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Southwestern University Master s thesis suspected widespread copying only the

On January 24, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), reported that the "suspected large area of Shandong University, a master's thesis plagiarism" issue.

On January 25, the Shandong University said it would investigate this matter, and will start as soon as possible in the past to grant Dr, self-examination and self-correction of master degree thesis work.

However, the suspected plagiarism incident is by no means alone.

In recent days, surging news found, and two master's theses into a highly similar throughout the situation.

Surging journalists from China know network Bo master degree papers database found has this two article financial learn professional of master degree papers, respectively is Northeast Normal University financial learn professional master graduates Zhang Qiang of papers China currency policy on stock market of effect research (following referred to "Zhang strong papers") and South financial learn professional master graduates yangfan of papers China currency policy on stock market of effect research (following referred to "yangfan papers").

Noteworthy is that both article exactly the same topic papers are completed in 2009, and time lasted six months later on.

Completion time is earlier than Yang Fan papers which Zhang Qiang.

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Dissertation Zhang Qiang was completed on May 1, 2009, and Yang fan's dissertation was completed on December 1, 2009.

Surging journalists showed that the two papers in the same place is not just title, abstract, keywords, references, highly similar throughout the text.

English abstracts, key words in almost exactly the same

Surging journalists showed that in addition to the abstract, key words in English and some individual terms vary, two question papers the whole are highly similar, and two papers listed at the end of 40 English references have a verbatim.

In fact, the largest difference is divided in two paragraphs there are discrepancies.

The summary section, and two are "in monetary policy, Central Bank's main objectives at home and abroad......" introduction, introduced his background and research methods, studies aim at "on the effect of money supply on stock issue", and highlighted in the study to introduce a concept that "cycles". Last introduced a five-point policy proposals.

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Zhang Qiang abstracts

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Yangfan abstracts

Surging journalists found that, in addition to a Word different, Zhang Qiang and Yang Fan Paper abstracts of papers there are no differences in text. Zhang Qiang, first sentence of the summary of the use of "General" the word, yangfan accordingly using the "normal" phrase.

Keywords part of papers followed by Zhang Qiang "monetary policy, interest rates, money supply and stock market" yangfan papers as well. English abstracts of two papers in line English key words as well.

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Zhang Qiang paper keywords

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Yang Fan paper keywords

Of course, it is important to note that, two papers on the same topic the PostScript part showed a significant difference.

Body part highly similar, the biggest difference is segmented in different

As can be seen from the paper Zhang Qiang and Yang Fan paper directory, two papers have the same structure and similar directories.

Both the main part of the paper is divided into five parts, apart from the difference in wording (such as the first part of the topic, called introduction to Zhang Qiang, Yang fan called objective), the five parts of the topic is the exactly the same. Specific to the section of each chapter, in addition to dividing line most of the section headings are no different.

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Zhang Qiang publications

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Yang Fan publications

Zhang Qiang, the paper is divided into five chapters, titled, "Introduction", "study on the conduction of monetary policy of stock market in China", "empirical analysis of the effect of changes in money supply on the stock market", "analysis of the effects of interest rates on the stock market," "conclusions and policy recommendations".

Yang Fan paper is divided into five chapters, titled, "objective", "study on the conduction of monetary policy of stock market in China", "empirical analysis of the impact of changes in money supply on the stock market", "analysis of the effects of interest rates on the stock market," "conclusions and policy recommendations".

Enter body part, two papers still maintained a high degree of agreement.

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Zhang first chapter

Southwestern University Master's thesis suspected widespread copying, only the

Yangfan chapter

In the first chapter, for example, two papers were in order, "monetary policy as a means of financial control" introduction, introduced his paper the purpose and the meaning of both theoretical and applied, have pointed out that their own the creative value. Difference is that paper summarizing domestic scholars and some studying Zhang Qiang, "extra" is equipped with a table, and Yang Fan paper without this form.

Zhang Qiang chapter

Yangfan chapter

In chapter II, for example, two papers were in order "in China, monetary policy usually refers to the narrow monetary policy" introduction, introduces the concepts and tools of monetary policy in China and current situation analysis of China's monetary policy transmission on the stock market. In this chapter, the papers attached a five-form Zhang Qiang, yangfan papers attached four table, and exactly matches the four table after Zhang Qiang, only slight differences in typography.

Zhang Qiang chapter

Yangfan chapter United States Powerball Lottery billions of bonus

In the third chapter, for example, two papers were in order "in our country, and monetary policy......" begins with the same regression analysis using the same data, obtained the same three basic conclusions and results of the same three explanations.

Zhang Qiang, the fourth chapter

Yangfan fourth chapter

In the fourth chapter, for example, two papers were "interest rate is the price of money" begins. In this chapter, in a fourth section of the stock transfer is blocked because of interest rate policy, two papers were "China's stock market in the absence of effective transmission market based interest rate policy", "low level of integration between Chinese stock markets and currency markets", "wealth effect of Chinese stock market is not significantly" and "system of China's stock market is obvious flaws" in four aspects.

Zhang Qiang, the fifth chapter

Yangfan fifth chapter

In the fifth chapter, for example, two papers were in order "through the analysis, we found that money supply unit......" introduction, gives exactly the same five conclusions and policy recommendations.

Zhang Qiang, the sixth chapter

Yangfan sixth chapter

Surging journalists showed that the two papers are not only identical to or even difficult to find differences.

In fact, in the body, and papers just two less than the paper Zhang Qiang Yang Fan form differ only some paragraphs of the remaining Division is different.

Zhang Qiang, references in the papers

Yangfan references in the papers

Yang Fan paper PostScript: I graduate, someone paid a lot

Zhang Qiang and Yang fan the paper paper title, abstract, keywords, and body parts "into each other", but the two papers finally in "PostScript" there is a difference.

Journalists noted the surging, Qiang Zhang papers without the usual degree courtesy "Thanks" section instead of gratitude for mentors, his alma mater in "PostScript".

Zhang Qiang, afterword brief memories of the early papers written by help, mentor Qi Xin's care, and a number of modest words, as in his "literal shallow", "hate talents", "difficult".

Yangfan papers not only "PostScript", along with "Thanks" section.

"Finally finalized the heart slightly relieved. "In the PostScript section, yangfan stating that she encountered many difficulties, finally was successfully completed, but the" sense of completion may not be good, but is not out of the tangle ".

Subsequently, Yang Fan wrote, "the authors of the paper are my, which really belong to the own thing has not much; I graduate, someone else has to pay a lot" and adding an ellipsis at the end.

"Tangled" after Yang fan and expressed their resolve. "I will do my best to face the long road of life. "

"Thanks" section of yangfan routine thanks to the students, teachers, and family care. Finally, he wished "Southwest finance and escape the world, Institute of financial success".

Yangfan supervisor: no teacher level can see student plagiarism

The morning of January 27, surging journalists contact Northeast Normal University Master's graduates in finance Zhang Qiang.

Zhang said in an telephone interview with journalists surging, his master's degree thesis is absolutely original and never gives reference, as to why someone's papers are similar to their paper height, themselves totally unaware of.

Surging journalist inquiry found that in English abstract of zhangqiang papers section, you can find a declaration of originality. There is a strong statement last autograph and date of May 21, 2009.

Due to a strong finish on the paper half a year late, completed in December 2009, Yang fan of thesis suspected of widespread plagiarism.

Journalists surging from the Southwest University of finance official was informed that yangfan thesis advisor Chen Yongsheng, the school finance Professor, research "portfolio analysis", also served as Southwestern University Director of the Center for capital markets and asset management.

On January 28, Chen Yongsheng, said in a telephone interview with journalists surging, a Professor, did not know yangfan papers plagiarized and finance school many years ago does not enable "search" System.

"Teachers cannot guarantee see plagiarism, it can be said without any teacher has this level, because the paper is too much. "SMG stressed.

Journalists surging from the Southwest University of finance official was informed that Southwest finance University opened in 2010 the promulgation by Southwestern University on "academic misconduct literature system" of interim measures (hereinafter "interim measures").

Interim measures revealed, according to the Office of academic degree Committee of the State Council on strengthening the academic degree work ethics and opinions on the construction of academic norm requirements, in order to further strengthen the management of quality of graduate degree thesis, and prevent the occurrence of dissertations of academic misconduct, the school opened in the second half of 2010 "academic misconduct literature detection system", to test for the graduates ' degree thesis. These measures are formulated.

According to the interim measures, before the defence, doctoral and master dissertations must be "checking" test, that is professional software to detect similarity between articles and papers to prevent academic misconduct, including plagiarism.

Reporters found that in the processing and determination of the test results, interim measures mentioned above, text copy rate was master's thesis is more than 15%, shall be deemed not to pass.

Failed the test papers, such interim measures provides that colleges were not allowed to arrange the paper review. Graduate thesis needs to be modified (modified papers not less than one week), and approved by the academic degree Evaluation Committee, before their applications can be detected again. If the text copy rate was three times higher than 15%, to more than half of the papers you want to modify in order to again apply for testing.

Journalists surging by Wanfang data, PaperPass and other papers detecting duplicate checking system than the result, Zhang Qiang paper coincides with the yangfan papers total text larger than the significantly more than Southwest finance official 15%.

On January 27, graduate school of Southwest University of finance and a staff member said in an interview with journalists surging in 2009, although the schools have not yet introduced expressly provides, but also for master's and doctoral thesis "checking" test. The staff member said, don't really know if there is a problem of 2009 graduates of the master's thesis, "if we detect problems will certainly not let this graduate student, will not let him get a degree".

For testing program for vulnerability issues, the Graduate School of Southwest University of finance and personnel said they don't understand the utility of specific processes and principles.

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Interview Jie Shen why the Republican road struggling

The revolution 100 years ago, created the first Republic in Asia, however, after more than 10 years of chaos shows that between Republican and Imperial entanglements have not subsided. How to Republican road so hard? Associate researcher at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute of history Jie Shen has been engaged in studies of modern history, she thought: by the end of the revolution, before the parties can sit at the negotiating table, we eventually came to "compromise", plays a decisive role, not a "contractual spirit", but a suspension of "balance". Revolutionary Party with agitation, Jiangsu, strength of the constitutionalists and the Yuan clan of Northern Alliance, Imperial, Royal soft thin, was forced to step down. Such a compromise is bound to cause break in the future.

Surging News: the trend in terms of political reform, history of the late Qing dynasty can be said to be a history of advance toward the Republic, but also the history of all the hubbub, many ideas and blueprints are not all point to a Republican, this association with the Republican dilemma exists after the revolution?

Jie Shen: in the late Qing dynasty and the beginning of "arrived in the Republic" in the process, do see many differences, "constitutional" and "revolution" is a reduced score, two points behind, there stood the different faces of the crowd. From 1912, this point of view, "dispel the Manchus" across a full storm, followed by Imperial, Royal, Yuan Shikai, the Northern Department, constitutionalists, a Government officer of collectors, small bureaucracy; Department of tongmenghui, Guang Fu Hui, Wuchang revolutionary, in the "five families" under the banner of a temporary compromise. "The final Empire, beginning of Republic of China", it can be said that "Republican" is a clear psychological refuge of these remarks, surrender of the feast is also a wide variety of times; are each revolution started the revolutionary aims of the storm and constitutionalists, Yuan Shikai abandoning the Royal's "honor." But you know, flags, always the product of a particular political theory and the trend of the times.

From the slogan of "Republic", to the system in the sense of "Republic", and rooted in the people's concept of "Republic", between, the long, divisive. This remote and differences is the "compromise" itself. This was party to reach a compromise, but also unwilling to compromise on the other side. Yan Fu and Yun Yu-ting and Chen Baochen, observations and thoughts on Republican revolution, in their view, the "Republic" by "pistol", "violent clamp, too autocratic 10 times." This was also in response to Liang JI died of sorrow, thought that "meet the new country, how would like to either its reforms", as far as the eye can reach, but is clearly a burning world, a pistol and bribes to fly in the world. After the revolution of China, yan said, "the old is dead, not the new State, disappointed no return" is the era of disorder. Ends with a few months more than 2000 years of monarchy, and there must be a lot of disjointed in the middle. Partisanship, people made fools, all kinds of imperial legacy, ethical and ideological confusion, in the form of different mapping modern twists. From the "complicated", then fold back to the late Qing "cacophony", can be more understanding of the Republican revolution is where to start out, the process and how many people try to establish order. War and politics, including ideological and cultural fields, the dispute is a disorder-order game process.

If put this history period again elongated is, Xin Hai is from monarchy to Republic of transition, Xin Hai zhihou, is on orthodoxy to shared and explained right, and defined right, and control right of disputes, and 1926 began of collapses expedition, is basic end has 1911 yilai about "method" and "Commission", and "method" and "road" of demand, in late Qing dynasty characters gradually fade out stage, new doctrine, and new forces debut, China history from here began, gradually out Xin Hai of heritage, Super away from out e Xu of ideal, into a new of times. From here, monarchy or Republican, up Chinese, "party" and "ISMS" into history keywords. International weekly United States middle class

Interview ︱ Jie Shen: why the Republican road struggling

Yan Fu (left) and Chen Baochen

Surging News: after the revolution, you will not be, which is the result of revolutionaries and constitutionalists wrestle, or are there other reasons?

Jie Shen: "June will not be", this statement reflects this revolutionary history for 100 years of history covered. This is a Xinhai year until present, we of China at the beginning of a common-knowledge. But if you go back to the early, in fact, there are many possible. Without referring to hongxian and Ding Si twice restored. Failure is, of course, but I would like to stress that, and not having this argument "has deeply rooted in the Republic". Need to ask is, both the Republic of China has begun, within just a decade, why are there two monarch again? This is not some conspiracy could lead to a few people, a few factions. Just proves that after monarchy overthrow and political confusions and problems of the various possibilities. Theorists of the hongxian, yangdu Goodnow, and He Changxiong, almost all from the rush of Xinhai revolution, his Republic does not apply to custom talk. Yangdu the Royal Gazette of the nation through stress of the Republican establishment are too sudden, "did not listen to national freedom of research, with minority force." Hongxian failed, yangdu told reporters, admitting that "Constitution problem and I should bear the responsibility, without recriminations, nor escape from far away ... ... As soon as the official Government, I would like to go to the courts bow tried "his Republican rights conferred by, adhere to the King's ideas, which in China is not special in the early Republican objection to blame, is also worthy of our consideration is the complexity of our times. Yuan Shi-kai in such environment of thought and expression, he would like to return the monarchy to rebuild the revolution upset the order of the country. That, is the existence of sentient beings, science. As a result, as observers of the later, you can put aside the first CAC hunkui era language, more calmly regarded monarchy movement, its causes, and the political and social impact.

Interview ︱ Jie Shen: why the Republican road struggling


Speaking of revolutionaries and the collapse, constitutional wrangling, an important reason for this also and the beginning of political. Party people and the Yuan clan, are intended to dominate. This would compromise, political dimensions of vulnerable disorder. From the song to the second revolution, is of Liang Shuming's comment "the cause contributing to taketo forces but cannot but blame revolutionaries"-the second revolution was the beginning of political debate by force. Revolutionary Party, the same size hills, infighting, "the revolution has yet to succeed, ghosts". Cause of Xu Shaozhen reviewed the second revolution failed quickly in his later years, once said: "when people first party for the military Governor, 16, all ambition satisfied, stroke is defeated by Yuan Jun, or cast weapon in the Yuan in an attempt to protect their fame and fortune, is not self-pity and people mourn also. "Xiong Shili also said that after the Xinhai Revolution Party" new bureaucratic smell was appalling "and expose Fu Xiao, luxurious, extravagance all sorts of immoral," media revolution is that changing signs. " So, if the early "vacuum of authority", that is also a multi-dimensional, multidimensional, and in fact it is not a vacuum, but bulls authoritative, too many fights with restrictions, causing political disorder and endless disputes.

Surging News: Qing emperor abdicated his throne, including revolutionaries and Yuan Shi-kai's compromise, compromise with the constitutionalists, and compromise between Yuan Shi-kai and the Court. This seems to be a good place to start, then what we see is the denial of compromise, rather than compromise and abide by, why is that?

Jie Shen: the end of the monarchy, represented the "mandate of heaven" ends, instead of the "hearts and minds" and "public opinion". But Yuan Shikai to intentionally took over the Republic, behind him, the combination of a "hearts and minds" and "public opinion" is sufficient in itself is doubtful; plus the constitutionalists, the old bureaucratic, Vince revolutionaries a strong fight against, the new Republic was already a divided country. Huang Yuansheng said, "to nationals of the non Foundation, mention of the initiative and feelings, after the revolution, Andrew has good fruit!" China's political culture, King defeated Kou has always been the lack of compromise, the history of their fictions, many sections are "stick". By the end of the revolution, before the parties can sit at the negotiating table, we eventually came to "compromise", plays a decisive role, not a "contractual spirit", but a suspension of "balance". Revolutionary Party with agitation, Jiangsu, strength of the constitutionalists and the Yuan clan of Northern Alliance, Imperial, Royal soft thin, was forced to step down. Such a compromise is bound to cause break in the future.

Furthermore, from monarchy to constitutional Government, and political parties is an important one, and should also play a pivotal role in Republican politics. But it cannot be denied that Zhao made constitutional by a rush of revolution, political and social foundations of political parties is not only incomplete, could be said to have not. Therefore, the beginning of the Republic, all of a sudden come up with numerous large and small political parties, political group, in the "Republic" under the banner of alliances, legal power struggle. Revolution man caijimin said "infinite money infinite blood, bought fake poor Republican", Wang Kai-Yun is more straightforward: "was King of Judah, Judah is also, where North and South? All in all, boils, not things. "" Politicians such as carp, planted forest of the party ", this is the beginning of China's political record, their" faith of sectarian views, the Group held erzhawoyu-"National Affairs, hence file invisible; ordinary governance, also damaged in the invisible. Political parties tend to be politicians, not merely in name change, leading to disputes and Government corruption, which people once lost faith in political parties, and to the Republic of China.

Republican political establishment, ushered in more than 10 years of sustained political and soldiers. Until the Northern Expedition and Nanking, before entering a relative forming of party politics. Yuan Shi-kai would like to use the old autocratic (June) to restore power, but he was facing new problems, and old to new diseases, destined to mess; and the national revolution after the party has been formed under the law of the spirit of compromise, on how to build grass-roots organizations lack the capacity. It can be said that the modern China, between the centralized protection of modern building and constitutional, and always full of kink.

Interview ︱ Jie Shen: why the Republican road struggling

Wang Kai-Yun

Surging News: Republican after replacing the monarchy, after a number of repeated, including restoration of Zhang Xun and Yuan Shikai proclaimed himself emperor, what do you think the course of relations between Republican and Imperial?

Jie Shen: as already mentioned, the restoration, almost be considered unfinished and of Xinhai year continues. Factions and interest groups in the dispute is the question of Justice, political ideals, the differences in the meaning of cultural ideals. This is elite-level problem, in addition, there is also a broader, common sense, carried by revolution "go! To go with it! "" Xianyuweixin "" China ".

Tell several stories well. Gu Hongming's talk at the North Hall, says that society is confused, mainly because there is no King, "you're going to say ' law ' (when said in a low voice), no one is afraid; you're going to say, ' law ' (loud, table-pounding), everyone was afraid, less a ' King ' word". During the Northern War rolling, mainland people in the country and asked: "what has become of the Xuantong Emperor? "" Who is now sitting Court? "" Real Dragon Emperor sits on his throne, and the peace of the world, right? "People don't understand what Republican, believes that the world there must be a" true son of heaven ". Two beggars in downtown fight beggar a stern voice said: "today there is still caution, Yes, by the Republic of the Republic into the live, if back to the Emperor, who will not allow people like you are so rampant. My next prayer praying for God's sake, back to the emperor. "And the beginning of an official record of their home villagers, knows only the Emperor, and did not know why the new Republican, in their view," now no law, what is indiscriminate? …… Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding, was robbed, Emperor-free bundle ". Despite a variety of explain the meaning of a Democratic Republic, but "fool say confused, Dian group laugh that deceive" all day long, with no emperor ceases.

This is history in the real image, and Ku Hung-ming said it is consistent, "Emperor" and "Principality" hanging from the top is essential for people, which represents an indisputable order and reverence. And the beginning of many Beijing people standing in a variety of flags, to be changing, including of course the great Qing Empire Longcheer. Longcheer flying inside and outside capital when Zhang Xun restoration is not an accident, nor "speculation" in a nutshell. Emperor remain in Commission in connection with the orthodoxy of Government, played an important role.

Li Jie-ren's documentary in the novel the big waves, Lin and Qiao Beiming overweight talk about "culture speech": "to listen to, always a few words: civilization! Savage! Quintessence! Order it! With me, nothing clear. "" Didn't know ", says not, but people ignorant, Lords of confusion. Liang Qichao in opposition to Yuan Shikai's monarchy's official denunciation of the ISO-o in the issue of the so-called State of, memories Xu Fosu in the revolution, ren Zi said to him: "China cannot but revolution, revolutionary potential without Republicans, Republican regime cannot perish. "National Affairs, warmly, not easily discouraged, such as Liang Qichao, only road" without "," arms could not express pain. " Repeatedly capsized between the monarchy and republicanism, is a natural continuation of the revolution; and since then, by Yan out of the national revolution of the Republic, the party right again with the blue party and overturned repeatedly, it also contains the internal cause of the Chinese revolution.

Interview ︱ Jie Shen: why the Republican road struggling

Yuan Shikai (left) and Zhang Xun

Surging News: corresponds with the political battles and the warlords, after Republican and Republican beliefs not only failed to build up, and the whole circle is also showing a State of extreme confusion, why the new culture movement can break it in this State?

Jie Shen: cultural movement constitute a breakthrough, a "Renaissance", but also to drop in late Qing dynasty "look to the West" trend continuation. The change of Liang Qi-Chao's summary thoughts in modern China, from objects to the three stages of political development and culture, movement to take the "May Fourth", following "new epidemic", June to the Constitution and the revolution, sought to reinvent the third phase of evolution in modern China. Stylistic issues, Confucianism, science and metaphysics, philosophy, cultural orientation, and so on, these debates and ideas, who can go into Central and West, old and new categories, can be regarded as a continuation of the trend of the reform movement, is a product of Western crusade. After the revolution of politicians and academics explore the efforts of Republican politics, can in fact be taper up to hundred days down "to the West" in history. This process lasted from the opium wars to the new cultural movement, all new, selected from the West, pointing to the same goal--the modern transformation of China. The "May Fourth" in the future, a turnaround in the new culture movement, shift from individualism to collectivism, from Britain and the United States turned to the Soviet Union, "to go to the private sector" and the spread of socialism, which broke from the root of the shift of the hundred belonging to reduce people's thinking. This turn, even more deeply than the revolution changed China.

Thought by thought, propelled by a trend to cultural movement, played by the cultural movement to the political transition, which in previous history of the late Qing dynasty to the Northern Expedition, becomes a regular. Zhou said later, looked from the sidelines, "the May Fourth from beginning to end, is a political movement, and the head of a literary revolution, end of the period of new culture movement, is welded on them. If there is no political student this time fighting on the Government's only by two or three publications such as the new youth anyway inferior to advocates, it will not have any major results, time, or will be forgotten by everyone, maybe. " Hu Shi and I've summarized in 1933, modern ideas in China can be roughly divided into two periods, the first period for "Victorian era", from Liang Qichao to new youth, focusing on the personal liberation; second is the "Group (Collectivism) era", bounded by 1923, nationalist, Communist revolution belonged to the anti-individualistic tendencies. From individualism to collectivism, summarizes the movement in the 20 steering precision.

The "May Fourth" new culture really important impact on Chinese history, Chen Xiu alone say "we last awakening last enlightenment" ethical consciousness probably comes next, crucially, this turn led directly to the political power of China's Party and organized. So, the "May Fourth" new culture as simply "the Chinese Renaissance" is very surface view. New culture movement from cultural to political change, complete a connecting link between: take the Western trend of thought in late Qing dynasty onwards, also unveiled the coming revolution.

Surging News: Chen Zhirang gentry in the army regime says in the book, revolution in China was "' regime", after the revolution of China is "the ' regime." In the chaos in the early years of the Republic, the ebb and flow of forces army, Shen, how to play a role in the Republican?

Jie Shen: generally speaking, "Shen-army" is the imperial regime, Foundation for the gentleman and soldier joint; "military-gentry" is military forces grow after 1912, the Executive gentleman's regime into military leadership from top to bottom. That is commonly referred to, the warlords ruled the world. The times, broadly from 1912 until 1949, narrowly delineated in 1928, before the end of the Northern Expedition.

Revolution compromised and chaos at the beginning, brings ' effect of regulatory regimes, there are two of the most important points: politically highly discrete and continues to form the civil war; diplomacy, the warlords not to defend national sovereignty, and less under the influence of nationalism. The most obvious feature is "falling apart", politics, economy and society into factions and regions, central control where laws could not control the army, Lu said "the Republic of China now is five, Song dynasty, Ming is." Further, after the revolution, monarchy collapse, China's formal entry of "modern", but did not become a modern nation-State.

However, also is in people early this ten years of mess as in the, disorder export has new of order: for warlords more advocates Confucian and discipline theory, so and has anti-decency, and anti-traditional; army gentry regime not resistance imperialism, and of relative, elite and people in the is diffuse nationalism; economic Shang preliminary industrialization of expand and political Shang apart phase collision, is various Socialist, and workers ' and peasants ' doctrine, and "labour sacred" looked up. In the context of political, social and cultural movement, in 1921, the Communist Party was founded, 1923-1924 restructuring of the KMT and KMT-CPC cooperation, merged into the revolutionary movement of 1926-1928. Ten years of civil unrest, the Northern has become the fish potential of the collapse, and "down with big powers, with the exception of warlords" Northern Expeditionary army, and were finally overthrown. The northern end, is actually a hundred of China; it left the legacy of the Chinese revolution, nationalism the rise (reaching pole to the war), we start striving for a party, a doctrine, China in the construction of the modern State in all this, is the Northern army landed gentry the reactionary regime, and also to a certain extent, is continuing.

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Guangxi s Nandan bus rollover 6 dead 6 injured in the territory in the cause

Guangxi's Nandan bus rollover 6 dead, 6 injured in the territory, in the cause of the accident is still under investigation

The scene of the accident.

Beijing, news, January 22, at 8:39, 210 national highway in Nandan County, hechi city, Guangxi, Guizhou province Ba Ping Road accidents occurred, killing many people were trapped. 6 people were killed, 6 wounded. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. Former thief tells Rogue River members do not

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Network anchor anchorman of the red and Black II taught sexy spoiled brat who

"Webcast platform chaos stem from regulatory confusion and red line of the system standards is not clear. "On January 18, the banana has more than 10 years management experience in online video industry television CEO Wang revealed directly causes frequent sex and violence live.

Live sex, live broadcasting drove luxury cars hit people, live in the OU ... ... Webcast platform chaos caused great social concern in recent days. A microphone, a camera into the virtual world of Denver tools. What is hiding behind the live broadcast platform? Cyber sexual violence problem how to solve?

At present, the Department of management network include communication management, Internet news and publicity, public security, culture, radio, film and television administration, the press and publication sector has some regulatory powers. Lawyer Gu Ziqian recommends that these departments need to clarify regulatory responsibilities, make regulation more effective.

Surging more than one legal source also told News (www.thepaper.CN), established a classification system can be used as one of the solutions.

Shanghai Municipal People's Congress gold Coco said, improvement of Internet legislation, to materialize in a timely manner, thinning, you can manipulate. In addition, the Administration should also be more responsible on the Internet, the problem we need to discover and deal with.

Network anchor, anchorman of the red and Black II | taught sexy spoiled brat, who supervises the platforms and brokers

Network anchors is filming a publicity photo. This picture surge journalist Gao Zhengtu

Anchorwoman attract third tier cities users

This involved fighting fish TV is a game of live streaming platform, like the flag, Panda TV, Tiger and so on.

IResearch China in 2015 report summed up the game: games live broadcast platform on the four major profit source: signing bonuses and salaries, self-employment income, advertising, virtual items into.

The past two years, spending power of married men into the live game core crowd. According to iResearch statistics 2014 shows that married men with children accounted for 49.3% of consumer groups. 25-30-oriented users. Gender disparities, and reached 4:1.

Tiger sniff network editing Ma Weimin long live platform industry. He said that "YY broadcast, 9158 video main show class. Fighting fish, banners are doing. "His" show "live entertainment, a group of face value, a perfect figure of female anchors sing, dance, or to chat with fans interact.

"Anchor can sing, play to attract large audiences. "For example, Ma Weimin said," a woman at the same time make two local, their jealousy, two local nights spent 1 million Yuan was also on the platform. "

Worked as a recreation Panda TV anchorwoman SG Anna introduction, "there will be special and generous fans send me gifts, five thousand or six thousand worth of purses, jewelry, expensive necklace of more than 20,000 yuan. "

It was reported that the flag on the TV every day an average of about 6 million people live on the 112,000 room stay, which 20%~30% users money to broadcast "brush." Flag TV 85.93 million registered users, users of the third-tier cities accounted for as much as 44.86%.

"Small business groups in a third-tier cities, but spiritual life is empty, usually in addition to stroll outside entertainment like KTV, has no other interests began to turn its sights on the Internet. "Ma Weimin analysis," naked and bare, the essence of the show is that an affair between the two. After the paying fans will cheer, anchorwoman also will give feedback, can produce a sense of satisfaction. "

Anchor 55% of revenue is siphoned by platforms and brokers

Brokers in the webcast industry occupies an important link in the chain of interests.

Chongqing University senior boys together (not his real name) on youku mad part-time host. He explained that entered the industry through "family so long", "a talent video recording to family long ' look, he will help you to live streaming platform. "One of the" family long "means brokerage firms, in the form of Studio business.

Qi Xin said, "' family long ' look my age, and almost always watch my live video, will give me a suggestion at the end, help me improve. "

Ma Weimin said YY platform has been "long family" monopoly. They recruited female anchor, packaging and even train them in how to play, pushed on the platform, "anchor groups was mixed, such as college students, white-collar, professional game player, almost zero barriers to entry. "Some" family-long "food wrap, rented rooms divided into numerous small rooms, each setting up a microphone, a camera, and anchors will be able to live in the House.

Homes can make money with network anchors attract a lot of young men and women of vision. Open recruitment Web site, but found no work experience, education and other requirements for network anchors, beauty is the first. Focused on 4000-15000 Yuan each month.

"Individual anchors a monthly income of up to hundreds of thousands of Yuan, but the inside is very different. Normally anchor the salary is not high, and thousands of 10,000 yuan, full-time staff will have three thousand or four thousand floor. "Ma Weimin said.

SG anchor Anna made a total of 15 days, finally got the platform issued by the 4000 salary.

"I know a game host, live from 6 o'clock in the evening until 6 in the morning, there are fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan a month income. "Said Mr live platform users.

Anchor United's contract shows that income obtained through gift, 40% per cent on the platform, "the family long" access to 15%, remaining himself.

"Now that the circles big shot has divided the cake almost, so some little-known newcomers may have to pay a higher price. "Users don't think anchors is very good.

Network anchor, anchorman of the red and Black II | taught sexy spoiled brat, who supervises the platforms and brokers

Network anchors is filming a publicity photo.

Usually obscene "edge"

Currently, several major broadcast platform is also under "cost of pain": high broadband fees, sky-high anchor signing bonuses and contests and games royalties.

The 21st century business Herald reported that the Dragon Ball live to spend 20 million Yuan signed presenter MISS (Han Yiying). Panda TV signed years ago Korea anchorwoman Yin Suwan, DDD is a record for the first time while 700,000 people everywhere.

Ma Weimin, "today, several platforms are still in the ' burn ' to seize the market stage. But not making money right now does not mean not to make money, but the essence of mobile Internet is the flow, as long as they gathered popularity, patterns of liquidate on many. "

Now, several platform behind the "Gold master" propping up ": the Panda TV Wang Sicong, YY is behind the canine teeth, fighting fish behind Tencent, flag zhe Bao media escort. "This field must have the money to make up. "He stressed.

Throwing money out of the platform, can be pumped into the "family of long" and have a taste of Star dream host ... ... Three-party unified to "money" line, sex and violence became grey driver.

On December 31, 2015, one betta TV anchor driving luxury cars live, and crashed into a taxi, injuring 2 people.

In November 2015, betta TV anchors carry unmanned aerial vehicles entering the campus, live shoot the girl's dormitory.

The night of October 18, 2014, betta TV anchorwoman of a claims 600,000 followers for players crowding the screen insults her, and compare her with another female anchor, seething, slit his wrists in a broadcast, sentiment of the room suddenly climbed to 450,000.

In addition, the flag TV anchorman who live raw animal: Caterpillar, baby fish, mice, spiders on his dining room table.

More common is that female anchor in a Studio in the video "accidentally" dew point, deliberately dressed in skimpy, or dressing, bathing in the Middle, over and over again as "fringes". Even the user broke the live room to discuss prostitution market, games live using foul language while also seemed commonplace.

In addition to these, live platform is also keen to get some "action".

Ma Weimin said that "brush fan data all broadcast platforms, such as playing only 10,000, and is said to 100,000. For gift sales host, fake gold owners and users of the platform's local ' pinched ', you hit 10,000 yuan, I hit 15,000 yuan to stress each other out more high price tag. "

But there are "injured".

Ma Weimin said the anchors simply pays the valuable account on the video of myself playing, skip the platform pumped into and pocketing income. If the anchor name is big enough, headache platform for such infractions, wants to clamp down on dare not blocking because gathered popularity still need to rely on him.

In addition, many platforms high digging to host, but because of its greater temptation to bluff in the circle too early or fresh.

Network anchor, anchorman of the red and Black II | taught sexy spoiled brat, who supervises the platforms and brokers

Network anchors of micro-letter received a broker, suggesting recently to watch his words and deeds.

Live tracking and review

How to eliminate yellow-live video of the violence involved in question? Industry sources said it is difficult to eliminate.

Ma Weimin said, like the fish, the Panda, Tiger live platform will set up a vetting group, mainly for live room monitor and see if some suspected the move, the current platform will monitor in two ways.

One is the key word, which is with some sensitive words in the name of the room, for example, strip, sex, etc. In General, the offending words are automatically blocked, but if it is erotic "ball", the auditor will focus on monitoring. For foul language profanity, effective control of the platform.

In addition, auditors varies the PCU (online number) judgment. Generally speaking, live erotic content within a short time room into a large number of users led PCU values soaring, audit staff room will focus on the investigation of the suspicious of these flows, if a violation is found, will be banned immediately.

Head of a webcast platform Lin added that technical means to monitor that can be used to capture images. Yellow screen-related data can be set in the background, video captures from the cloud to stop.

Anchorwoman SG Anna used to show large scale because cleavage, management supervisor blocked by Panda TV, but was lifted after 3 days. "Micro-cleavage, will not be controlled. "She has been able to grasp a sense of propriety. Maternity hospitals in big cities suffered monkey

Fighting fish TV anchors live sex the next day, fighting fish TV at Home posted the webcast of the self-discipline Convention, cannot play in any form and propaganda with pornographic, violent, negative reaction and walking program that is suspected of.

Platform gaps still exist.

Research Center of the China Internet Association Secretary-General, said Hu Gang, webcast platform revenue model may have the platform operation and lax regulation. In addition, the webcast the particularity of many network anchors are staying away, desperate, looking for thrills.

"In fact, a live online broadcast platform peak thousands of rooms at the same time, several teams of how to come? Due to the nature of the broadcast (not recorded), to go back and review more difficult. "Ma Weimin added.

Network regulations need further refinement

National network spokesman said, any dissemination of pornographic information on Internet sites, pornographic information services, legal liability for this.

According to the provisions of administrative measures on Internet information: If the victims broadcast platform in question signed, its behavior should be a duty, live platform should assume management responsibility. If the host is only registered members, broadcast indecent videos without knowledge of the platform, their personal liability, but if the platform know but let it, the platform should also be responsible for their administration.

Cayman lawyer in Shanghai Bai Yaohua said for bettas live sex events, legal definition may in some detail where there is not in place, but for spreading pornographic information has no legislative gaps, "indecent images of obscenity standards are met, prosecutors needed to define. If met, dissemination of pornographic material a serious case, constitute a crime. "

"Indecent or pornographic videos, currently facing an embarrassing, the party has removed some indecent video, but spread to other video streaming link, others in the dissemination, by this time was already beyond the control of the parties. "Bai Yaohua said.

In his view, the law also needs to further clarify the details in this regard in the future, such as in the letter, forwarded pornographic videos, how to define the number of times? Based on number in the letter to? Is the number of forwarding to everyone? Or number to send out these works? These questions are worthy of further exploration, so that you can more easily sentences.

Fudan University journalism professor Chen Jianyun says, "in addition to the Webcast technology platform strengthening supervision, put an end to the problem from the source video, another key problem is that Internet users in order to improve self-regulation, don't reprint spread. If encounter this type of video, Internet users should first report of social power. For those who for financial gain and spreading pornographic and violent video, should increase penalties. "

Said Hu Gang, a webcast is a relatively new problem, wandering at the edge of moral and non-moral, legal and illegal. Should be suitably regulate, ensure dissemination of mainstream, promote positive energy content, and ensure that individuals can enjoy their constitutional free speech, do the appropriate balance between public safety and personal freedom.

Live streaming platform and regulators must take responsibility

"Webcast platform chaos stem from regulatory confusion and red line of the system standards is not clear. "On January 19, the banana has more than 10 years management experience in online video industry television CEO Wang reveals causes frequent sex and violence live.

Wang was PLU's founder and Vice President of Neo TV the esports industry. He acknowledged that yellow question-related violence live streaming platform for content is to turn a blind eye, because the anchor tube is losing viewers and fast, but this is not a long-term solution.

In addition, more than a legal source said yesterday that the established classification system can be used as one of the solutions.

Lake lawyer Gu Ziqian stressed that, in the face of chaos, live platform first start from the discipline. Gu Ziqian considered, on the one hand, regulatory authorities should be strengthened to Webcast platform media broadcast, and similar constraints, the site for anchor royalty must be paid after the review of the content is not illegal.

On the, implementation network live platform, and investors, and business team core members, and network anchor four aspects subject of network civilization credit system, on "playing walking" times or social effect degree over must number of case, to while will above four aspects subject pulled into blacklist, give also of "ban period"; and for serious challenge regulatory provides, and legal requirements, and raised extremely bad social effect of personal, should on above four aspects subject are give "lifelong ban" punishment--Enterprise revoked license ; People are banned for life network communication, journalism, publishing, broadcasting and other related industries; anchor involving sex and violence should be prohibited from re-entering the industry.

On the Government level, how many departments cooperate with regulatory concerns. 

Gu Ziqian introduced: "now mainly communication management network management, Internet propaganda Management Department and public security Department, as well as the departments of culture, radio, film and television administration and the Department of press and publication. "

He suggested that "in the future, public security departments must also be responsible for Cybercrime, it is recommended that in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, set up a special monitoring unit, and effective joint, signing an open protocol, reduction of local authorities and network platform ' telekinesis propaganda '. Appeared the Jiangsu police microblog hailing a betta live, in fact the betta is a registered company in Wuhan, so regulators may establish regional networks within the Ministry of public security, if irregularities are found, can be traced in the first platform of the responsibility. "

Legislation on the "porn" definition is difficult to 

In addition to regulatory control on sex and violence content, online grading system may be an antidote. Wang believed that "online payments has developed classification system does not exist to enforce technical bottlenecks, such as using real name on Internet. "

However, Shanghai Municipal People's Congress gold Coco to be cautious about this, "should be on the premise of strict restrictions, then part of the real-name system and accompanied by the classification system. "Golden cocoa said, part of the real-name system for example site to watch the video on real-name system is similar to the female anchor is necessary," it is the obligation of Internet operators. "

Gu Ziqian added: "in addition to the classification system, and also implementation of the ' blacklist ' system, by setting up, implementation limits access to sites with illegal information content. "

Gold recommends, perfecting the legislation of the Internet at the same time, management should be more responsible about the Internet, the problem we need to discover and deal with.

Netizens puzzled law definition of pornography is not specific enough, leading to webcast "edge"? Gu Ziqian says found online pornography act constitutes a crime or to the regulations involve content with obscenity, but cannot be objectively quantified like a drug, which relates to an individual's subjective feeling, different environmental conditions, age and knowledge will lead to differences, it is difficult to have appropriate identification procedures.

East China University of political science and law Professor Shen Liang explained that "porn" is a vague concept, definition is a very difficult thing, legislators, the judiciary still has a long way to go.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hubei is in dealing with traffic accidents Deputy Director of the police station

Chinese police NET, January 12, January 11, Tianmen, Hubei Public Security Bureau Liu Shengchao, Deputy Director of the police station in the small plate when dealing with traffic accident scene, flying was hit by a van and unfortunately killed, at the age of 40.

January 11 at 3 o'clock in the morning, Liu Shengchao received the alarm said provincial highway 106 small plates, Tianmen city Zhenjiang section of the village a serious single accident, accident driver's life is in danger. Liu Shengchao call 120 for help, and his colleagues rushed to the scene of the accident. On arrival at the scene, Liu Shengchao aim the car headlights vehicles involved, as when he asked the injured driver's injuries, was hit by a speeding van, unfortunately killed. Five questions of Jiangxi prisoner detention center

After the incident, the Tianmen Bureau, Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene of the accident in the first treatment. Tianmen city, Hubei Province, two-level public security organs and Tianmen municipal leaders attach great importance to, and instructed the relevant departments to do sacrifice the aftermath of civilian police.

It is understood that since Liu Shengchao police, work hard, uncovered a number of cases. 2014, the small plate often hit the police station area auto glass cases of theft of property inside the car, Liu Shengchao cracked Peng led a series of thefts for the masses, make up for economic losses of more than 100,000 yuan.

On January 1, 2016, the area of a company warehouse the huge amount of product is stolen, Liu Shengchao, the police give up vacations, under the leadership of Li Fuxiang, Director, worked from January 1, at 4 o'clock in the morning until January 2, at 3 o'clock in the morning, case, captured one of the main suspects. Then, overnight to Gong Hui, recovery two carts of stolen goods, the companies recover victims for economic losses of more than 180,000 yuan, affected businesses the next morning arrived at the small police station fired firecrackers, sent a huge banner.

In March 2015, Liu Shengchao noted that small town Quay Lee suddenly unemployed youth in the village of luxury cars, big spenders. Liu Shengchao led police Heng Yang area in depth investigations, master Lee in the name of car rental, has fraud gate, peach, xiaogan, jingmen and other car rental companies and personal luxury cars 6 Taichung criminal facts and more than 200,000 yuan in cash, on May 11, 2015, Lee captured and saved economic losses of more than 1 million Yuan for the masses.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Knight Island SFC Chairman Xiao gang in crater sat day and night over more than

Knight Island: SFC Chairman Xiao gang in

The night of January 8, the overseas edition of people's daily app public "Knight island" journal article, said sitting in the seat of the Chairman of the SFC, like the feeling of sitting by the fire, took office on March 17, 2013 so far, Xiao 1027 days has been sitting on a volcano.

There is a story in the romance of the three kingdoms. Sun Quan kills Guan Yu, worry about Wu-Shu Alliance ruptured, he wrote to Cao Cao, advised him to proclaim oneself Emperor, very kind words. De Montespan is old, but not confused-"view laughing show happy, saying: ' is to make my living on the fire, Yes? '"

In China, it can make people feel sitting on the fire position, if there is, I'm afraid there is a certainly is the head coach of the Chinese men's soccer--this is not, today, the French called Perrin sadly resigned. The other, I think, I am afraid, is the Chairman of the SFC has this seat. But media described more literally: down like a crater.

Two a posts of have in common including but not limited to: are has base great of eyes at with, just a input of is really gold silver, a input of is feelings (sometimes also will has really gold silver); rule Xia of main business, everyone seems to are not too satisfaction, their are has their complained of reason; daily are has lovers in professional of Forum Shang refers to with this two seat said "he can instead", repeated Xiang Yu story; in China of soil are not is mature; recently years also are has related of led into has chant.


From March 17, 2013 to date, Xiao has been sitting on a volcano 1027 days.

Office early, suffered "Everbright Black Dragon refers to" event, zhihou quick to punishment has a brokerage, and listed company and practitioners; heavy kai has IPO, hundreds of home enterprise success listed financing; 2014 up, rule Xia a wave market go cattle, last and in 2015 evolution into black of unit disaster; in Shanghai and Hong Kong pass eventually landing, Shenzhen pass also looked have see has; financial anti-corruption wave in the, team in a Deputy President, and a President Assistant was check, under also some Division Council at cadres Lok Ma, CITIC is on the market as a representative of the national team staff and taken by the judiciary in drama as a representative of private power; pushing the registration system may be available early this year, but the beginning of the 4 fuse 4 days, make all hand turned into a joke ... ...

Forestallment of climbing, and storm, and work really hard to do. Philosophy textbook PR in our ears: "the prospects are bright, the road has twists and turns. "

When last year's stock market bullish, as long as he appears, someone asks, "Shaw President when stocks 8,000"; when the stock market crash, investors shouted slogans. Charles Li, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong exchanges and clearing limited group but, questioned: "yesterday after the stock market, is full of a wide variety of online, Shaw President by someone from work, this thing should be accountable, Xiao gang, why don't you give him a little when you paid? The China Securities Regulatory Commission's work, you are not up on the one hand you want to scold, slightly up, get listed companies took a little money. "(June 27, 2015)

In 2003, Xiao gang, 45 years old. Transfer to the Bank of China Chairman and President, high-spirited. Organization Department of doors on its evaluation is: "energetic, decisive, simple style, familiar with the macroeconomic and financial business, reform and innovation consciousness, good research, organization and coordination ability. "

13 years in the past, Xiao gang, black hair has turned white. Media saw a night alone in the dining hall of the SFC that he perhaps "walking on thin ice" heart mirror.


"Ruan Sizong to caution, sitting with them, said Xuan long, never comments on different characters were. "Nothing to talk about metaphysics, don't tell people, cautious to the extreme, this is jinwenwang on Ruan Ji's evaluation – although in our mind, seven sages of the Bamboo Grove is drunk go naked, don't worry, eat five stones dressed in robes and large-sleeved thermal demeanor.

Uncle often admire the character of the island, that souls intersect.

Evaluation police organ of work effect, we can see this city of security situation how, crime how many, detection rate how many; evaluation Ann prison organ of work effect, we can see mine mills of units output mortality how many, accident occurred rate how many; evaluation China soccer coach of work results, we can see he has no playing into Asia Cup took has subsection several, have playing into World Cup, total of record is how many......

SFC's work and if so can quantify just fine. Stock market up 1000 points, rating to a + at the end, everybody happy holding home; the stock market off 1000 points, rating to b-, comments written on "the comrades still need to work hard", and so on, easy.

Life, after all, not first, not as much as the broader market points.

However, although there is no such simple quantitative way, but always a set of evaluation criteria.

For example, as the regulator of the capital market, first of all, to protect the safety and healthy development of the market, play a role in protection, rather than paternalistic leadership; and when a problem occurs, you need timely information on vocals, disclosure and operational means, guarantee periods of fluctuation in the market through to ensure the basic smooth.

In other words, for the stock market, on the one hand, to do the "expectation management"--for example, reduction of the ban is about to expire, the market mood, a timely exit policy, so as to avoid market panic Stampede on the other, to do "market regulation", in quotes comes not to let share prices rose too fast, stimulate the reduction of shareholder cash in and lead to more inexperienced "Leek" flood the market.

In short, the play is a rhythm. When and what words, what kind of policies, like lightly turn the steering wheel when turning left, turning on the right continue to gently steering wheel-turning-if you walk 100 miles to see a steering wheel and killed, think also know the consequences.

If something a bit more sophisticated, is probably the que's two older brothers: or treatment of minor illness or treatment of disease. Than textual level of doctors, presumably like a football field that "fire coach" or "Tinker", better at remedy, headache when the feet hurt when prescription is always the same.

And once again the skill point, may be open to Dick Jones ' drug, or go to the clinics next door to see prescriptions sounds good to take back to their patients. Also many in China think this happened.


"Only the truth of all things farthest away from us."

Van Loon wrote in the Catholic. In his works, spent hundreds of years of human time, was generally accepted until the country and people of religious faith "no one has the right to force others into this or that Church" the right idea; but if you want to make "the stock market is not a casino" concept in China, I am afraid, not just the passage of time can do things. After all, people didn't start out to be a very bad thing, right?

Problem does not just the passage of time. In China's financial system is not perfect, regulators almost with van Loon said from the market background, stock market overnight also, of course, impossible. The latest released version of population and

Like, to launched of registered business reform, phase more Yu zhiqian efficiency lower and has found rent space of approved business, can said is great of revolution--approval right from SFC decentralization to Exchange and brokerage, overall conducive to company financing and stock price of reasonable development, but now of policy reserves looks also rarely; futures market, and derivative products market of products rare, objective Shang also limit has investment of channel and trading of technique; for "short" "long" of understanding not in place, also may produced out "goodwill short" of ridicule ; Administrative will attach, the real economy of ischemia with superposition, transformation and upgrading of power, policy and regulation of cycles, I'm afraid regulators within a short time of monitoring and management technologies also are difficult to place.

On this basis, we discuss some of the issues and will have a value of: foreign countries applicable to the T+0 market, while disclosure mechanisms more perfect and reasonable valuations generally, fusing mechanism under the background of relatively sophisticated investors, is suitable for getting T+1, PLM, prone to asymmetric information market Stampede China market? "New money", whether listed companies is contributing to money of the hedge and then quit, whether there's room for improvement on the mechanism? ……

And that is exactly what regulators should do things. Regulators have no obligation to make each shareholder is happy to make money, but there is an obligation to ensure that market rules of the game in this market transaction, exit have the obligation to make appropriate action at an appropriate time and in an appropriate manner, protect the interests of investors and listed companies. In a market-oriented manner to protect markets, regulators should first do well versed in marketing--known in the market, market psychology, trading rules, practices, and even the existence of flaws and loopholes and so on. Otherwise, I am afraid, just like illness over the Chinese Football Association, even if world champion coach, please, it is difficult to let everyone calm down "what you can't" question.

Who are not easy-but, who easily?

I remember the romance of the three kingdoms. After Zhuge Liang's death, wuhou Temple in Chengdu is the famous area attractions. Under the thousand years, countless people inside inscription, do it right. The most famous one, who was stopped by Mao Deng looked at for a long time:

"Unquote fance from extinction, from ancient known non-belligerent;

Punishment without trial potential false positives, Zhi Shu later thought. "

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Groom s relatives for the wedding despite the police discourage stealing firecrackers

New Fireworks ban after Shanghai police once again issued a ticket.

After January 1, 2016, the newly revised Shanghai Municipal fireworks safety regulations into effect. On January 2, a man banned in Pudong area allowed to set off firecrackers, and was sentenced to a fine of 100 Yuan. Lay the Tigers 80 18 55 after 50 post 20

January 2 10:44 A.M., Pudong's Public Security Bureau said residents received 110 alarm: in 1288th, South yanggao road apartment it was Fireworks. After receiving the alarm, tangqiao station area police officers sped to the scene handling. Police arrived at the scene and found within the community is preparing a household by marriage wedding Fireworks, police explicitly told the party "under the newly revised Shanghai Municipal fireworks safety regulations, with effect from January 1, 2016, prohibited within the outer city Fireworks" regulations, and request the parties will not set off the firecrackers away. He promises not a discharge.

However, the groom's friend Wang (male, 29 years old, the city's Baoshan district people) while police unprepared, secretly set off the firecrackers to get community on the Street outside. Police immediately intercepted and Wang brought to the police station.

The investigation, Wang knows police notified are not allowed to set off firecrackers, still staying away, Fireworks at the gate and in the community.

Currently, Wang is the Pudong administrative fines of 100 Yuan at the Public Security Bureau.