Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oil prices do not drop New pricing mechanism the NDRC for comments

Domestic oil product prices, "Eren put" today are not adjusted. Xinhua News Agency on December 29 from the national development and Reform Commission was informed that the oil price mechanism is to seek views from all sides, before introduction of new mechanisms for the year, oil prices will continue its suspension.

National development and Reform Commission held a special meeting on the same day, further improve the pricing mechanism of refined oil products seek the views of the departments and units concerned. It is known that for some time to come, the NDRC will also held intensive seminars, listen to experts, scholars, industry associations, oil companies, oil major, truck drivers, owners, taxi drivers and private car owners and other areas.

The results were not unexpected. December 15 countries deferred price adjustment if an adjustment window is precedent, market analysts previous predictions, this deferred price adjustment may again cut window exists.

According to the Xinhua News Agency released on December 29, according to the oil price system, as of December 28 crude average price change of-12.8% package nearing This means that, if the reference to the current level of international oil prices, stranding factor does not take into account special price adjustment, the domestic refined oil price should be about now and then to make a 90 percent.

Last adjustment period, International crude oil prices fell to below 40 dollars per barrel, development and Reform Commission, adhering to the international oil price is located in the low, the purpose of keeping domestic fuel prices stable, suspends oil product retail price (theory reduction to 200 Yuan/ton). The NDRC said, a move that is conducive to curbing excessive oil consumption growth and the adjustment of energy structure and promote environmental protection to improve air quality. Meanwhile, the country also hold on to improve the pricing mechanism of refined oil products under the new situation. Free trade area next year Shanghai settled on

On December 16, the NDRC vocal response adjustment again, saying that China's dependence on foreign oil are already higher than 60%, in order to ensure energy security, domestic oil prices should be maintained at a reasonable level, in order to maintain a certain proportion of domestic production. From the consumption point of view, the low oil prices is not conducive to resource conservation and new energy development, through price and tax measures to promote more people to save oil and alleviate the pressure on resources and environment.

Throughout the period of this round of price, oil external environment and internal situation compared to the last round, almost no substantive improvement. Trend of international crude oil after first raising, but because the cycle of crude down too much at the beginning, cause the late rally in crude oil prices, finished oil price adjustment expected amplitude without significant contribution. And this combined with the last round of delays after adjustment for 160 Yuan/ton, Kings were counted cut its forecast by as much as 400 Yuan/ton.

In fact, following the last price adjustment after stranding market once outgoing International crude oil above $ 40 a barrel, adjustment of domestic oil prices are no longer "circuit breakers". According to information week period, a main sales units within the outgoing message, if they continue to cut its forecast for the current cycle, the NDRC will again be deferred price adjustment. In addition, the domestic refined oil transactions remains in the doldrums, and smog pollution, the Commission continues to improve the environmental quality and the possibility of extended stay down sharply.

29th the Commission deferred price adjustment news real parties guessing. According to the current levels of crude oil spot price estimates, the next round of price adjustment period will in stranded started.

According to the oil price control measures (trial) provides that domestic gasoline and diesel prices on the International crude oil price changes once every 10 working days to adjust, adjustment time adjustment for the publication date 24 o'clock, when the price range of less than 50 Yuan/ton, and does not adjust, included in the next price adjustment accumulated or offset. Approach occurs under special circumstances, may be suspended, deferred price adjustment or out of the price range.

According to existing domestic oil product pricing mechanism of price adjustment cycle calculation, January 13, at 24 o'clock will usher in 2016 gasoline and diesel price hike in the first round of the nodes.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Maximum inspection in Shenzhen landslide accident investigation the scrutiny

Xinhua Beijing on December 26, the reporter was informed on the day, the highest officers in Shenzhen Guangming waste receiving "12·20" special major landslide accident investigations, and Guangdong province's procuratorial organs and prosecutorial investigation task force has been formed, dereliction of duty and other crimes covered by the thorough investigation of the accident according to law.

On December 20, Shenzhen Guangming waste receiving major landslide accident, resulting in casualties and 33 buildings were buried. Yang Huanning Shenzhen landslide accident investigation

The highest administration of anti-corruption authorities said that the procuratorial organs will strengthen coordination of accident investigation team under the State Council, seriously carry out accident investigations and legal scrutiny involved in crimes such as abuse of power, dereliction of duty and bending, involved to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law, to protect the lives and property of the broad masses and production functions of order and stability play a good role in promoting security.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Anti domestic violence law intended to spread around two manuscripts into psychological

Anti-domestic violence law intended to spread around: two manuscripts into psychological violence, cohabitation of violence are also considered

On October 28, 2015, a lady came to the Temple in Shandong Street, shenhe district, Shenyang city "110 domestic violence complaints centre" for help. China Visual information

On December 21, drew attention to the 12 session of the 18th meeting of the NPC held anti-domestic violence law (draft) increased scope of mental violence into domestic violence. In addition, the draft also added a provision in the by-laws, cohabitation between man and other acts of violence should also apply to the Act. August 2015, 12 the 16th meeting of the NPC session for the first time considered the anti-domestic violence law (draft).

Cohabitation relationship violence for anti-domestic violence law

Peer review of draft article II, domestic violence in this law refers to the beating, binding, maiming, restriction of personal freedom by force or any other means, acts against against family members.

Some of the component members of the Standing Committee, the local and Department, in addition to outside the body, mental violence is the reality often appears in the form of violence, proposed to extend the scope of domestic violence. Should also be clearly apart from family members, the cohabitation between man and other acts of violence should also apply this law.

Study by the legal Committee of the national people's Congress, proposes to modify the clause to "domestic violence in this law refers to family members beaten, tied up, injury, the imposition of restrictions on personal freedom as well as ongoing implementation by way of verbal abuse, intimidation, physical, mental and other violations. In addition, added a provision in the by-laws: family members living together between those who commit acts of violence, reference to the provisions of this law.

Neighborhood discovered atrocities should be timely reported

Peer review of draft article 14th, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, found in the work of medical institutions and their staff without civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil conduct suffering or suspected of suffering from domestic violence, should be reported to the public security organs in a timely manner.

Some members of the Standing Committee, local government, public sector and society, urban and rural grass-roots mass self-government organizations, social service agencies, aid management agencies, welfare agencies and their staff at work easy to spot domestic violence victims, must be clear about its mandatory reporting obligations.

Study by the legal Committee of the national people's Congress, recommends that the adoption of this opinion, will be the subject of such institutions and their staff into mandatory reporting. The national people s Congress representative

Vulnerable groups suffer from domestic abuse, is subject to special protection

Legal Committee of the national people's Congress, also said some members of the Standing Committee, local government, public sector and society, minors, the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable groups of victims of domestic violence, should be given special protection.

So compared to a peer review of the draft, second peer review to increase provisions: minors, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant and breast-feeding women, seriously ill patients are victims of domestic violence, should be given special protection.

In addition also provides: without civil capacity or with limited civil capacity due to domestic violence, grievous bodily harm, physical security threats or in a State of danger of unattended, the public security organ shall inform and assist civil affairs authorities to escort them to a temporary shelter, aid management agencies or welfare institutions.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gongcheng Guangxi men steal a dog by villagers and beaten to death and another

Gongcheng, Guangxi men steal a dog by villagers and beaten to death and another wounded, 10 villagers detained

December 14, police entered the village of gongcheng summoned the villagers involved. Liu Wenhua Shandong pingyi official demolitions ruled out

Guangxi News December 17, December 13, two men riding a motorcycle to the gongcheng Yao autonomous county of Guangxi Lotus town in Wulong village to steal a dog, led hundreds of villagers surrounded. Villagers caught them and beat it. 120 medical staff notified police rushed to the scene and found Lee, one of the men had died, and another man was not injured were sent to hospital for medical treatment. After the incident, police immediately set up a task force of gongcheng, until December 15, had detained Kim and 10 other villagers

Man arrested for stealing dogs killed

Recently, some Internet post says two men near the village of Lian hua Zhen Luo stealing dogs, caught by local villagers and beaten, one of whom died. Internet post to upload more than one picture showed two men were stripped of clothing, more than a man who fell to the ground bleeding.

The morning of December 15, Lian hua Zhen Luo, nanguo Morning Post reporter went to the village and village road at the junction of the five dragons. Villagers said Chen Luo, the morning of December 13, suddenly some villagers shouted someone stole the dog, nearby villagers were caught in the past, seen parked a motorcycle nearby orchards found a dead dog. Some villagers said, stealing dog thief ran up the mountain, all the villagers to the mountain, 2 men, and seized the crossbow used to steal dogs and needle. Some villagers gave lessons the two men suspected of stealing a dog.

Wulong village group long Jin Gexin said, when he rushed to the scene and found the two men had been wounded, calling reports to the village, village Party Secretary, told him to stop the villagers not to kill, and told him to get police. He called the police shortly after the Lotus police arrived, 120 doctors catch up.

Ten villagers in connection with detained

It is understood that the December 13, 12:42, and gongcheng Yao autonomous county police 110 command Center received the alarm: Lotus Wulong village to the town near the village was stolen together with dogs being captured by the villagers, police officers immediately orders the Lotus out of the police station. Lotus police station rushed to the scene and found two men were wounded, driving an unlicensed motorcycle were burned, found next to the motorcycle on a crossbow and crossbow arrows. Meanwhile, in nearby orchards and found a dead dog.

Police immediately contact the 120 first-aid centers, and medical personnel arrived at the scene and two men where he identified a man has died and another injured man was taken to hospital for medical treatment. After the incident, police homicide mechanism to start immediately in gongcheng, deploy the Criminal Investigation Brigade, Lotus police formed task force, police chief task force leader. After investigation, the victim surnamed Li, 50 years old this year, two ponds, pingle town. Victim surnamed Mo, 30 years old, is in pingle County town. Upon enquiry, not a recognized before stealing a dog on the ground, day of the murder, Mo and Lee also planned to steal dogs in the village.

After a through investigation measures such as on-site investigations, troubleshooting visit, December 14, police officers make arrests in connection with police organizations in gongcheng, called in total 9 people involved to the public security organs.

In addition, the civilian police with the families involved to do ideological work, December 14, 3 people involved gave himself up to police.

On December 15, Kim and Jiang, 10 villagers on suspicion of intentional injury causing death, under criminal detention by police of gongcheng.

Illegal disposal of "stealing dog robber" discussion

Steal the Internet post dog thieves were killed, causing netizens buzz. Some netizens said, well; also the Netizen said, playing dead will be held criminally liable, not worth it. Netizens said that thief really hateful, hateful, but lynch mob is not desirable, was killed, and should give the public security authorities.

Guangxi Lee Yip zhaojian law firm Director, believes that behavior is worthy of praise of the villagers work together to catch the thief, but should not be killed or wounded thief. Thief though illegal, but he's right to life is also protected by the law, the villagers after the thieves subdue and correct way is to alert waiting for police to come to or listed them to a public security organ. When the thief has been disqualified from the wrongful practices when they beat, resulting in casualties, then died of suspected intentional injury. Catch the thief is a good thing, but because of excessive behavior led to grave consequences, then evolved into a crime, can be held criminally responsible.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Political memo the Federal Reserve raising interest rates this week had little

"Written on the front" CITIC Securities had 11 people in connection with

This week, fears for a long time the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and was finally able to "boot floor."

According to the survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, has been 97% the economists expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in December. However, although everyone on the Fed not to raise rates of increase analysis has several differences does not exist, but the hot topic of discussion turns to a Fed rate hike in interest rates for the first time after the path. At present, the economists to Fed rate hike path still has several different forecast for the future.

It is, therefore, Fed rate meeting this week revealed the signal is very important. After each meeting of the Federal Reserve, in addition to the announced changes in monetary policy, also attach the forecasts of the Economic Outlook and monetary policy route, this is to ensure that the market will not misinterpret the direction of monetary policy.

Rate after the fed every language will affect the global market sentiment. Analysts pointed out that if the Fed language tend to be cautious, perhaps the market release can be considered a signal: that is, unless the United States changes in very strong economic fundamentals, or the Fed's next rate hike may until the middle of next year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Huazhong Normal University Associate Professor teaching sexual harassment female

Netizen news the surging December 8 (www.thepaper.CN) explosive material, said Wang Yonghui, Associate Professor Institute of Huazhong Normal University in political science, has been reported for "sexually harassed female students" have been closed, with a graduate student mentor was also replaced.

In this regard, Hu Zongshan in response to Vice President of the Institute, said the fact untrue, Wang Yonghui postgraduates by suspension, suspension work, because students reflect radical when he was teaching rhetoric, sometimes called derogatory student guidance existed in rough conditions.

Huazhong Normal University Associate Professor teaching sexual harassment female students were suspended? Officials say practice for teaching strict

Research Institute of Huazhong Normal University in political science Associate Professor Wang Yonghui.

Fact: suspended because of reported sexual harassment, an associate professor with graduate student?

Fact users claiming to be a Research Institute of Huazhong Normal University political science student. She said that from November 27 and 30th, Wang Yonghui one Institute and a woman with their students to participate in "overseas Chinese and the Silk Road on the sea" seminar. Back from the seminar, said the girl reported to the Academy, said during the meeting Wang Yonghui touch to her hand, the language suggests, tease, hit the chest moves, and coerced her to her to have sexual relations. In the girl from behind, Wang Yonghui claimed to revenge on her, let her graduate students cannot graduate, course papers to fail. Hunan House failed female military training and

Whistle-blowers said, upon receiving the girl reports, political leaders summoned Wang Yonghui 15 graduate students to investigate the situation of the Institute, the 15 students accused the "Wang Yonghui of them murdered and tortured". So the initial decisions of the Institute of political science, was stopped by Wang Yonghui graduate students, and was re-elected by 15 students mentor.

Surging whistle-blowers told the news, the Academy's students are aware of this situation, but she did not know, "reported Wang Yonghui Kenichi girls", were unable to provide relevant evidence.

News from the Institute of political science in the school's official website to see the surging, Wang Yonghui Deputy Professor of the Institute of International Affairs Department of the hospital, doctor and tutor.

Subsequently, surging on news contact Wang Yonghui two graduate students (one male and one female), but both declined to comment on the matter. One of the women graduate text back saying "I do not know, please don't bother us anymore."

On December 2, the Academy's official website published a story entitled participation for the Wang Yonghui, an associate professor of "overseas Chinese and the Silk Road on the sea" seminar on article. Says in the article, November 27 until 30th by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the Fujian Provincial overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the overseas Chinese University jointly sponsored the "overseas Chinese and the Silk Road on the sea" seminar held in the overseas Chinese University; Wang Yonghui, an associate professor at the second meeting of the group to do the "overseas Chinese role in the China-Indonesia economic and trade relations" theme.

Hospital: because its guiding words extreme derogatory student

On December 8, 9th, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Huazhong Normal University in political science describes Hu Zongshan surging to the press on the matter.

He confirmed that Wang Yonghui indeed suspended taught all the graduate students have also referred to the group guidance of a mentor. But the school has not received Wang Yonghui "sexual harassment" report, but because their College of graduate students to reflect, their extreme teaching rhetoric, sometimes called derogatory student stress caused to them.

"By Wang Yonghui graduate men and women, are basically reflects his teaching tough problems. "Hu Zongshan said College after receiving the students reflect, to verify the situation, Wang Yonghui found in the normal course of instruction there is a perfectly simple and crude, at present the hospital has been talking to criticism and commandments.

Also, Hu Zongshan said, to ease students and teacher Zhijian of mood, solution good students reflect of problem, hospital party has Yu December 7 made preliminary decided, will Wang Yonghui by with of 15 name graduate (covers Institute a, and Institute II, and Institute three grade, boys girls are has) temporarily referred to the mentor group collective guide management, then again assigned to other mentor, and suspended Wang Yonghui of courses.

"Now some people are very sensitive, male teacher female student said easy misunderstanding, unlike male mentors for boys can be. "Hu Zongshan said, hearsay evidence may be" sexual harassment "why there is rumor.

School discipline: does receive sexual harassment say

At this point, on December 9, the Southwest University of political science and law professor Li Ren told the surging global information and communications news, on the premise of following China's education law, all rules and regulations will be in place for teachers in colleges and universities are different. But in his experience, teachers were suspended for instruction words radical teaching, stop instruction, is somewhat far-fetched.

Li Ren said that under normal circumstances, a student to the College reflects the problems of teachers, if it is a teaching problem and referred to the Committee dealing with if teachers ' ethics problems, serious such as the alleged "sexual harassment", and so on, should be handed over to judicial authorities, the "touch has taught more than pause as simple as a question of law".

In addition, Li Ren said that for these two conditions, the College should have mechanisms and procedures for dealing with complaints were teachers also should have a complaint channel. "Some students because teachers are too strict, rattle on ... the situation is when the complaints. "Li Ren said.

In this regard, Hu Zongshan surging told the news, according to hospital officials understand the situation, Wang Yonghui problems in teaching guide, and does not exceed the legal limits of behavior. And graduate hospital suspended its guidance work, not to cancel its guiding qualification, is student-oriented and make such an arrangement for the time being. He said, "students said after if not for mentors that will affect their learning and development, that we had to arrange. "

Hu Zongshan, said Wang Yonghui is still normal at present engaged in academic research, but due to the school to require personal interviews to record by the propaganda Department, so they cannot provide Wang Yonghui contact.

Surging news sent messages on the matter several times by Wang Yonghui, have not been restored.

The afternoon of December 8, surging propaganda Department of party Committee of central China Normal University told the news, now report they have not received information about Wang Yonghui; appoint the staff of the Office of the school that if they received the related report, will be announced after the investigation clearly is presently lodged against Wang Yonghui report spoke of sexual harassment.

Public information, central China Normal University in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is a key comprehensive University directly under the Chinese Ministry of education, the national "211 project" key universities, national teacher education "985" advantages of innovation platform of University disciplines.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Jiangsu Rudong multiple teachers collective break call for a raise education

Since the beginning of December 2, Nantong, Jiangsu Rudong County teachers "do not teach" collective action, calling on local governments to teacher salary increases.

On December 4, Rudong County Education Bureau Deputy Director Liu Chongguo surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that some teachers two days earlier is indeed a collective "break" phenomenon, but on December 4 in normal class has been restored.

Previously, Rudong County Education Bureau Deputy Director Guo 3rd surging on news that they had taken note of the demands and actions of teachers. However, teachers ' pay, "not education, nor the County to decide."

"Education" collective signatures calls for a raise

The afternoon of November 30, Twitter users "alone is a Ning 14483" published an article called "East teachers signed a petition".

The materials said, "we are struggling in Rudong County, this ' education ' teachers are on the front lines of education, when we are home quiet and at the same time, their salaries have a deeper understanding. Dang we of wage than Nantong other area poor many of when, Government told we, this called ' area differences '; Dang last adjustable paid 30% to narrowed area differences of when, also is Government told we, said province in allows area differences, so cannot sent; Dang we again asked up year-end award of when, Government told we has performance assessment...... "

Paper also said, "when the County's civil service and personnel of public institutions on the wage increase by 900 Yuan, but when there was no teacher, the Government says that's not a ' salary ', called increasing subsidies! Heard there cars up...... "

On December 1, named "such as teacher's rights and" bloggers published a "petition", said to "fight for their reasonable and legitimate rights and interests" in the "petition" place check with the teacher's name below. Shandong villagers burned to death behind the

According to the journalists about the surging, from December 2, such as the experimental primary school, juegang primary school and some school "teachers break" phenomenon. Students and parents also posted a message on micro-circle of friends, only self-study classes at school, teaching all of the normal stop.

Jiangsu Rudong multiple teachers collective Jiangsu Rudong multiple teachers collective Jiangsu Rudong multiple teachers collective

"The Rudong teachers signed a petition" Twitter screenshots

FUSE: the County civil service increased 900 Yuan a month

Such as a primary school teacher in the local Fang Ze (a pseudonym), surging on news that, as early as two months ago, they learned that County civil service, prepared by the staff of public institutions, increased monthly salary of 900 Yuan, the county teachers did not. It is also the county teachers ' collective "rights" the fuse.

Rudong County Finance Bureau Director Yuan Jian surging on the news confirmed, Rudong County, this year the Government released its "73rd of the text", a monthly increase of all County departments, institutions, "travel expenses lump sum fee" 900 Yuan, the purpose of which is to optimize the management, "used to go to the city or field work, need to pick up our tickets to reimbursement. But the Government once the 900 Yuan per month into the payroll card. "

Yuan Jian also confirmed that the County's teachers, doctors, the two groups did not increase "900 Yuan a month," subsidies.

28-year old teacher Zhang Qi (not his real name) said that when she first entered the school, about a month's wages in early 2000, for 8 years, about 2700 Yuan per month, plus performance related pay and annual salary at about 45,000 yuan. Such wage levels below the surrounding area of Tongzhou, Qidong, Rugao, MSC and other counties.

"Our teachers with other parts of Nantong, wage gap in more than 1000 Yuan a month. Our teachers ' workloads are nothing less than them, and our education in Rudong, Jiangsu Province as a whole is in front. This year the highest rate in the province is. "In the education system has 21 years ' experience in Rudong County teacher Zhou told journalists the surging, his wages only 3700 Yuan a month now, but the workload is high, at 6 in the morning to school, at 10 o'clock in the evening to go home. This income is not commensurate with his hard work.

Surging journalists learned that on November 30, such as the experimental primary school, juegang primary more than more than 200 teachers in these two schools "petition" sign, and the principal City Bureau of petitions submitted to the East. On December 2, two school teachers begin classes, for students studying.

"Us strike is not completely accurate, shall I say. All of our teachers are in the classroom, just don't teach children to study. "Teacher Zhou told the word news, such a situation continues, because the Education Department has not given any response.

Education sector: "break" teachers have classes resume

Rudong County Education Bureau Deputy Director Liu Chongguo surging told journalists, for 900 Yuan, understood as a benefit or privilege of teachers, but in fact, none of the teachers is to enjoy this kind of treatment in Nantong.

According to Liu Chongguo introduced this "go-slow" mainly involves the dongshi juegang and small primary schools, about dozens of teachers, but United signed nearly 20 school teachers.

"Said slack, they (teachers) the lecture does not lecture, but students do homework. "On December 4, Liu Chongguo confirmed to journalists surging after two days of the county teachers a collective" break ". However, from December 4, these teachers had returned to a normal school.

According to Liu Chongguo introduction, Rudong County, over more than 6,000 in-service teachers, teachers ' salaries more Nantong "South County" (Qidong, haimen, Tongzhou), Nantong and lower teacher pay 1000 Yuan or so. There is such a gap, and is related to the total local financial situation.