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Investigation ten elderly community selling spaces costing more than when house

Investigation | ten elderly community selling spaces, costing more than when house prices

Some downtown areas of old district parking is relatively cheap, at 20.3 million Yuan. Surging materials

"A small underground parking spaces developers open outcry 330,000 yuan each, the prawns than Qingdao also! "Recently, the Shanghai Pudong district lianyang community owners complain.

Owners say their community is built in 03, 04, and old community, spaces are leased from developers before, the rent of 400 Yuan. More recently, developers suddenly going door to door to inform, said the original spaces will no longer rent, all for sale, price of 330,000 yuan.

"Why should we wait for community delivery of 10 years after selling spaces? "The owner was very confused," our community has been very old, 03, 04, at the opening price, but three thousand or four thousand, a House is more than 300,000 now, one parking space will be 330,000 and expensive than a House! "

Owners said that vehicles not much compared with 10 years ago, and now almost every family has a car parking is a must-have, the developers selling parking spaces at this time, they feel kind of hoarding and price hike.

Surging news contact the community sales office, Sales Office said the community originally underground spaces for rent lease will expire next month, when these spaces will no longer rent, all for sale, regardless of location and size of all 330,000 yuan each.

"The issue of a total of 600 parking spaces, number 1200 households from the owners. More nervous the second phase, currently only 30 parking spaces, wants to buy more than more than 100 property owners, when the time comes to Lottery. "The sales department said parking area of 27-30 square metres, after owners buy spaces required recertification of the original title deed get transaction Center, the new cards will be make up the production permit parking area.

In fact the community owners come across is not uncommon.

Mr Wong said the public, his bridge in Pudong district, 09 House parking space price of 30,000 Yuan by 2012 rising to 68,000 yuan, currently at 168,000 yuan. But as more vehicles, owners have to choose between paying parking spaces.

Surging News learned that selling spaces needs to be filed to the housing management Department currently developers, but for the price there is no approval requirements.

Centaline said Zhang Hongchao, Zhenning Rd Branch Manager, for the development of early community parking ratio is generally low, low 0.5:1, less, causing rents and prices high. "In the spaces on the sales, some developers will cover a cover, rental, home delivery after a number of years, put up for sale. " Official read Deaton award his consumption poverty

Shanghai Developer Marketing Director said that according to relevant regulations, developers only after getting the property for off licence, to sell parking spaces, often wait until the property for delivery.

For equity considerations, developers, and all houses sold, after the owners were all staying, will sell spaces. Parking ratio below 1:1, owner of a House can only purchase one parking space parking ratio is above 1:1, a house owner could buy two spaces. "We located in Baoshan great buildings, spaces cost about 180,000 yuan, is now sold out. "

In the downtown area, rental of parking spaces, are more expensive.

According to Zhang Hongchao introduction, of parking spaces in downtown Shanghai area are currently strained, commonly used for parking spaces for rent rent can reach 1200 Yuan a month, selling prices of parking spaces in 40.5 million Yuan, some high-end residential prices to reach 60.8 million Yuan. "This depends on location and property, location, building new parking prices will be more expensive. Some downtown areas of old district parking is relatively cheap, at 20.3 million Yuan. "Zhang Hongchao said, for high-end real estate, parking ratio is generally high, the highest community at 1:1.5, but many of these high-end residential owners ' families tend to have several cars, so even if it's a high ratio of parking spaces, but still difficult to change spaces in situations of tension, price qugao.

Shanghai xuhui, a luxury property developers said, because it is a high end real estate, project spaces in their ratio is high, at 1:1.1, currently spaces there is no sale, but is expected to cost about 800,000 yuan, "it is the market price. "

Centaline said Lu Wenxi, an analyst, a city parking prices are so high, mainly caused by the relationship between supply and demand, a city housing prices were expensive, family car ownership is also higher, and some families have more than one car, so even at a higher ratio of 1:1 is not enough, and spaces in the Center itself is nervous, so developers can be "strong". Some proportion of community spaces to do a 1:1, it would have been more popular.

As prices increase, used-car prices also rising.

Shanghai chain market research department director Lu Qilin said, a case study of Jing ' an district, Li to Gong, the community property rights of underground spaces is a single sale in 45.55 million Yuan, spaces when buying price of 15.2 million Yuan, up nearly twice times more than 5 years.

It is easy to see in some downtown areas, under the influence of insufficient parking ratio, property prices of parking spaces is very rapid. From the parking price boom situation, in the event of Guangzhou "parking fees marketing" attempt will also result in insufficient parking space ratio of area rents rose sharply and eventually may even promote spaces for further rise in prices.

September 7, 2015, live built Department website public city parking facilities planning guide is, the guide is first clear, city parking supply total should in parking needs forecast of based Shang determine, planning population scale is greater than 500,000 people of city, motor vehicle parking spaces supply total should be control in motor vehicle keep volume of 1.1 to 1.3 times times Zhijian; planning population scale is less than 500,000 people of city, the proportion should be control in 1.1 to 1.5 times times Zhijian.

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Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong Mainland or down 30 is considering a Hong

Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong: Mainland or down 30% is considering a Hong Kong tour index

Hong Kong's tallest building, the sky 100 Mainland tourists viewing platform. CFP information Hot comments | stabbed the judge suspects the

Mainland tourist beaten to death impact of the incident on Hong Kong's tourism market began to take shape.

According to Xinhua in Hong Kong on October 28, Chairman of travel industry Council of Hong Kong Hu Zhaoying said in an interview recently, tour groups from the Mainland may occur up to a decrease of 30% in the near future, the Tourist Board was considering to visit Hong Kong for the Mainland College set target prices.

Hu Zhaoying said, in line with relevant mainland authorities to combat zero or negative charge tour problems, travel industry Council of Hong Kong are actively formulating travel agency "price" as the performance target price, in choosing a package tour visitors from the Mainland provides market information.

"In the laws of Hong Kong, that is allowed under the fair competition regulations, we will consider launching a quarterly price indices and market reference price. "

Hu Zhaoying said price will be an indicator of reminds consumers suggested that was a market information. For example, he said, if the target price set at $ 1000 (about 820 Yuan), travel agencies charge HK $ 950 (about 779 Yuan), this $ 50 (about 41 Yuan) gap doesn't matter, but not as low as 200 Hong Kong dollars (about 164) quote appears on the market.

He said that in order to combat the black sheep in the industry, the National Tourism Administration launched in July this year, the tourism business service information management procedures (trial implementation), and published the first blacklist of travel agencies, tour guides, etc. Although Hong Kong does not have a similar system of blacklists, but travel agents after being found guilty of breaching, in addition to the fines, a travel agency membership may be suspended or revoked, as well as online.

Hu Zhaoying is expected in mid-November, tour groups from the Mainland may occur up to a decrease of 30% in the near future.

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Exam enrollment passing average competition ratio of 1 39 million people 46

Exam enrollment passing average competition ratio of 1.39 million people 46:1 the five-year minimum

Photo: CFP

After a 10-day registration period, 2016-Central Agency civil service exam registration has been successfully concluded. According to statistics, the total 1.998 million times online registration and 1.3946 million through the employer's qualification, fell by 14,400 to 1.409 million last year, down by 1%.

15,659 posts are available in State civil service exam this year, representing increases of 16%, plans to recruit 27817, representing increases of about 25%, position number and plan number of hire are at record highs. But last year dropped a 100,000 applications this year, candidates compete over the same period last year to an average of 58:1 down to 46:1, lowest in nearly 5 years.

Worth noting is that in 2015, the central organ of the public in May this year the selection and the public of selected public service announcement clearly pointed out that civil servants can no longer participate in the exam registration. Exam which is only open to people outside the system, is no longer within the system of promotion channels.

According to the China Youth daily reported, civil service examination Peng Zhongbao, Deputy Director of the Division stated that "candidates will be more rational": social media career in the civil service in recent years with the increased number of reports, analyses, candidates for civil service careers to understand further. But recruiting agencies for recruitment job description more specific eligibility conditions set in more detail. "Candidates to learn more about the civil service career and work requirements and other aspects of nature, reduced follow the registration of candidates, the blind candidates. "

The exam registration reflects the recruiting base tilt feature. 2015 exam announcement was a clear reference in the western areas and harsh frontier posts, grass-roots and specialized positions, designated minimum pass mark would be preferential policies. Test of grass-roots civil-service jobs of this set is excellent in this guide instead. Gansu province ren and du Mai Health Director

2016 exam (about) all positions below to recruit college graduates, 2016 exam County positions, 12,051 positions open grass-roots work experience total recruiting 22290, County 88% the number of hire, graduates may apply. Through the eligibility conditions at the county level to grass-roots units to post an increase in the number of applicants compared to the previous year.

As in previous years, exam registration, one side is "an army bridge" competition days on one side are several interested, job candidates registered for the "hot and cold" inequality is the norm. Shanghai exit-entry frontier inspection station of frontier inspection station post of clerk the number of applicants for this year's highest of 5559 people. Is the most competitive human resource and Social Security Department of post of China employment training technical instruction Center at the skills competition, competition is better than 2,847:1. The two positions to apply for fewer restrictions, academic requirements are limited to undergraduate, grass-roots experience are not limited.

In today's morning press conference held by the Ministry of human resources and social security, spokesman for the Ministry of human resources and social security this year, Li pointed out that candidates become more rational, get together to apply for job vacancies are gradually reduced. Previously head of the civil service examination Division also pointed this out to the people's daily, organ posts at the central level is set too broad is greatly reduced, which reduces some of the posts the number of applicants is too concentrated, there five thousand or six thousand people vying for a position.

Meanwhile, the competition less than 3:1 over more than 2000 jobs this year, 131 139 jobs plan without any examination or no one to pass a qualifying examination, these positions are mainly distributed in primary front-line law enforcement jobs and meteorological, geological and other highly specialized social talents, fewer positions in the stock. Heilongjiang entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau for example has 3 positions, Hebei provincial Meteorological Bureau has 17 posts, candidates registered for the number is zero.

With the registration for the curtain falls, drums will sound an exam. This year the "exam" will also step up efforts to combat cheating in exams. In recent years, the largest exam cheating with each passing day, organization and means more obvious. Adopted in August this year in the revised Penal Code, the civil service entrance examination cheating in the country, included in the criminal, can lead to the imposition of a maximum three to seven years ' imprisonment and a fine.

While civil service reminders in the next exam, pass a qualifying examination candidates who don't miss the online registration confirmation from November 2 to November 7, the time. Candidates selected to log on from November 23 to November 29 test test Web sites download and print your admission ticket. Central Government departments will be further strengthened and the central network, public security, industry, education and other sectors of cooperation, crack down on cheating in exams.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Today s local news select list cost 140 000 Yangzhou fried rice tossed 3 773

"Yangzhou" set Guinness world record of the Yangzhou fried rice have been thrown into the garbage truck

On October 23, Yangzhou 4192 kilograms of "best fried" refresh the Guinness Book of world records, which caught the attention of a lot of people, but of even greater concern is that the outcome of the biggest fried was thrown into the garbage truck.

This think is unfortunate enough. It is said that the "biggest fried" raw material prices only about 140,000 yuan, organizers so when the rubbish away.

25th, Yangzhou Tourist Bureau to notify the verification results, recognizing the total weight is about 150 kg rice were sent to farms, the rest of the fried rice in the day of the event has been sent to the receiving unit as originally planned.

Organizers also have their own explanations. Organizers said that in the course of actual events, found more than 4 hours if part time, not fit for human consumption. Can't eat fried rice is used as kitchen waste sent to feed pigs. Hong Kong ATV shares bought by Qingdao Enterprise

Such activities of wasting food is not good in the future.

"Hunan" Hunan kill Division a 15 years old student stabbed a teacher to death

Hunan three students killed on October 18 after a female teacher, 22nd, recurrence of cases of minor student kills teacher in Hunan province.

Student Liang MOU concerned only two months into the school, 15 years old. Last name of the deceased Qin, 25 years old this year, is responsible for logistics, taking into account the door check is responsible for night sleep.

Yuelu district, Changsha city, in a door of the business Learning Institute, Dr a a teacher stabbed to death with a paring knife. And things turned out to be the cause of Qin lay teachers check found that Leung and others not in the quarters, Qin after teachers and others in the neighborhood Internet cafes to find Yang, 6 students.

Are underaged, and Internet cafes. October 18 in shaodong, Hunan province, minors killed female teachers is also a minor, the youngest was only 11 years old, three children are addicted to the Internet world. A barrage of similar incidents of juvenile crime, the reflection of what links should be.

"Hong Kong and Macau" Macau Hong Kong Ferry collision about cuts

According to Hong Kong radio news reported on 25th, a jetfoil from Macao to Hong Kong in the evening on the way, hit the floating at the surface, the hull into the water, and preliminary estimates that about 100 people were injured.

An accident is a turbojet "Sea King Star", the Hong Kong Marine Department received a report at about 6 o'clock in the afternoon, a boat carrying 163 passengers and 11 crew members from Macau to Hong Kong high speed craft in the waters off Siu a Chau for accidents, and lost power.  

After the incident, a large number of police and ambulance personnel assisted at the dock. The injured victims were sent in batches by a police launch to Central Government Pier, it was put on oxygen masks by stretcher into an ambulance.   Some still wear a life jacket, and head injuries.

Passengers said the confusion on the ship after the incident. Passenger Ms Lin said: "I am playing call, but all of a sudden BAM a loud hit the boat, threw up, lights off, then the lights open, after everything, he fell, no nothing. Suddenly, some people slept. Nervous, but I've left some elderly people on the ground, and some fainted. "

"Shanxi" 3,773 24 hours not be released pigeons in Shanxi, XI ' an

On October 23 8:46 A.M., Shanxi taigu flying from participation in competition of 3,773 Xiang pigeons, after 24 hours was not a feather pigeon homing success. Pigeon fanciers believe that flying the same day, earthquake of Huozhou in Shanxi and other places should be the main reason causing zero homing pigeons.

24th at 10 o'clock in the morning, in Xian Mayor An Qudong Wu Cun a between homes in, days sword Cheung feather pigeon homes of high Mr said, about a week Qian, he and Changan around area hundreds of pigeon friends, common registration participate in has by terrestrial pigeon Association held of 500 km pigeon competing Cheung events, entries pigeon altogether 3,773 only, are is terrestrial pigeon Association members and the around area pigeon friends of pigeon, also are is quality seed, many pigeon in national and the provinces level game in the get had very good of results.

Mr Gao said everyone was deeply surprised and disturbed, 24 hours later, still homing is zero, this is unique in the history of pigeons flying in Shaanxi Province.

In the Shanxi seismic network query, on October 23, had numerous very small earthquake in Shanxi province, one of the largest in Huozhou 1.6 magnitude earthquake 23rd 7:06. Pigeon fanciers introduced Huozhou flying pigeons return to Xian must pass through, "we judge the earthquake should be the main factor leading to zero-homing pigeons. "

"Changchun" heating start day PM2.5 table burst "fog"

25th, people living in Changchun City, Jilin province this fall for the first time in the "four hazes v" micro-circle of friends social media is "Wonderland" maxed. Someone sent regrets, "finally came to come."

Changchun China became at the date of the letter of "fog". Real-time data according to the Environmental Protection Department released 25th, at 10 o'clock, Changchun City air quality index (AQI) 452, near the "blast form" PM2.5 concentration reached 502502 µ g/m ³, ranked first among the nation's worst urban air quality.

Seriously is that smog attacks not just in Changchun, capital of Jilin. Jilin provincial Observatory 5:46 25th haze Orange warning was issued, the next 24 hours, Central, South of Changchun, songyuan siping, liaoyuan, tonghua North to have haze. Meteorological Department issued a warning, should reduce outdoor activities in the general population, children, the elderly and vulnerable groups should avoid going out.

Worth noting is that Changchun the day start date of official release 2015-2016-heating. Meteorological experts, gradually into the static stability of the atmosphere combined with the heat of the Northern Enterprise coal, automobile exhaust emission factors leading to smog, farmers burned straw emerged and intensified.

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Putin on air strike Syria decision childhood experiences taught me obliged to

Putin on air strike Syria decision: childhood experiences taught me

Putin youth wrestling.

Russia late September in Syria to launch air strikes, prompting Syria to civil war situation conducive to Russia's change in direction. Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed on 22nd, which aimed at active decisions with his childhood experiences have a lot of relationships. ang i on r s visit to merica looking forward to

The day in Sochi "valdai" when you answered the questions experts at the annual meeting of the Club, Putin focused on Syria and the fight against terrorism, and shared a childhood in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) the experience gained: "50 years ago, the streets of Leningrad, taught me one thing--if fights inevitable, you must do it yourself. "

United States news aggregator site BuzzFeed journalist makesi·saideng words translated from Russian into English.

Reuters believes that this may explain as President Putin today is how to understand contemporary international political struggle.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mr LEUNG Chun ying Hong Kong property prices are falling tourists visiting Hong

Mr LEUNG Chun-ying: Hong Kong property prices are falling, tourists visiting Hong Kong worrying

On December 30, 2013, and residential areas. According to a survey released by Savills shows that Hong Kong property prices in ten cities such as London, New York and Tokyo topped CFP information

Rising home prices made it Hong Kong is is one of the world's most expensive House, but now the situation is changing.

On October 22, the Hong Kong SAR LEUNG Chun-ying, the Chief Executive's question and answer session of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong on the same day, said Hong Kong's primary market and secondary market prices have started to fall, the Government measures to curb prices are having an effect. Leung Chun-ying, said the Government was determined to solve the housing problem.

He also said that Hong Kong's economic structure must be adjusted, reduced number of visitors to a worrying trend in the near future.

Mr LEUNG Chun-ying said last month (September) visitor numbers compared to the previous year fell by 4%, for Hong Kong's tourism and retail industries set alarm bells ringing.

On September 1, LEUNG Chun-ying told the media that, the decline in number of visitors to Hong Kong and retail sales data are a number of factors, and stressed the "easier to treat difficult."

According to the data released by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, the 2015 national day Golden Week holidays, visitors to Hong Kong increased by 1.5% over a year ago, mainland tourists to a total of about 1.12 million visitors, a slight increase from a year earlier to 2.3%.

Although the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong rose, but Hong Kong's retail sales fell sharply. According to the findings of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association on October 6, 2015, 11 golden week, Hong Kong retail sales plunged nearly 40% for Hong Kong in 2003 fell during this period for the first time since the open and free.

On October 22, LEUNG Chun-ying also warned that tourism drops may directly affect the employment situation. In addition, the slowdown in the Chinese economy and an uncertain economic recovery in Europe and America, have a large impact on the economy of Hong Kong. He called on Hong Kong people not to underestimate the economic risks, always be prepared. Deputy Wang Yongchun General Manager of PetroChina

Mr LEUNG Chun-ying: Hong Kong property prices are falling, tourists visiting Hong Kong worrying

Leung Chun-ying, the Chief Executive of the HKSAR. CFP information

JPMorgan's enterprise and Liang Qitang, head of Hong Kong research at real estate Research Department said in a report, luxury store closures would atrophy in the retail market, coupled with expectations of rising unemployment will hit real estate sales.

Liang Qitang expected, Hong Kong residential property prices may be beginning in 2016 dropped from 5% to 10%. But because demand remains strong, prices for new housing in 2015 will be increased by 5% in the second half, while housing prices are likely to rise 10%.

Spend time further, UBS (UBS) predicted that Hong Kong property prices will fall by the end of 2017 about result. Since 2003, the Hong Kong house prices had risen 340%.

Pessimism not just research institutions. Real estate one of the four families of Hong Kong Henderson land Chairman Lee Shau-Kee, said recently that as more supply in the future, each of the next two years Hong Kong's housing market could fall by about 5%.

Lyon has recently issued a report saying Hong Kong's housing market deteriorates, doubling the stamp duty for property demand fell to a one-year low, many developers began to enroll under the real estate scheme. The Bank estimated that Hong Kong residential property prices in the fourth quarter of this year dropped to 2%, the next 27 months, totalling callback 17%.

In order to curb property prices from rising too fast, starting in October 2012, the Hong Kong SAR Government to stamp duty limit foreign buyers to purchase residential property, non-permanent residents of Hong Kong and all of the company's home buyers have to pay double or 15% buyer stamp duty, directly increasing the cost of home buyers are not Hong Kong permanent residents.

Hong Kong residential prices higher stamp duty is not a small expense.

Developer on behalf of the non-permanent Hong Kong residents and companies in order to attract buyers, launched the "reset the preferential payment of Hong Kong" programme, which includes "ad valorem stamp duty allowances" 7% discount price, as well as "buyer stamp duty allowances" 8.5% discount price, total discount price of up to 15.5%.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hunan villagers detained 25 baiyujian collections the experts the expropriation

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) on October 17, scoop, Bai Yang Tian Zhen Wanli village, linxiang in Hunan Pan Xinming reflects 25 years ago, his father Pan Zehuang being reported "reselling cultural relics", more than 100 pieces of the collection held by the linxiang Public Security Bureau. Wang Yuliang, Deputy Director in charge of this matter the Council responded that when police did not initiate an investigation on the matter, Museum of linxiang seized items are transferred in the same year, are no longer returned to the individual.

Raised concerns after the report was published, some netizens questioned "why not party to initiate an investigation if suspected of reselling cultural relics? "," Do not have a collection? "。

At this point, Member of national cultural relics Bureau, the Shanghai Museum researcher Xu Yongxiang, Zhou Litai lawyer Zhou Litai, a lawyer in Chongqing Chongqing and Western lawyer Hou Liang, surging to the press expressed their views.

Views: deprivation of rights of private collection items of law enforcement

Zhou Litai surging told news, back the cause conflict, should be "reselling cultural relics" this fact is not clear. He said that after the police received a report, first make sure Pan Zehuang collections "are cultural relics", it is not the police and museums in charge, identified professional organizations should be invited and, secondly, to investigate whether the country of origin legally.

Linxiang Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Wang Yuliang on October 17 at that time "does not investigate" response to surging News says, "there was no (investigation), he certainly exists to resell, but does not set up, not be further pursued. "

In this regard, Zhou Li really think, linxiang year police investigation confirmed the facts before they seized in full from other collections, is a violation of procedure for handling.

Xu Yongxiang suggested, speculation crimes (including reselling cultural relics), cancelled in the late 90 's, police on suspicion of scalping, linxiang arrest Pan Zehuang personal items of cultural relics, there is no legal basis. According to the law, private collection of all legitimate sources of heritage, then, need to investigate is whether Pan Zehuang collection of source of illegal antiquities, local police seized other items if not investigations, are denied the right items in private collections, the Department of law enforcement. Breaking News

Hou Liang from the application of the criminal law analysis, 1990, 1979 version of the code of criminal procedure law shall be applicable. According to the method fifth section "seized evidence, and documentary" of related provides, in inspection, and search in the found of available to proved accused guilty or innocence of various items and file, should seized; and case has nothing to do of items, and file, shall not seized; for seized of items, and file, and mail, and telegraph, by identified does and case has nothing to do of, should quickly returned origin or original posts and telecommunications organ.

Therefore, Hou Liang believes that even Pan Zehuang linxiang when the police investigation, has nothing to do with the case articles should be quickly returned to their original owners.

View b: sources of civil law legal heritage collection

Pan Xinming said that the items his father was almost more than 20 years ago, sugar cakes in local villages and villagers in Exchange for. He said: "we had no money at that time, my father is a farmer, did not know which items are artifacts, just because you enjoy collections at home. "

Linxiang Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Wang Yuliang, a jade brush pot in the seized items were included in the national heritage preservation, museums had previously told police that seized items not suitable for personal collection, has been vested in the Museum.

Xu Yongxiang told the word news, cultural relics, State administration of cultural heritage on a definition of something in the past, broad scope, so far, no clear definition. According to the current legal regulations, private law collections all legitimate sources of goods, even Pan Zehuang jade brush pot is the national heritage preservation, or from private collections. Therefore, as long as legal, Pan Zehuang collections that belong to the personal items.

Zhou Litai and Hou Liang said, citizens may, in accordance with the collection artifacts have a legitimate source. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on cultural relics protection, heritage collection units other than the citizens, legal persons and other organizations can be made through collection of artifacts: inherited according to law or accept the donation, purchased from antique shops from operating the auction of cultural relics auction companies to buy; individual legal heritage of all exchanged or transferred in accordance with law; state-mandated by other lawful means. Heritage collection units other than the citizens, legal persons and other organized collections of cultural relics in the preceding paragraph shall flow.

In addition, Xu Yongxiang said that cultural relics in private collections can be transferred, auctioned or in other ways to others. Linxiang city, museums should not receive that year local police illegal seizure of personal belongings, museums receive program must be complete.

Museum of linxiang surging News October 16, 17th, made several phone calls this morning were unanswered. 17th, surging a duty officer told the news of the Museum, Museum is aware of these events are currently being informed, do not know why.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Lijiang related wine support bar was closed down the official strive to keep

During the national day Golden Week, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) to Lijiang ancient town the first time "wine holding" phenomenon investigations investigation and publication of reports on October 6. In this regard, Lijiang city official responded that due to lack of evidence, the investigation "wine holding" unable to advance. After a 10-day (October 16), the turbulent news during the second based on unannounced visits to investigation, again published the Lijiang wine support survey ︱ official action plan is still rampant, whether wine "thousand Yuan to accompany sleep".

16th noon, Lijiang municipal propaganda active contact surging News said, for surging news of reported, Lijiang municipal Municipal Government very attention, Lijiang exists slaughter guest bully guest, problem, was NTA warning Hou, Lijiang city established has special regulation led group, points 5 a special regulation group, each group by one Deputy Mayor led, found to a punishment a home, in half within strive to ensure 5 a, level tourism scenic of brand.

To be interviewed by the police and journalists to submit evidence

On October 16, after published reports, the surging Lijiang city, journalists contacted the police. Gucheng district, Lijiang Old Town Municipal Public Security Bureau branch station, surging journalists told police about the unannounced visits to all, I turned in "wine supporting female" micro-signals, chats, phone number, and so on, the police made a record.

Surging journalists wanted to provide a second unannounced visits to all of the evidence, the police said "project will contact you," but until the 16th, at 17 o'clock still no project associated with surging news.

16th at 16 o'clock, Lijiang city, Office of Tourism Development Committee Director Wang Lihui, surging to the news asking for investigations of video, audio, chat, telephone number and other relevant evidence, the surging news provided, they did not say.

Previously, on October 13, said the surging City police contact, surging hopes to provide the news for the first time make unannounced visits "wine holding" evidence to help them solve the case. That night, the surging information submitted when you first unannounced visits to the city police station "wine support" phone numbers, weak signal, consumer lists, pay credit card credentials and chats, and briefly discusses the investigations when passing by.

On October 14, the old city police station said the surging again contact, there is lack of reporting materials, requires journalists to be interviewed turned over. 15th, journalists for the first time, make unannounced visits to the surging after detailing, and fingerprints on the records, turned over to the city police station, the other said it would make legislative Office.

Pubs involved, led by the Deputy Mayor

On October 16, at 11 o'clock, after the report was released, Lijiang ancient town protection authority sealed the reports involved "Incubus" bar, and affix the seal.

Lijiang-related Lijiang-related

Concerned "Beijing Youth" as well as the second investigations involved "Incubus".

Journalists found in Lijiang ancient city visited the surging, initial investigations involved "If snow sunny view" bar and "Beijing Youth" bar, and the second undercover investigation involved "Incubus", two unannounced visits to three bars, are in the closed state.

16th noon, Lijiang municipal propaganda contact surging News said, for surging news of reported, Lijiang municipal Municipal Government very attention, Lijiang exists slaughter guest bully guest, problem, was NTA warning Hou, Lijiang city established has special regulation led group, points 5 a special regulation group, each group by one Deputy Mayor led, found to a punishment a home, in half within strive to ensure 5 a, level tourism scenic of brand, "hope you to we half of time".

At 14:30, related departments in Lijiang, Lijiang City Municipal Tourism Commission convening conferences, surging Lijiang municipal party Committee propaganda Department invited journalists attending. Participating departments Lijiang Lijiang city, the Tourism Commission, the industrial and commercial sector, Lijiang, Lijiang ancient town protection authority, the public security organs, and so on.

At the meeting, said Tang Jiaqiong, Deputy Director of the tourism authority, Lijiang city, by March 2016, to problems of rectification within the time stipulated in the National Tourism Administration warned, and strive to ensure that scenic Lijiang 5 a the sign.

Wine care trick has not changed, get lost Breaking News

In two times unannounced visits to Lijiang city "wine supporting" of process in the, surging news found, other to visitors identity, claimed alone just to Lijiang tourism, active greeted, and active asking for phone number, and active about met, then with into bar consumption, points meal to package mainly, and kept to continued wine, reached high consumption of purpose Hou, eventually pulled black lost contact, is "wine supporting" idiomatic of trick.

On October 3, when the first unannounced visits, in the "snow sunny view" bar, women active in half an hour continued alcohol consumption amounted to 1432, but women in addition to drink a cocktail, and the rest did not drink at all, and after journalists surging traffic separation schemes, also asked how much money spent through letter.

According to one insider, his friend in Lijiang's performing arts every month to each "wine holding" to pay 20,000 yuan of Commission.

On October 13, when second unannounced visits, the surging journalists in two batches, via the same name "Chen Yu" micro-signal about the results to a different woman, was brought into the same bar of the same consumer. Similarly, the waiter what wine is tuned wine, a bottle of wine could not be confirmed.

Two unannounced visits, the surging 10894 today news consumption.

Lijiang Inn owner, "said wine holding" Division of labor tight, mastering one of the micro-signals responsible for chatting with tourists, it is called "keyboards", may be the man. "Keyboard" will be informed of the information at their disposal to "wine support" from "wine holding" to act. Therefore, there are two "Chen Yu", is likely to be a "keyboard" to two tourist information, respectively to the two "wine support."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Revival of the concept of State owned enterprise reform unit the Shanghai composite

Internet, military-led sector also rose, the Shanghai composite index continued to climb on its 3,300 points. Zhu Weihui surge information

Experienced depression a day, on October 15, the a shares charge again, even legal hit Japan also failed to stop.

Earlier on the day, low in both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets open in the market thought that "Black Thursday" strikes again, the Shanghai composite index continued to climb 3,300 points, Internet, military-led sector also rose, rose pattern between the two cities. Up close, the Shanghai composite index at 3338.07 points, up 2.32%; the gem at 2404.53, up 4.32%.

Zoom in the deal between the two cities from the previous session, when sold for a total of 825.9 billion, 362.6 billion in Shanghai, 463.3 billion in Shenzhen. Total 137 stock trading between the two cities, only fell 7. Gem when 35 stock trading, 4 down.

Seen from the side, and Internet shares led the market, rising up in the afternoon near 7%, Eastern wealth, Thai Asia shares such as stock trading, Shun network technology more than 8%. And small-cap subjects overall upswing, banking, steel, insurance, oil and gas and other weight plate or relatively backward.

On October 14, Premier Li presided over a State Council Executive meeting decided to improve compensation mechanism for broadband telecom services in rural and remote areas, narrow the urban-rural digital divide; deployed to speed up development of rural business, promoting consumption by growing new formats improve people's livelihood and identify measures to promote the development of express and nurture new growth points of modern service industry.

News, broadband speed, mobile Internet stocks overall strength, agriculture-related e-commerce stocks market concern, huilong shares, produce, set share prices higher in the East.

The other hand, after several days led the concept of charging unit suffered shocks, while stabilizing in the afternoon, rose slightly less charging concept leading stock trading Shanghai potevio for the third consecutive trading day.

It is worth mentioning that the afternoon opening, renewed the concept of State-owned enterprises reform, sdic xinji, COFCO tunhe, into shares, Shanghai potevio, Changchun East, Luoyang glass stock trading, food, biochemistry, JI before the turbine shares, led by forestry and paper.

The same day, markets out of the message, State company pilot reform program has been State party and approved by the Board, the pilot reform programme overall mobilization meeting held on September 28, marking the company pilot reform started.

Joe forever, an analyst at guotai Junan securities said that State investment company approved by the pilot program marks the first investment company of both companies are State-owned capital has entered a practical stage, State-owned assets management from tube to tube on the shift of capital, has taken a big step again.

In addition, on October 13, the Central leading group for deepening reform on State-owned enterprises was considered and passed by the 17th meeting of function definition and classification guidelines (the opinion). According to the media was informed that the opinion is expected to be released within the next two or three weeks.

A-shares closed higher at the same time, the Asia-Pacific market rose pattern. As a-shares closed, Hong Kong's Hang Seng index jumped 2%; the Nikkei 225 index rose 1.15%; Korea rose 1.18%.

Since July, a share Thursday to maintain a strong pattern is rare, and why on the day rose again? Market indicators clearly showed obvious improvement in sentiment from 8 September.

1, the latest data showed last week, securities margin over five consecutive weeks of net outflows, achieved a net inflow of 68.4 billion yuan.

2, the balance of financing between the two cities continue to 5th consecutive rise. On October 14, the financing balance at 595.4 billion yuan in Shanghai, a net inflow of 3.1 billion yuan. SSE financing balances at 359.3 billion yuan, a net inflow of 2.3 billion yuan. The Group merged with public comments the shift

3, the gem back to 2,400 points, bounced back nearly 30% in 15 trading days, more than 75 times times earnings. Agency analysts to "embrace the Red October," "Love In Autumn" point of view come in October.

However, the peripheral markets underperformed, industry analysis of the factors leading to a-shares opened lower on the day. Overnight US stocks fell for a second day. The Dow at 16918.2 or 0.96%; NASDAQ index at 4784.83 or 0.25%.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thought raising a child too hard Beijing woman gave birth to a second child

Defendants go on trial suspected of intentional homicide.

Unwilling to support Beijing woman had just given birth to a baby boy in his hands on his neck, with a pair of scissors and other thorn in the body, falling on the floor, then put the baby in with garbage bags, discarded in community public trash bins. Baby boys subsequently was found by area residents, the hospital died. The morning of October 14, on suspicion of murder, tried in the Beijing second intermediate court.

25 million is a mother of two and a half years old. She is available to speak in court, in 2014, after the Spring Festival, she finds herself pregnant, raising children is too hard, and family economic pressure, do not want to have a second child, has not mentioned pregnancy to family matters. And she was busy taking care of children, nor took any notice of pregnancy.

On July 1, 2014, at 8 o'clock, in his bathroom gave birth to a baby boy. XXX statement said her umbilical cord with scissors after the reduction, the baby back to the bedroom, because children have amniotic fluid, slipped from her arms and knocked to the ground on the Mazar. She picked up the child, placed on a blanket, followed by barbecue threw bamboo sticks, and the baby's head. Children cried several voices, her neck with his hands on his baby boy, baby brain was also tied with scissors, and slam the boy twice.

"I can't control myself, mind blank, just don't want the child. "Crying in court, after the implementation of the above actions, red cloth for her baby boy, together with the clothes she wore, and toilet paper, diapers and so on thrown into the garbage bag. "Just like ordinary trash, throw it into the trash downstairs. "

Day 14 o'clock, area residents heard the trash "Meow" sound, after the cleaning lady open garbage bags, found a breath of baby boy died after taken to hospital. On July 29, 2014, Daxing branch seized by Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau arrested. Xiamen daily published an article summarizing

Branch of Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate second accused, accused certain natural birth a baby boy, due to the reluctance to raise the baby boy was left to his hands on his neck, with a pair of scissors and other acts such as thorn in his paw physically, fell on the floor, put the baby in with garbage after trash bags discarded in the community public trash bins, boy with severe brain injuries caused by death. Prosecutors believe, deliberately unlawful deprivation of a person's life, causing death, manslaughter investigation of his criminal responsibility.

In court, pleaded guilty. Her attorneys believe that forensic says boy died of head injury, but identified no instructions on the boy slipped from xxx knock in Mazar, and beaten, tied series, which kill more, which are more light. Therefore, according to the provisions of the criminal procedure law, should be interpreted in favour of the defendant, mitigation of punishment.

Defense attorneys also read out in court the husband issue a letter of understanding, want to be taken into account in sentencing. In understanding the book, someone's husband said, families with financial difficulties, taking into account the wife usually take care of the children is hard enough, expressed understanding for their actions. Also for children in need of care, needs a mother's care, wants the Court to give the defendant a reduced sentence.

In the final statement also expressed contrition, saying it only committed the crime due to weak legal knowledge, and families, and children in need of care, hoping to give their rehabilitation opportunities.

The case would choose a sentencing date.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

North huanghuai 5 days haze the experts recommended the strengthening of straw

On October 13, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Central meteorological observatory that, from 13th to 17th, North China, Huang-Huai and more haze, in part to heavy haze in the area will stage. Experts suggested that Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding area should initiate a regional heavy pollution weather emergency plan, strengthening emission control. Due to is now in the autumn harvest period, burning straw would increase air pollution, weather Experts recommends that further increase the supervision of straw burning ban.

The Central Meteorological Observatory chief forecaster He Lifu said, from 13th to 14th day, North, air pollution dispersion of Huang-Huai and other weather conditions worsening haze may occur. These areas will be light to moderate, southern Hebei, Shandong and other places in the North appeared to be heavily polluted. The night of 14th to 15th, affected by weak cold air, pollution in meteorological conditions improved slightly, haze slightly in Beijing and Tianjin, southern Hebei province and Huang-Huai haze continued.

"From 16th to 17th, with the increase of air humidity, North South, yellow-Huai River pollution, such as poor weather conditions will continue, with mild to moderate haze. "He Lifu said. South of Beijing, along the mountain areas in Central and southern Hebei Bureau will have the severe haze, the minimum visibility down to 1 km to 3 km. Above most areas will be moderate to severe pollution, serious pollution.

Starting from 17th night, cold air, pollution-meteorological condition will turn for the better, and haze in these areas will decrease from North to South.

According to the meteorological satellite remote sensing monitoring on October 11 at 17 o'clock, Henan, Shandong, Anhui and other places there were 14 fire. According to the judgement, the fire is the result of crop straw burning.

On October 9, the Department of environmental protection released a 2015 national crop straw burning in the summer, the Environmental Protection Department said Wang Dongqing, Deputy Secretary for the environment, monitoring, illegal burning straw still exists in some areas, or even straw burning fire points compared with a substantial increase in the phenomenon, pollution prevention and control situation is still not optimistic straw.

Meteorological and environmental satellites monitoring shows that average points per thousand hectares of arable land fire top 3 order of the provinces of Henan, Hebei and Shandong. "Have lunch with Warren Buffett" Zhu ye: I say

Said Wang Dongqing, the Environmental Protection Department will continue to strengthen the straw burning in the autumn of satellite remote sensing inspections monitoring and information dissemination, and the anti-air pollution supervision, increase the intensity of the assessment of crop straw burning pollution prevention and control work, to appear this fall crop straw burning fires increased rather than decreased compared with the previous year, and make a serious impact on air quality in the province (district, municipal) shall inform the public.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Su Da response to Zhu Dong Lin letter Professor Zhu well past retirement age

The night of October 11, retired professor of Suzhou University Zhu Donglin issued an open letter on the Internet means Su College of liberal arts subject to unfair treatment. Today 17:29, Suzhou University Press Center official micro-blog post article, Zhu Dong-Lin letter describing the problem, the following description full text: Korea successfully declared Confucianism woodcuts

Notes on part of the problem in an open letter to Professor Zhu Donglin

The night of October 11, appear online an article entitled ' the letter of Professor Zhu Donglin post, has fueled concerns. In this regard, the school attaches, quickly gathering relevant departments, institutes to investigate the problems reflected in the post verification. According to the preliminary findings, post questions related to school management services, as reflected in the following instructions.

First, on the issue of the retirement of Professor Zhu Donglin

Our existing staff retirement files Suzhou University retirement is based on the work of the interim measures (Sue (2006), 44th), in accordance with the interim measures of pH may be extended to retirement at age 65.

In the "Eleven-Five" period, in order to strengthen the training of teachers, our school has promulgated on 25 issues of strengthening construction of teachers team advises (Su (2006), 87th) and additional comments (Sue (2008), 39th). As one of the measures, tutor of the academic degree Committee of the State Council organization selects the retirement age to 70 years of age. With the "Eleven-Five" end of the building, our school in the 2011 rules and regulations in the cleanup process, clear will sue (2006), 87th, Sue (2008) 39th, abolished the two files. Therefore, the current tutor of retirement age are still Executive Sue (2006) 44th, provisions may be extended to the age of 65. For extending the retirement age and leave matters of the individual Professor, the school is based on the need of specialty construction, decided by the school.

Professor Zhu Donglin was born in June 1949, are now over the age of 65. In accordance with school staff retirement documents, had retired in early September this year notified the College of liberal arts and I go through formalities.

Second, on allocation of Professor Zhu Donglin's pay-for-performance

Reform of colleges in Jiangsu Province have implemented a pay-for-performance, our school as a University that would be larger and secondary distribution mechanisms. That is, the completion of assessment College teaching and research performance, and use it as a basis for allocating Academy Award performance pay, again by the College in accordance with the pay-for-performance scheme for secondary distribution. School pay-for-performance measures for its implementation has passed the Faculty Congress considered and discussed formally implemented, Institute merit pay plan has faculty Congress considered and discussed by the Institute have been properly implemented.

According to the investigation, in June 2015, Zhu Donglin, Professor in the school of Humanities meeting proposed docked his allocated one-time performance point bonus issues of teaching in schools. College leaders say, if you miss, a replacement as soon as possible. Ascertained on the day after the meeting, the College exists leakage problems, inter alia School of Professor Zhu Donglin, also involves four other teachers. Leakage of a main reason is the schools allocated to this one-time performance points reward several teachers teaching, Institute for secondary distribution are packaged in the year-end summary of teaching workload Super rewards, and these bonus items belonging to the new situation, the College failed to detect. To this end, the Academy organized a number of party-Government meeting, concrete ways to specifically discuss a replacement. With the 2013 reform of pay-for-performance teaching loads taken to hospital before the clearing and does not reward the principles of personal issue, it was agreed that, in accordance with the existing payment methods, and according to 2013 in Zhou, Qin, Professor of national quality video open class a one-time issuance of reward 20000 standard, accounting, replacement of several teachers, country by proportion leak the one-time bonus. College devoted to the finance working group meeting, informed of these measures, all representatives agreed, and formed a detailed meeting minutes record. 2015-end of the spring semester, Zhu Donglin Academy has been 2013-2014 leak-related labour costs by category, such as several teachers have them reissued phases from the Treasury into their pay check.

, Professor Wang served three-stage related requirements for use

March 2013, Zhu Donglin Professor personally to Suzhou University JI prison trial Office (now for discipline, and monitored at) reflect College of liberal arts Wang Dean using funding of about problem, school party discipline height attention, specifically organization audit personnel on Wang Dean July 2005 to December 2012 served during of economic responsibility for has full audit, no found disciplinary violations problem, this audit results also to Zhu Donglin Professor face to face for has informed, Zhu Donglin Professor at not said objections.

Four, Chairman of the academic Committee of

According to the Statute of the University academic Committee (Ministry of education, 35th), as well as the statutes of the University academic Committee in Suzhou (Su Wei (2015), 17th), in July this year, taught by more than 850 employees in the school elected the new school of 49 members of the Academic Council. In September, in accordance with the standard procedure for the nomination, election, etc, Wang was elected as Chairman of the academic Committee of the current session.

Wang and Zhu Donglin two professors are academics and influential scholars and well-known Professor of Suzhou University, the school will protect the legitimate rights and interests of each faculty, also welcome all school staff and students, all alumni and the community to continue monitoring and support.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lukashenko will use the Nobel Laureate Alekseevich pretending to forget her

Alekseevich received the Nobel Prize to Belarus literature is a major breakthrough. On October 10, the Belarus President election candidates, "European Belarus" leader Andrei Sannikov wrote in the guardian, Alekseevich is awarded the Nobel Prize for Belarus. 2010 Belarus elections, in competition with Alexander Lukashenko, Sannikov succumbing to second in the vote.

Today, on October 11, the Belarus presidential election again, if nothing else, those elected should also be Lukashenko. Before the election, one Belarus writer, a journalist critical of the Government was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, Sannikov said, "President Alexander Lukashenko will pass this award to be going his way, pretending to forget how his regime had suppressed Alekseevich. "

Nobel Laureate Alekseevich

Sweden Institute chose the most appropriate time to give a Belarus writer awarded the Nobel literature prize, chose the most suitable candidate – siweitelanna·aliekexieyeweiqi. Belarus under Alyaksandr Lukashenka's rule had its 21st year, is currently in the country's history the most severe period.

This Sunday (October 11), the Belarus presidential election will be carried out. Very confident about his own re-election Lukashenka, but overnight all the concentrated focus on the courage to write Belarus the status of writers.

Streets of Minsk presidential election placard

Alekseevich's work is not easily readable. Her first book, began to dig deeper into the human condition, tell the unpleasant truth. I am female, woman, she portrayed the situation of women in the war; in the zinc skin in child soldiers, she discussed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as a result of the tragedy. In voices from Chernobyl, in this novel about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, she reveals how nuclear radiation makes people's life to an end. This book truly tells us that life will come to an end. Pamuk has written a new novel read s said after

Her new collection, used English version--will be launched next year--is the "Reds" (Red (WO) man) an obituary. Maybe declared that "man is dead" premature, but Alekseevich after shocking description of the Soviet generation. Although she wrote this book when Russia has not sent troops to Ukraine, but in this book, you can find the reason.

However, Alekseevich's writing is not teaching style of preaching. She honestly depict our life looks in a particular situation. I always wondered how she could carry so heavy and complex emotions in his book, and keep your heart strong and firm. She not only listen to the voice of people, sharing with them the suffering, excited with high morale they fight for humanity.

I also have reason to feel happy for her. Some time ago, I used Alekseevich, please read my book, about me running for President, and in 2010 Belarus jailed after the election experience. The book called the Belarus KGB prison or under the dictatorship of general election (the Belarusian "Amerikanka" or Election under Dictatorship), "Amerikanka" is the notorious KGB jail in Minsk, was the place where I am incarcerated. She read this book very much, and encouraged me to continue writing. She also wrote a preface for the book, will be published soon.

The authors Andrei Sannikov

Her reputation and works will inevitably lead to dispute, because she has a strong personality, will not shy away from controversy, will not avoid the controversial issue. Russia may claim that she is the writer of their country, while accusing the Nobel literature prize jury too politicized, and Russia is hostile because Alekseevich recently sternly condemned Russia on Ukraine's armed forces. In Belarus, Lukashenko will pass this award to be going his way, pretending to forget how his regime had suppressed Alekseevich.

This award not only is Alekseevich's breakthrough, her documentary work as well as post-Soviet countries and women's major breakthrough. Most important, this is Belarus's breakthrough. We waited a long time for this, and hope that the Nobel Prize Committee will admit that Vasil Bykau (Belarus writer, known for novels about World War II) for writing truth of World War II, or Belarus poet Ryhor Baradulin in last poems in dialogue with God. Alekseevich received the honor of Belarus Ales Adamovich great intellectuals (Belarus writer, created a literary category, what he called "collective novel", "novel oratorio", "novel evidence" or "talking to myself", and so on) pay tribute to Alekseevich followed and developed his writing tradition.

After the results of this year's Nobel, I received from Belarus, Europe and the United States many people call. They Alekseevich and was pleased with my country, but also for Belarus can bring what's truly important and happy.

(The original title is awarded the Nobel Prize for literature Alekseevich was Belarus's honor, is now heading to the editor added. )

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bijie veteran blocking wedding road introduction conflict gets injured Police

Poster provides pictures of father in the hospital.

Guizhou bijie netizens posted complaints: his father (veteran) was beaten by several police officers on national day and "weighs", is still in the hospital, after the attacker has not come forward.

On October 10, bijie, Dafang Shuang Shan police station to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN), said police on October 1 to initiate an investigation, in the event were still being processed at present. Dafang County traffic Police Office staff said the detachment of two police officers at the police mentioned in the post, whether involved in the beatings are still under investigation, is still in work. Breaking News

Poster Kim claiming to be in bijie Dafang County middle school students. Post show: October 1 national day, traffic police of their father Chen and Chen, who beat, generous was taken to a local hospital, was diagnosed with rib fractures, myocardial membrane damage leads to acute pericarditis; after the incident, the perpetrators have never been to the hospital to visit. Internet post said, whose father was a veteran who retired in 1980, settling in their hometowns, now aged 59.

Kim surging 9th night news that hit one home wedding on the day of the incident, someone pushed her in the street during an outing. "Marriage, playing the Road blocked, and my father was sick and then stepped forward to get out of the way. "Kim said, they not only do not let, also call their own" police open the police protect "," up to you or I say "hands and many of them involved in the beating.

For complaints, Twitter users have a message, presented it in another way: When Kim drink and drive (did not explain what kind of car), blocking the road to family weddings, relying on veteran's identity, got out swearing; when only minor physical conflict.

Kim admitted that father verbally swore at each other, a quarrel between the two sides, then the father was.

"The injury, still in hospital now, can't leave the hospital, expert testimony cannot currently do. "Oscar said, the father named Jin Rulin, nominal age 60 this year, the Department of veterans. However, surging Kim failed to provide documentation of his father, veteran of the press.

Bijie microblogger surging news that local information, contact West Guizhou local veterans, still could not confirm the identities of veteran Jin Rulin.

Dafang County traffic Police Office of such staff to the surging News confirmed that Chen mentioned in the post and Chen is indeed traffic police police, now teams are conducting a survey on the matter, two people in to work properly.

Bijie, Dafang Shuang Shan police station to news that surging, the day of the incident has been investigated by the police, the specific case "confidential" cannot give public security organ handling not only listened to one side, to investigate after the judgment, so are batterers are not taken compulsory measures in the matter is still under investigation.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yang Donglai transferred leadership of Dongguan city has shouldered the post

Yang Donglai (information above)

Dongguan, Guangdong Province, celebrated the new party Secretary of the municipal Public Security Bureau.

According to the sunshine network in Dongguan-Dongguan TV station reported, to conscientiously implement the public security Ministry and the (Guangdong) province Fire Corps on fire safety during the national day spirit of defend the work of the night of September 30, (Dongguan) Municipal Public Security Bureau, Communist Party Secretary Yang dong Street, Guancheng, Steering check fire safety and security before national day.

-Sunshine network in Dongguan Guancheng reports second group reported that on September 30, Mayor Yang Donglai on Wen Songjun, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, the municipal Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Liang Jianzhu, fire brigade captain, u Thant, Political Commissar of the fire brigade, and Su Wei long accompanied Guancheng crowded places such as shopping malls and movie theaters, the Steering check fire safety and security before national day.

These reports indicate that outgoing Guangdong yunfu, Deputy Mayor, the municipal Public Security Bureau Director Yang Dong has officially went to Dongguan municipal leadership and carry the post of party Secretary of the municipal Public Security Bureau. River border town outside the Catfish is the garbage

Open CV Show, was born in June 1966 to Yang Donglai Guangdong local cadres, has served long in the provincial public security department. In November 2011, Yang Dong diaofu, yunfu city, replacing Wang Xiaosong, deputy mayors and Municipal Government Committee member, Director of the municipal Public Security Bureau, the Party Secretary, who is also Deputy Secretary of the municipal Committee of Communist Party and municipal Public Security Bureau after the Inspector General and other staff.

On September 30 this year, th people's Congress decided to remove Yang Dong, yunfu city of yunfu city, Vice Mayor, the municipal Public Security Bureau Office.

Yang Donglai playing gangsters in yunfu outstanding achievements. Southern excursions, the Southern Metropolis daily reported that 2014 1st yunfu police set up a black team, Yang Donglai take command, out has been entrenched in yunfu severe gang-related. 120 files, 14 count, 71 of the accused while standing in the dock. Therefore, play gangsters specialized in yunfu city, Guangdong Province first.

And before that served as Deputy Mayor of Dongguan, City Public Security Bureau Party Secretary, Yang Jianghua in May this year, the Secretary was appointed Party Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Department of Justice, Secretary of political and Legislative Affairs Committee member, cum the first Commissar of the Bureau of prisons, and a month later was appointed Director of the provincial Department of Justice, among the Orchestra-level cadres.

In February 2014, CCTV reported more than Dongguan entertainment existed 嫖 prostitution. Then on Dongguan of Guangdong Province more than anti-vice accountability of Heads of poor treatment, including replacing the Xiaokang, Deputy Mayor of Dongguan, City Public Security Bureau Office.

When he was Secretary for the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Guangdong Province, Yang Jianghua "crisis", and served as Deputy Mayor of Dongguan city Party Secretary, police chief and other staff.

According to the yangcheng evening news reported, Yang Jianghua since he assumed office six special against the campaign, effectively maintaining the stability of Dongguan, awards by the provincial government and the provincial public Security Bureau, Dongguan public security was awarded a collective three order of merit. In Dongguan, a year and two months of duty time, boldly introducing the use of new, remote alarm, serious accountability, new rules, problem ended up involved in Dongguan "better regulation".

Yang Donglai resumes

Yang Dong, male, of Han nationality, born in June 1966, suixi, Guangdong people, joined the CPC in December 1991, to work in July 1987, Guangdong provincial party school, majoring in graduate university degree.

1985.09-1987.07 provincial supply and marketing school

1987.07-1988.07 Province Public Security Bureau audit trainee police

1988.07-1990.09 Province Public Security Bureau audit clerk

1990.09-1993.05 Province Public Security Bureau audit section

1993.05-1996.07 provincial public security office, Deputy head

1996.07-1998.12 Province Public Security Bureau Chief of the Chamber of Auditors

1998.12-2000.05 Vice Director of provincial public security audit

2000.05-2004.07 Province Public Security Bureau Deputy Director of Commission for discipline inspection, supervision (of which: 2001.09-2004.01 in the provincial party school, economy

Management learning hung 2002.06-2003.11 Jiangmen Public Security Bureau Deputy Director)

2004.07-2008.08, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of public security traffic management Bureau order management service

2008.08-2008.12, Director of the Office of public security traffic management Bureau order management service

2008.12-2011.11 Financial Director of provincial public security equipment (of which: 2010.09-2010.12 green class in the provincial party school)

2011.11-2012.01 Deputy Mayor of yunfu city and Municipal Government Committee member, Director of the municipal Public Security Bureau, Secretary of the

2012.01-2012.03 yunfu, Vice Mayor and Vice Secretary of the municipal Committee of Communist Party, party members of the City Government, Director of the municipal Public Security Bureau, Secretary of the

2012.03-yunfu, Vice Mayor and Vice Secretary of the municipal Committee of Communist Party, party members of the City Government, Director of the municipal Public Security Bureau, Communist Party Secretary, who is police inspector (source: yunfu city government official website)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Comments to Shanghai free trade area a constructive response to TPP

Photo: network

Despite each other Zhijian also exists many differences and discord, but currently beauty Europe Day three big economic body are tries to through TPP (across Pacific partners relationship agreement), and TTIP (across Atlantic trade and investment partners agreement), and PSA (all side service trade agreement), formed new high specifications of global trade and service rules, to replaced WTO, Hunt including China manufacturing zainei of emerging economic body capacity, forced they "II times WTO". Among them, the United States, and Japan 12 Pacific countries has reached an historic TPP agreement announced on October 5.

Face encircle, China also while in wire alliances to should, line is central trade consultations and since trade district negotiations, first on Iceland, and Switzerland, then again advance to Center National; second-tier is consolidation Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, in the Han since trade district, and in the day Han since trade district negotiations are in advance; wire is BRIC Union, tries to build a parallel world, mistress driving carriage (IMF vs reserves library, WB vs BRIC Development Bank, WTO vs Business Council) is started.

Clearly, TPP as "third world" sent over locking ability of China's rapid growth, "Michiko", the aim is to cripple the made in China and its advantages. Is taken by the developing countries when 300 30-year catch-up strategies, if compliance with environmental protection, intellectual property, labour protection, and suppression of State-owned enterprises and other provisions, it is self-inflicted. This is not to say that emerging countries there would be no space for development in the future, but rather that they had retreated to the low end of the food chain, even the bottom, it's hard to once again have the possibility of overtaking. Developed economies can give a high specification, that is they completed early primitive accumulation, industrial upgrading and fast, new competitive advantages have been established, and dominated the game, you can according to their own preferences and comparative advantage to cut the cake.

But this is not to say that they make all the rules of the game are wrong, rules, many of which are also in line with the market development and China's economic transformation and upgrading internal rules require. Therefore, China must take a positive attitude towards, some reasonable rules is highly compatible with the direction of China's own reform. So still have a greatest common divisor theory, locate intersection and drive their own transformation and development, and take this rules out or remove most of the vested interests and interest groups. Established international rules in order to avoid more unreasonable interest curing and path dependence.

Like the one made to join the WTO, which is called "open". If the principal contradiction now is to not move, you may wish to open more, forcing a little bit stronger. China now includes TPP and RCEP (regional comprehensive economic partnership), and initiatives to promote economic integration and common prosperity in the region are open. Early participation early benefits, knowledge of the initiative is only possible in the negotiations, and not to be marginalized. But a new round of rules of the game are mostly United States, if the whole country does have difficulties, relatively developed areas can let all FTA initiative to encroachments of all countries to free trade and investment, a docking Windows for the new rules. Future in which effective and high business standards that can be projected onto the entire Chinese manufacturing and service industries.

These tests include trade liberalization: the absence of customs supervision, ban, customs intervention free to manufacture, import and export of goods. Shanghai mainly to do entrepot trade and offshore trade. Here the core component has two, one is attracting multinational company headquarters and the other is the framework of commodity trading platform. Offshore trade, the core problem is the regulation of transnational corporations, enterprises in the free trade zones allow an international capital pools and domestic capital pools, design interconnection piping. Such trade is the order and the link is completed in Shanghai, the goods may not be through the port of Shanghai. The FTA does not make a container yard, exploring dislocation competition and cooperation around the Yangtze River Delta. Pudong plans to build three lists management model

Most importantly, promote the development of related to the free trade in goods and trade in services, in particular by supporting international commodity trading platform for financial transactions and shipping platforms, allowing domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the commodities and shipping forward transactions. These designs will not only promote trade in services, the development of service outsourcing industry, also reduces the multinational global provisioning and commodity price risk management thresholds and cost, will help in the free trade port prosperity.

Second is the liberalization of investment: national treatment and negative before the full implementation of the access list management. Non-banned in, apart from the negative listing cannot be done, others can do it. This special is for services. Practice has proved that, whether in manufacturing or services, opening up more thoroughly, actively participating in the global resources to competing areas, developed good, strong competitiveness. Since most trade and investment in the region should implement filing system, canceled or the scope of foreign investment restrictions. First in the zone within the reform of the management of investment projects, foreign-funded enterprises set up and change management, registration of these three aspects. And ship transport, and funding letter survey, and financing rental, and detection maintenance, and performances brokers, and entertainment culture, and education training, and medical health, many modern production type and life type service industry, are will internal foreign implementation fair of access standard, welcomes domestic private capital and overseas directly investment, this is on currently progress slow of Sino-US BIT (bilateral investment agreement) negotiations of a test sex echoed.

Now after the last round of expansion, FTA has already covered the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free trade zone, Waigaoqiao bonded logistics park and Yangshan bonded port area, Pudong airport 4 special customs supervision zones (28.78 km²) and the Lujiazui financial district (34.26 km²), the Golden Bridge development zone (20.48 km), the Zhangjiang high-tech zone (37.2 km²). This extension makes the regional industry's rapid rise in the level of radioactivity and radiation, full coverage of China's advanced manufacturing and high-end service on the front line, and relate to the forefront of entrepreneurial innovation and financial support and open. Completely can requirements in these regional within operation of industry and enterprise according to more high of environmental, and labor, and intellectual property standard of to for production and business, full upgrade the economic subject of elements using efficiency, and full tie to support innovation drive, this must also will speed up government functions change, strengthening thing in the after regulatory, management mode innovation, strengthening and Shanghai international economic, and financial, and trade, and shipping center construction of linkage mechanism and effectiveness.

So, in TPP, and TTIP, and PSA of external pressure Xia, in within health reform needed power and thrust of important moments, as seven big reform top layer design, first and Xia pull new three driving carriage of core hand, and bottom of full active test and response, Shanghai of since trade district test meaning extraordinary, how stressed are not too, it is a items real of national strategy. Its significance even beyond the first round in the open alongside reform, globalization 3.0 environment for the establishment of the Shenzhen Special economic zone, which is a microcosm of China pushing forward reform.

It is not one or two tax concessions or leasing one or two key enterprises, but truly comprehensive innovation and upgrading of mechanisms and institutions. It tried to occupy the new round of industrial and financial globalization 4.0 vantage point. This should be a complete, from economy to the regulatory system and the administrative system of integrated test, it will create a in line with international practice, free and open, encourage innovation, market economy and a new generation of internationally competitive enterprises and industries. This is Shanghai's new mission and a new journey – in view of the vast hinterland of the Delta and the needs of China's real economy and financial support, as well as the tentacles of trade, investment in Shanghai for the Asia-Pacific and global radiation and makes the effective combination of two kinds of resources outside China (Shanghai) FTA's energy level is one of the many free trade area with the strongest influence. Therefore, Shanghai free trade area is dealing with TPP, to build China's economic "upgrade" an important measure, this test can only be successful and not to fail.

(The author of Shao Yu-Orient securities Chief Economist and Assistant to the President, Lu Jia Zui Salon Secretary General of the Council)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This coffee machine like the cream can let you customize yourself at home skin

Photo: Getty Images

Capsule coffee machine as intelligent electronic technology application in food and drink on one of the greatest inventions, instead of the artificial powder, pressed powder, making a series of fully functional, now also a "one-stop" service and maintaining machine arrived.

France named Romy Paris beauty companies introduced the innovation of a named Figure beauty equipment. This sleek instrument by France design Servaire&Co design, 33 cm high and weighs 2.7 kg. From research and development to production, took more than five years.

Romy Paris one of the brand's founder Morgan Acas said, "the idea is to achieve a combination of intelligence and beauty. "

Its principle is based on the user support requirements into the App, will meet the users skin condition highly concentrated capsules ingredients mixed with the stored in the machine's essence, to provide users with fully customized skin care products.

First, users download Figure of applications on mobile devices, online to fill out a questionnaire about their lifestyle and skin type then system based on their location in weather, including sleep time, lifestyle information, from 1000 to provide users with appropriate composition of cosmetic formula recommended for prefabricated capsules of two different types. Lindane launched personal brand flagship men s

Includes special series and Foundation series. Former will target such as lack of sleep or drink too much alcohol, and skin in different environments and lifestyles under different stress States which as its name suggests, is used to solve skin problems such as skin hydrating or provide basic nutrition.

Romy Paris, another co-founder, Thomas Dauxerre, said these capsules have a good seal, can effectively protect the active ingredients in the production of essences and creams can process these ingredients play a higher efficiency.

This is a very smart business model, because regardless of the type of capsule, combined with two base provided by Romy Paris cream or cream to use, they are canned in jars, storage behind the instrument, you can think behind Nespresso's sink. When the internal infrastructure or face cream when stocks are too low, cream opportunities to warn the App via Bluetooth.

When users according to beauty advice provided by the mobile phone App, each up to three different active ingredient capsule in the machine, after a few seconds with a mix of stores or face cream, special series of used capsules are Romy Paris based essence, based on a series of used capsules are Romy Paris based creams. Capsules of different colors have different effects: such as red can ward off air pollution to the skin, and yellow can relieve skin fatigue.

According to Romy Paris announced of price, Figure "surface cream machine" each Taiwan 490 euro, and distribution has 3 months dosage of supporting skin care products, including: a 30mL based essence liquid (retail price 25 Euro), and a bottle 30mL based surface cream (retail price 20 euro), and two box total 56 star dedicated series capsule (each box retail price 26-38 euro), and the a box based series capsule (retail price 26-38 euro).

Romy Paris company plans to open a store in Paris for two years, and into the retail channel. Meanwhile, will continue to develop more active capsules category and corresponding procedures will continue to escalate.

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Contemporary young artists must Moleskine Folio case

Self-described young artists, writing has been for people to pen and paper, for now, touch has been very used to it. OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

Moleskine foreign manufacturers came up with a solution, then launched a specifically designed for mobile phones, Tablet notebook. At first glance, and the notebook does not make any difference, opened appears to have discovered the mystery, one side of the cover there is a Notepad, while the other side is a phone or Tablet drop slot, so that you can write on paper drawing, pointing at the screen, there are iPhone, iPad and Kindle versions.

Wen Qing exclusive

Some things down on paper only

With cultural protection sleeve OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

Source: mobile phones in China

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

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Shaolin Temple vegetarian singles package of 50 Yuan staff explained the soup

Henan Shaolin Temple vegetarian House. CFP information

Shaolin with joy, some gold and thoughtful Shaolin scenic spots of tourist "not too happy".

This Shaolin scenic spots in prime locations, only more than 20 meters from the main entrance of the Temple of the company--Shaolin delight (dengfeng) limited, the main Shaolin vegetarian, is one of the companies owned by Temple. Breaking News

October 2 – October 4, Shaolin glad business is hot, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) press three times to try to eat vegetarian Shaolin, tourists generally reflect low package price, business strong.

Tourists think vegetarian meal price is low

Menu display, Shao-Lin vegetarian meal (50), two-person package (100) and three packages (150), four packages (200), five packages (250), six packages (300), these packages of soup, soup is Lohan. In addition there are 5 grades of reservation, 488, 688, 888 Yuan respectively, 1088, the most expensive 2688 Yuan.

Few visitors reserve a table. Service said 2688 table, because usually no preparation required one day in advance agreed.

Surging news ordered 50 Yuan a meal, two Dharma tofu, seasonal vegetables, respectively (Note: fried cabbage, are not fixed, seasonal adjustments), while Lohan soup and a bowl of cereal grains.

Want the slightly salty tofu, stir-fried cabbage like water from FRY's is not very tasty, whole grains taste fresh, might become a factor there are Mai ren.

Tourists from Zhejiang Province, Zhu Xi (not his real name) a row a total of 4 adults and 3 children, they ordered four-person packages ran out. The package of six dishes: Dharma tofu, grain (corn), seasonal vegetables (fried cabbage), color-Golden willow (Golden mushroom), bi-color flowers spell (two small cold dishes).

Zhu Xi said, feeling "too old", and the cuisine is worth the price of 200 Yuan.

"Vegetarian like Guangdong, Zhejiang, pattern novel, have an appetite at a glance. "Zhu Xi, pickles and stir-fried cabbage can also, Bodhidharma tofu a little salty, some hard tofu, add rice" a small bowl of 5 is too expensive ".

Liu Henan (a pseudonym), a 7-point package of six (eight dishes, two small-dish), because mountain-climbing is more hungry, hasn't all required and four bowls of rice, I heard that a bowl of 5, slot attendant immediately "so expensive". Finished, Liu described the flavor, "says is the reason, in fact, quite expensive."

Liu recalled that ten or twenty years ago, he and two friends to Shaolin Temple, Shaolin vegetarian eating for free, free to give money. At that time, the three had some noodles and vegetables, gave 100 Yuan, 100 Yuan at that time is quite valuable, however, heart happy, "feel better this way, can feel. "

Liu believes that Shaolin Shaolin with joy vegetarian meal cost is not high, businesses strong.

Tourists also said Shaolin happily price is acceptable. Shaolin scenic spots in a businessman stressed that this is in the area, "a sesame seed to 5 Yuan, tourists still want to eat it! "

Shaolin has been questioned with joy well loss

Shaolin staff with joy saying, they're just employees, contact the owner, unclear pricing problems. But they explained that like Luo Hantang (Note: pieces of carrots, a few mushrooms) to a few hours, Dharma tofu fried sauce chef special; cabbage was fried after water, because going green cabbage taste.

"One small bowl of rice 5", says, this is whole grains, 5 kinds of food such as rice, millet, Mai ren. Surging questioned why rice, Mai ren of the press, said, "is a proportional distribution."

Business statistics, Shaolin joy 2013 annual report showed that its total liabilities of 4.5943 million Yuan, 2014 was not released. Two months ago, claiming to be "on behalf of all the Abbot to tell" by "justice", had questioned Shaolin happily in the gold loss, call Shaolin Abbot Sun books.

In this regard, the Shaolin Temple's official response to the surging said, losses were because of the temple receives heavy task and receive joy every year, these are free, "like me can sign alone, there are about 20 people". In addition, the book also presented, because of a public welfare nature, are free.

According to the county records and the records of the Shaolin Temple in dengfeng records, 435 ad by Emperor xiaowen of the Northern Wei's first visit to Shaolin, in 1851, Qing chaoxianfeng emperors visit Shaolin, over more than 20 emperors presence in more than 1400 years old brake. Emperor entered the temple must be vegetarian vegetarian.

Shaolin monastery in ancient times with joy "Pavilion". "Under the civilian car, military horse", to the guanting washed dressed and even fasting for several days into the temple, she resigned herself to show their piety.

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Mei Changsu in the Picks list is a master sales trainer

Hu played wit Mei Changsu.

Have to say Hu yan's Picks list in the "Kirin" master Mei Changsu is charming, light plain, articulate, he is a mild-mannered family son, and scrutinise Lake counselors.

Then somebody sigh, this image is not wise.

Indeed, judging from the details, the two do have similarities. Lake talk: "jiangzuomeilang, Kirin, of the world. "

But the authors also praise of Sima Hui excelled Zhuge Liang of the three kingdoms: "young v Phoenix, two people, may remain in the world. "

In fact, Zhuge Liang was praised as "Unicorn". Xu Shu said: "some (Kong Ming), give jade kylin, jackdaw equipped with husband and wife ears. Each taste than Guan Zhong, leyi, in my point of view, tubes, lost less than the person. He has the ability to, cover one person in the world. "

Tang Guoqiang, Zhuge Liang.

Looking from the outside, Zhuge Liang "eight feet in length, mianruguanyu, wearing synthetic fibre scarf, wearing crane cloak, nine Immortals", Mei Changsu also wore a cloak, looks quite good.

At first glance, seems to put them into one class of people, but a careful resolution but not necessarily.

Counselors such roles completely thanks to folk literature, that is, all kinds of romance, and the birth of such works is not early.

Stream lay in the issue pointed out in the preface to romance of the three kingdoms: "romance works appeared in person, for the village, talking about the story......" in other words, counselor to fix the image, is a credit to subsequent folk artists, novelists, and one of the earliest setting is one of the most famous was Zhuge Liang.

With Zhuge Liang as a blueprint, and the Sui Tang Yan yi Xu Maogong, Liu Bowen in the charge of the light brigade. The three men is typical representative of distinguished advisers, and these three people in common is that they are figures of Taoism. I'm not talking, three people are religious, has a clear description of the book.

The Sui Tang Yan yi Xu Maogong.

Lu Xun in China novel brief history of in the said three kingdoms author "-like Zhuge of more wisdom and near demon", because he dry has many incredible of thing, like views meteorological to grass ship take arrows, offering Dongfeng and shakers, and foreseen Pang Tong died, and skillfully pendulum eight array figure, and praying for days out springs, and offering Shanghai hydrolysis ghost complained, and five out Qishan drive six d Rokko, and five Zhang original around star, and Ting Chun Shan vision,.

Zhuge Liang had done, to see it, through divination and calamity which he said fine divination, dream interpreting, gas, astrology, geography of the school, most of this knowledge is his "meet different people, teaching the Qi men DUN Jia hieroglyphics".

In romance of the three kingdoms, book more than Zhuge Liang got a person. "With Zhang Jian, and black magic. Wind up, a black sky, black seems to be countless men killed in gas, "Zhang Baosheng was South China Angel of the peace;

"Slaving ghosts, Stone Mountain, hidden deformation will change, taking no grain" of Zuo CI got the DUN Jia hieroglyphics (according to other book records are Dan Golden, the nine treated in the cave);

Most cattle is Guan GE, like astrologers at night, self-taught, BU, photo, comic and pass, these are Taoist district, DUN Jia, divination, which are closely linked.

Bad bad but Zhuge Liang in his ability to not only monks, Confucianism, Mohism, political strategists and military strategists and the skill of yin and Yang is the same, this all-powerful figure but also grow handsome is not what demon can be.

But also by the influence of his image, first Counselor of the WA gang Zhai in the romance of the Sui and Tang Xu Maogong simply was a Taoist priest. The charge of the light brigade in the first strategist Zhang Liang was Liu Ji Liu Bowen is to be a suicide note, picking up imperial.

Jing Wang (below) doubt Mei Changsu (pictured) was came prepared, not forced by the name of Unicorn wit.

The two men "demon" was not inferior Zhuge Liang. Xiweiwanglimi Qin Wang Li Shi min, Jin Yongcheng caught, being a son of Li Michen Xu Maogong fingers out, knowing when to commit in the Tang dynasty, so he and Wei Zheng to discuss in private, changed the edict to Li MI, Li Shimin in private.

Later he was calculating, WA gang Zhai on 36 brothers uprising. After Hill who hold it? Xu Maogong came up with another idea.

They heard outside a buckle in the Juyi Hall, out look, a deep burrow on the ground. Xu Maogong, who without yaojin take a look. Results yaojin took out from the crypt coffin world of Phoenix imperial edict and the Dragon robes. Xu Maogong kneeling down to kowtow to the first time, do not know how proud.

Liu Bowen, described in the novel are odd, apparently under the influence of Zhuge Liang's image. Him out of first in the diversion plan taking Jinhua.

On the occasion of enemy soldiers, and precarious, his first race, surrendered, abandoned the city, and primary enemy; then calmly dispatching, suspect, set the last crusade, with fewer forces.

Poyang vs, Ark Berwin brainstorming to fight fire with the enemy divisions, and unfavourable wind conditions, Berwin and this instrument, timing on the stage, wearing a robe gossip, seven-star swords, offering by the wind to help out. Moment wind loudly, momentum swing arms to attack Zhu Yuanzhang, a great victory.

So advisers shape of this type of image, is a program in the classical novel. This type of image is shaped like this, completely is the result of folk tales and romances flourished.

Classic novels in Ming and Qing dynasties most, such as while the Hongzhi and Zhengde, Emperor Jiajing and Wanli dynasty, there have been a large number of recorded works of miraculous stories of historical figures, such as Lu Can the g series, Yang Yi of the high ISO compilation, and Wang Wenlu long XING CI JI, Song Lei of the xiwuli language, etc.

These recorded legends and was selected into the novel by novelist, supplemented by private conventional plot, now what this will look like.

And spontaneous creation, processing, by novelist eventually will form a super model of IP, is common practice over a long period of time. The romance of the three kingdoms was born, the journey is, Ming dynasty novel, is chivalrous novels in the late Qing dynasty.

Gas plan benefits that this approach is grounded, the disadvantage is that more writing less monsters and deities, while the core story usually set in stone, so gradually decline. Narrative means, such as dropped Valley to find cheats and thrown into the cave to find cheats, from the Ming dynasty to the Republic of China, who everyone gets sick.

Mei Changsu obviously does not belong to this tradition of shaping his advisers. His teacher was a scholar, himself goes out to war, in addition to Confucianism and art, monsters and things of God does not, and obviously the more modern.

In order to avenge his way back to the capital, first set up a business in local entrepreneurship and speculation and private think-tanks cooperation analysis report of the langya list, such as their famous fried enough, he quietly returned to Jinling, intentionally or unintentionally revealing their identities, two groups at each other's throats, incidentally, Jing Wang, training, help its host computer. Six weeks full training program run to his first

Mei Changsu is a master sales trainer.

This is not a traditional novel, counselor appears, this is a master sales trainer, its ability to integrate resources strong, do not just like Zhuge Liang, Xu Maogong, Liu Bowen, who calculated, things get done.

Author's thinking is always unconsciously projected upon the characters, think of the langya list writer Hai yan, a great real estate staff, all day to listen to is integration, project promotion, tenders, government relations, and do these things, it's no wonder you can easily nest removal, creating a distinct "counselor".