Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chongqing a 14 year old mentally handicapped woman was Uncle sexually assaulted

Pengshui County of Chongqing 14 year old girl Yang (pseudonym) hard fate adds a scar, sick mental disorder as a child, she suspects during the summer vacation this year by Uncle Wu repeated sexual assault. On July 30, pengshui County Public Security Bureau Police Brigade police investigators to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) said the suspect Wu arrested for the crime of rape has been detained by police, at present, the case is still under further investigation.

Yang Hong, 14 years old, pengshui County of Chongqing town people, attended a local secondary school the first two days. Surging Mother Yu Feng told the press on July 21 this year, she learned that her daughter Yang suffered sexual assault. That night, Yang Hong-bath, Yu Feng in his pocket and found more than 40 Yuan. "Daughter, not accounts, we hardly give her money. "Yu Feng said her daughter Yang pocket so much doubt, ask the source of the money. Yang told his mother that money is given by Uncle Wu, other requirements forbid her to tell. Mother continuous questioning, Yang said that Wu had her pants before money, and press her down on the bed.

Yu Feng told the word news, Wu about 70 years old this year, Yang called his uncle, because it is a relationship, Wu often came to the House, but she and her husband are often busy with farm work was not at home, in addition to Yang, there is also a lame deaf old man.

On July 22, Yu Feng with Yang before Wu cards identified in these people, Yang pointed out that her Wu.

To obtain evidence of sexual assault, 23rd, Yu Feng Yang, Chongqing to qianjiang district people's Hospital, doctors told that Yang has been infringed. Only a preliminary examination, the hospital has not issued by the relevant written material.

"Taking into account the daughters themselves with intellectual disabilities, two relatives, originally I did not intend to pursue the matter. "Yu Feng said, but the premise is, Wu from hurting his daughter.

But no, 24th at 11 o'clock, Yu Feng shampoo at home seeing his daughter Yang Hong with 20 Yuan. Yang said she pressed, Wu arrived, making signs and Wu touched her breasts and lower body. Furious at Yu Feng, Yang went to Wu on reasoning.

Yu Feng said, after finding the Wu, he denials after Yang identified and then came the husband under questioning, sexual assault by Wu confessed in July, Yang Hong and gave money. Yu Feng to call 110. Subsequently, the Wu arrest. Said Yu Feng, Wu Yang was sexual assault by police 4 times. Birth mother for the first time to victims of

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One man who refused to cooperate with police in Nanning is playing Police law

On July 24,, Nanning city, a middle-aged man who refused to open the building door access control system for police. 26th, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) liangqing branch from the Public Security Bureau of Nanning City confirmed that a man surnamed Huang did clash with police. At present, the police have established a working group to investigate until after the facts are clear, according to law and according to the rules for processing, must not take sides.

Liangqing district Tianzhu Sena district, Nanning city, surging on news that an informed owners, July 24, Huang after socializing outside of a home, residential property owners. In the district, building 3, door, wearing helmets and carrying riot shields Police called Hwang, asked him to help open the access control system. Hwang was drinking, "plus others you are welcome to talk", Huang refused to open doors for civilian police. Birth mother for the first time to victims of

Guangxi TV station broadcast a monitor screen displays, 24th 0:52, Hwang and several police at about the same time came to 3 door. At this point, already has a police car parked at the scene.

For more than 10 seconds, a member of the police takes yellow arm, yellow to get away from him and pointing a camera saying a few words. Subsequently, several police Huang, pushed to the ground and punched and kicked. Afterwards, Huang was taken to a police station, Sha Tin, until 5 o'clock in the morning to go home.

These owners said the night of the incident, 3, 17/f, couple conflict, several police officers had police, clashed with Hwang is to reinforce the police.

The District Manager of a land named said, personnel have not received notification to open the door of the police on duty on the day of the news.

Liangqing branch of Nanning municipal Public Security Bureau, a staff member said, on July 24, the Bureau received complaints, saying in liangqing district built Senna community day surnamed Huang men clashed with police. After receiving the report, Bureau leaders attach great importance to and discipline inspection, inspectors, legal system and other parts of the Organization immediately set up a special working group to investigate the incident. At present, the event is to check for further investigation, after the facts are clear, the public security organ will be processed according to the rules, must not take sides.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Anyang Henan province after a flood wall is real estate advertising don t buy

Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising:

Xu Jia GOU, Anyang country village disaster occurred after a real estate advertisement on the wall, "not to buy a house in the town, all in vain. "

Anyang, according to radio and television broadcasting centre official Micro-Blog @ Anyang broadcasting messages, heavy rain RAID, some rural roads in Henan Anyang linzhou County West, interrupt, communication interruption, houses were washed away. Xu Jia GOU, Anyang has just experienced floods the country village of disaster occurred after a real estate advertisement on the wall, "not to buy a house in the town, all in vain. "Journalists to verify, released after the flood of advertising, advertising company said that after review, entirely legal. Guangzhou a 4 years spent 200 000 for the elderly

Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising: Anyang, Henan province, after a flood wall is real estate advertising:

Xu Jia GOU, Anyang country village site after the disaster.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hubei welfare House young man wounded old man to death police psychiatric

Yunmeng County in xiaogan city, Hubei Province, on July 18 to the surging news broke said on July 15, Pu Wu Zhen, Yunmeng County public welfare home an old man with young men killed. Political section July 19 Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Yuan Ziyuan suspects have been detained, and at present is to cooperate with the police investigation into psychiatric evaluation.

Zhang Mr provides to surging news of cover has xiaogan city Yunmeng County, judicial Council Wu Pu judicial by seal of mediation agreement displayed, July 15 5:30 Xu, Wu Pu town orphanage dependent personnel Yuan Ziyuan (male, October 15, 1988 was born, Wu Pu town Wu Pu community people) and Zhang Jurong (female, Han, September 11, 1941 was born, Wu Pu town Wang Qiao Cun, five group people) occurred disputes, Yuan Ziyuan will Zhang Jurong wounded, led Zhang Jurong sent hospital treatment invalid death. Pu Wu Zhen auspices of the Government of the people's Mediation Committee mediation, Zhong-Zhen Pu Wu Zhen orphanage home assistance we offer families of 60,000 yuan.

Pu Wu, Yunmeng County, the Mayor of xiaohuiming confirmed to the news the surging real mediation agreement, he said, Yuan Ziyuan is Pu Wu Zhen, an orphan, Yunmeng County, parents have died, only one uncle. Yuan Ziyuan was pyramid control beat stimulation has been silent, finally decided to make it into the town government institutions. On July 15, Zhang Jurong wounded during labor.

Xiaohuiming says, Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau is currently on file for investigation, detained Yuan Ziyuan, is currently under psychiatric evaluation. Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau surging political section tells news, Yunmeng County Public Security Bureau of Interpol in the investigation, filing results will be determined according to the suspect's psychiatric evaluation results. Fitness personal training chaos the fastest 7

Hubei welfare House young man wounded old man to death, police: psychiatric evaluation

Cover the Yunmeng County in xiaogan city judicial Bureau Wu Pu seal of Justice mediation agreement. Mr Zhang Jurong family photo.

Friday, July 15, 2016

After a 4 year old boy from a fence put in Jiangxi Province died to visit relatives

After a 4 year old boy from a fence put in Jiangxi Province died: to visit relatives, the police have been involved

From a tragedy. Southern Metropolis daily

@ Southern Metropolis news on July 15, according to explosive material, said shortly after 7 o'clock today, Jiangxi County is located in the famous family tragedy community scene: a 4 year old boy falling from the six-floor, unfortunately, fell to the ground floor on the fence, fence wore off, a child died on the spot. Three counties in Guangxi lending difficult to

The relationship between child and community residents is the nephew, which just two days to visit relatives. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Tongliao a Deputy Director of the police station were killed suspect sibling

Tongliao, a Deputy Director of the police station were killed: suspect

Shi Jie, Inner Mongolia mediation room of the police station. Xinhua information chart

On July 11, tongliao city, Inner Mongolia, horqin district Party Committee propaganda Department reported that Shi Jie, Deputy Director of the police station in the jurisdiction during the case, Yu Shi Jie du Wenjie of suspect shot and killed in front of the police station. 11th, surging News (www.thepaper.CN), Shi Jie police station confirmed that the arrested suspect du Wenjie, another local police.

Tongliao, a Deputy Director of the police station were killed: suspect

Photo was circulating on the Internet of the scene of the shooting.

Previously, local people familiar with surging news, Shi Jie station shooting: a policeman with a gun after killing another policeman to escape.

Surging News confirmed the arrest of a text-only version of display: 10:40 P.M. July 10, police in horqin Shi Jie du Wenjie shot police package, suspect du Wenjie fugitive, guns have been recovered. Zhangbei officials as impoverished area protect

According to people familiar with the saying, before the packages which make up that area have a place bet in question, so to case, du Wenjie Casino in question deal with the process and conflicts, gunmen killed by du. At present, the accurate term for this detail has yet to be confirmed by the police.

Shi Jie station staff to a surging News confirmed that du Wenjie of the horqin district of tongliao city keerqin police criminal suspects, and Shi Jie, Deputy Director of the police station for all "peers". At present, both sides are due in the handling process to deal with Casino the conflict in question, as well as issues such as source of the firearm involved, are still under investigation.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

By sending rebates soliciting girl source of showmanship Sanya seafood processing

Xinhuanet, July 7 in Sanya, Sanya City tourism, industry and Commerce and other departments formed a joint investigation team, 6th night of first farmers ' market in Sanya city seafood restaurants around selling and processing businesses to conduct blitz enforcement inspection, seizing suspected of bribery, false advertising, price fraud, seafood processing shop of unsanitary food premises 3, relevant bureaux and departments have 3 stores were to initiate an investigation. 3 requirements for public officials in Henan province

According to reports, Sanya seafood processing mainly concentrated around the first farmers ' market, many "soliciting women" attract patrons, complaints of fraud scams occurred. On July 6, the comprehensive improvement of unannounced visits to groups in recent days by Sanya tourism market investigations report, the joint investigation team 4 law enforcement group in the first market that many "soliciting women" take diners to a-Mei, a small fish, visitors to remember 3 seafood processing shop, law enforcement officers conducted surprise checks, rebate bills bills, seized more than one record.

Law enforcement officers found at the scene, 3 seafood processing outside the shop except for commercial bribery, health status of dirty, in violation of food safety law 33rd, a variety of provisions, while also exist to varying degrees the alleged false advertising, price fraud and other illegal activities. According to Mei seafood processing shop owner statement, by way of issuance of rebate "soliciting women" to attract tourists, issuing rebates from 40% to 50%.

Food and Drug Administration ordered a-Mei in Sanya city seafood processing shop, small fish, visitors or business for rectifications, joint fact-finding Group investigation of 3 seafood processing shop, travel Office investigating police officers in connection with violations committed. 1 investigating the site alleged it's, aquatic flow of unlicensed vendors were banned, and for businesses to conduct an investigation of its undertakings.