informed that falls to the event. Into the Taobao fraud young force tent sit lie

Qiaojia County Bureau of security administration staff to the surge-news, according to the public security departments to survey feedback view, by visiting Yang students, teachers, and others in this class, you can be sure there are no teachers insult students ' behavior. "Many students have confirmed that teachers do not have the (abusive students), the teacher only said they asked other students not to laugh at her, because the student has certain physiological conditions, and others are not the same. "The staff member said, public security organs at present qualitative events from a building.

Yang falls prior to being subjected to verbal abuse, surging IV news number qiaojia County school officials, but always unanswered.

Baihetan qiaojia County Public Security Bureau police station above the staff confirmed that police had to intervene, now also in the details for further investigation.