Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Year talk Sichuan Mianyang yellow 240 square meters of new houses looking forward

 "Editor's note"

"Xiao Shu top white hair is not full, guard round the fire spent sleeping. "During the Spring Festival family reunion around night to share the fun, share the pain. Shen monkey, the Chinese economy continues to dream great strides forward in the new normal, how are you people? Ding You cock the Spring Festival, and how they spend it? During the Spring Festival and what are the wishes and hopes of ordinary people? The Spring Festival, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interviews with 35 families nationwide, through the same questions answered 10 questions, listen to them tell his stories of ordinary people. 7 days of the Spring Festival holiday, day, there will be 5 families have been surging in the sound.

Year talk Sichuan Mianyang | yellow: 240 square meters of new houses, looking forward to this year, moved into their new homes

Yellow family

Interlocutor: yellow, 42 years old, yanting County in Mianyang, Sichuan people, artists, workers in Guangdong

Surging News: how many people are there in your family, reunion this year? '

Yellow: we are home to a total of 13 people, this year's Spring Festival family reunions, family is not reunited. Personnel a lot hasn't come back, were working outside.

Surging News: How do you eat on new year's Eve was, watching the Spring Festival Gala yet?

Yellow: the family together and drinking wine, watching the Spring Festival Gala. I did not finish reading, eating meals with the neighbors play recreational (Eve).

Surging News: where do you work, what do you do? Income last year?

Yellow: I work in Guangdong is mainly are mainly doing art was painting and garden design and construction side of things. Income last year at around eighty thousand or ninety thousand.

Surging News: got no buy or purchase plan?

Yellow: none. Have bought a house in Huizhou, but property disputes (not yet submitted), as developers have sold us the House for three years, has not been in the Bureau of registration, now the prosecution, the Court has not found.

Home projects (wudu water diversion projects) was in our old House, old houses have been requisitioned, we built a new House to compensation, probably in about 240 square meters, has been repaired, and no decoration. Planned for 2017 renovated, now a temporary stay (live) in a neighbor's House.

Surging News: purchases this year?

Yellow: not yet.

Surging News: how big is the kids?

Yellow: the eldest 18, third. Second taller at the age of 15, 37 years in the first grade.

Surging News: now working outside, how long contact time to her family?

Yellow: one of my people working outside, wife at home looking after the children, 2 days to contact home, main and wife chat about home and work on stuff.

Surging News: 2016-what is the biggest harvest in 2017, what you wish for?

Yellow: home built a new House, and his wife has gone through a marriage certificate (joint family), because in the past together for six or seven years, and not rush. 2017 is that they house renovated, as early as practicable. Also want outside work project would be able to get their hands on, get out.

Surging News: last year there is no big change? Sichuan police advised against stopping by woman

Yellow: hometown is changed, the State (start) xiuwu project this project, saying it was "the second dujiangyan." Later, it will be resolved here before we "rely on the" problem of diversion.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sichuan police 19 years without home back before the Spring Festival in Hubei

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

19 years without him I went back, travel thousands of miles for a brief reunion with his family, is the most beautiful memories in this Spring Festival. He is the people's armed police corps detachment officer Hu Hanquan, Sichuan province, this year is the fourth year he attended Spring Festival duty post. The $literal of Hubei men, 18 years in the army, graduated from military academy that year, has failed to return home for the new year for 19 years. Every time I see old man, old Hu will unconsciously, to lend a hand, because they figure always reminds older parents at home. Based on past experience, after the Spring Festival, Chengdu railway station the pressure will be on duty and, therefore, he is still unable to accompany the parents to the Chinese new year this year. Good old Hu had a four-day holiday, years ago, he decided to use this 4-day period, Hubei back home to see my parents.

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

"Small" the day before, to catch the first train, the old get up at five o'clock, less than six o'clock arrived at the railway station. Lao Hu carrying a large bag, packed full of all gifts for parents. 7:12 A.M., old Hu embarked D638 train. From Chengdu to the hometown of yingshan, Hubei, Sichuan, he will transfer to motor cars, passenger buses and cars in three vehicles, one way more than 1300 kilometers, takes 17 hours.

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

Railroads at the other end, was worrying. Heavy addition to luggage, there are missing. The train all the way to the East, across the towns and villages, cross the bridge tunnel, toward the old Hu fondly dreaming of home. After 17 hours of travel, at 10 o'clock, old home at last. Ahead to the home, the couple has been waiting for his son back in the evening. Old new year gifts back home, is to give parents a new dress from head to toe. He said, his parents each year to buy a new suit, because rural does not wear new clothes to greet the new year.

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

Old mother listening and language barriers, father is mentally defective. Hu Hanquan also has a brother and a sister, had worked in the County. Usually does not give parents money, is because parents did not know money won't spend money. He left his sister with a banking card, groceries to my parents. Home the first breakfast is my mother cooked soup and egg noodles. Only three people eating, mother breath made six eggs into the pan. Pushing and shoving, the mother to be old eggs into a bowl. Humble home, four-cabin, a table, a few benches. There's nothing decent furniture, a few eggs mother feel like the best thing. Son grow up, parents are also getting older. Each time you come back, old Hu will do what we can to help the family to do some farm work.

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

Killing years of the pig, cake, stew pot ... ... 19 years did not go home for the new year, old Hu can't remember on new year's Eve at home are going to get. That he came back, the home of the relatives all came together, reunion dinner specially prepared for him a table. There are many reservoir in yingshan, old door also has a. The next morning, the old Hu and his sister on the back of mother and father went for a walk around the largest reservoir.

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

Capable of carrying their mother, is to let the old Hu was the most happy thing. Four years ago, old lover for the first time with parents shopping for Wuhan, two old men very happy. After that experience, the old Hu and his family made a bold decision by the annual holiday, with nearly 70 per cent of parents to travel to the country.

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

In order to catch the morning train, at four o'clock in the afternoon, Hu will be getting friends, old car go back to Wuhan. Before leaving, my mother watching him in silence. Nude video online still sell original 100 Yuan

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

Old don't know when is the next time I go home, time to say farewell, old Hu said to his parents, next time you come back to take them to Beijing to play. Tears rolled down the man in the eye, and soon he was crying uncontrollably, tears flow next to the parent's skirt.

Sichuan police 19 years without home, back before the Spring Festival in Hubei province to visit relatives with mother cry

(Original title: not home for the new year in the 19 years he held the mother crying of tears)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Beijing a small passenger cars and heavy vehicles rollover accident of spontaneous

@ Beijing traffic police January 21, at noon today at 11:55, West six rings within rings, 145 kilometers of Haidian District, a small passenger car and a heavy special vehicle accidents, resulting in spontaneous combustion of small passenger car rollover, 3 people were killed and 2 others were injured in small passenger cars.

At present, the accident is under further investigation. Beijing rental black agents collect rent on breach

Monday, January 16, 2017

Unit saved father worried was when he dared not say that account has already

Legal evening news app public "one spot" on January 16, on January 14, the one published article: "unit to save the child": I wanted to keep a child's eye, his world is bright, reprinted by people's daily and other media and Web site a lot.

Netizens looking at tens of thousands of messages, we once again feel the power of love.

Today (January 16), one scene repeated and "share save" hang hang Daddy Fan Fugui contact channels he refuses to make contributions or directly published accounts.

He said ...

"Bank account not to publish, I'm afraid I'll check out the donor's information. "

"Either announced Alipay account, and such other information, I can write it down, contact people, for people, in less than maybe can go back later......"

"PayPal can't set a ceiling of 100,000? But I just want to receive (help) 100,000 help. I was in a hurry to operate on the child, why are people so much money. "

"If they really gave me a lot of money, not get back and can only donate to charities. I don't want to be ' Raoul ', who then turn no one trusted the society nobody love. "

"Well, PayPal is not published, everyone now I donate more than 50,000 more, enough to pay a deposit of 30,000 admitted, the rest of the see to help better fit how ... ..."

On contributions, he seems to be more tangled than ours.

Today (January 16) day, reporters and the aircraft's father calls for more than an hour, he has been careful to protect their bottom line – good enough, never too much. Raise enough early surgical treatment, so as not to blind children.

Many times, he referred to "Raoul", lest people misunderstand him, and mistake him for fear will hurt the love of society as a whole.

I didn't hype

Naked knees beg to play and suddenly the idea of

"No, no, no, I'm not hype. "Unit to initiate the save event, said Fan Fugui, yourself absolutely no speculation.

"Do you think I enjoy kneeling on the street? I want to live a normal life! We can't, our children to heal, we cannot cross a normal life! "

That strip naked before kneeling, he shouted at his wife. Because his wife didn't understand his behavior.

For fan rich who try so hard to look at the child, seeking process is slow.

Finally, for the several hospitals, finally seeing the right doctors, but learned that his money is not enough to look at the child, he is almost a little angrily stormed out. Reporter undercover QQ Group of suicide filled

Of course, the rage behind more grief, despair and sorrow.

That day, he considered suicide, but think about your poor baby died.

Look inside and outside the hospital, crowded to see children with parents, he suddenly "open", as parents, to cure the child, not what not to do!

So he left dignity, nearby shops paid 10 bucks for whiteboard and markers, wrote "unit to save the child".

The winter streets of Beijing, he took off from Chongqing to wear to jacket, shoes, jeans, never want to kneel down, raised his stick, and passers-by, "beating" his incompetent father of this don't have the ability to look at the child.

A silent wife, hug children, knelt on the side he took off his jacket, his head down, silently accompany.

Passersby cast a strange vision, after reading the text silently put the money, no one touched his hand "punishment stick."

"Put on your clothes, don't freeze out, ill take their children to see a doctor. "An aunt to lay down their money and go back.

In Beijing the other day, blue sky is clean.

Only 1 more small Airlines flight did not understand what had happened, in the mother's arms squinting to.

Fortunately, his eyes could not see to remember Dad "humiliating" Act.

Unfortunately, his eyes are not clear, invisible dad how tall and soldierly bearing at the moment.

Dad loved Airways flight.

Air navigation, loving father.

I have a two-story house, and opened a small factory

But please look at my house, I'm not that kind of ... ...

This is fan rich home, a two-story building, and a yard.

Such a House, put Villa level in big cities, but in humid Chongqing is standard.

Closer look, "Villa" crude State.

Asked about his family, Fan Fugui honestly, his work in the field, said money is no that is nonsense. Saved some money in those years, opened a small carving factory in Chongqing, but lost after one or two years, he continued to work in Chongqing, monthly wages around 2000.

"If not for the lost, the operation is not so worried. "Fan Fugui said yesterday he had told people that want to sell, a kind-hearted person to discourage him and insisted on his 2000 Yuan.

"Don't sell! Give the child also lives. "The man said.

In reality, this old House, medical bills for air navigation is also plays a big role, and they didn't even have.

Children's eye disease is born

But I don't want him to go blind for life

Airlines air play in the yard, his lower left eye.

Blinded as a child, opened only five months.

Open your eyes it's not open, always squinting a seam to look at people.

Summer and are afraid to open your eyes, sensitivity to light.

From small cap on the crawl, to catch a few times before, it came out that he saw things shaking.

Fan Fugui said that even if the donated money, he would also like to say that this to remind everyone concerned about children's vision, abnormal treatment, don't delay child like him.

Navigation integrated airlines suffering from congenital eye diseases, congenital aniridia eye anterior segment of eye development, abnormalities in the eye ball, clinical light vitreous opacities (left eye) and other diagnostic results.

This is different from the cure for glaucoma and cataracts-a high level of illness, treatment of complex, and recurrence.

At present, even the doctors cannot guarantee that several operations to treat good airlines airlines, finished the operation, along with the child's growth and development, surgical site may return to the same, you'll have surgery again.

"But as long as there has been appropriate treatment, he will not go blind. "Fan Fugui said," I don't want to let children go blind, think he's old enough to take care of themselves. "

Surgery has not yet been determined

Turn a stay, I try to be a good father

"Operation to be done many times, 100,000 might be insufficient, but cannot always rely on everybody, I will try, finished the surgery, I can go to work to earn money, to treat children. "Fan Fugui has repeatedly stressed that, you can't just rely on us help, will want to try to be a good father.

One site said today (January 16) afternoon to contact the previous airlines airlines visit the Beijing children's Hospital, the hospital said because airlines Airlines has not been hospitalized, they also cannot determine all treatment options and costs.

Fan Fugui previously had times to Chongqing rongchang righteousness town government home section application money to children cure, home section LU Director today morning accept one site reporter interview said, airlines Airlines has Medicare, should can in treatment Shi has part costs of relief, doctor Hou also can took receipt to government sector, see whether also has two times subsidies, but cannot beyond provides ahead of application large treatment fee provides to they.

Lu also said as far as they know, Fan Fugui's life before the do as it says, not particularly difficult, no money now to look at the child's plight seems to be connected with its previous domestic distress.

Many hospitals, leaving father and son stick figure

"Over years to raise enough money, we also went to Beijing to look at the child, talk with guys if there is not enough. "At present, Fan Fugui has received more than 50,000 was granted. Although the expected 100,000 there are gaps, he said, as long as enough surgery prior to the treatment, and will not disclose account information.

Today also has a lot of friends through our transfer of money to them, and sincere thanks to you good people!

Thanks to their help, and thanks to our trust.

(Originally entitled the unit saved Dad: already more than 50,000 contributions, afraid of being when he dared not say that account)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

National rail plan sent 8 5 million visitors on the first day of Spring Festival

According to the latest statistics of China's railway company, today the railway is expected to send up to 8.5 million passengers, passenger departure mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Operation Xin Huang, Deputy Director of the Transportation Bureau of the China Railway Corporation explained that the surge in passenger traffic on the first day of Spring Festival travel, mainly because come 11 days earlier than last year, this year, stream flow, work flow, to relatives of students highly stacked form.

40 days during Spring Festival, railways run trains is expected to a record high in the number of.

According to the ticket sale information, traveling this year accounted for two-thirds of the total railway passenger flow of visitors around, add new trains, high-speed rail has become a major force.

Normal railway operation of single rail, EMU will be replaced by joint units at the same time, peak in the opening line of the night of high-speed rail.

Called reconnection, is the single group of eight cars will run daily train connection line, capacity increases 1 time, night offers more choices for high-speed rail passengers, currently established line from Beijing to Harbin, Wuhan and Guangzhou and Shanghai to Hankow and Shanghai to Nanchang will add 73.5 on the night train. New train information will be released through 12306 website, passengers can access query.

(Formerly titled Spring national rail plan to send all 8.5 million motor cars on the first day the reconnection) Dushan Guizhou the largest film city of broken

Monday, January 9, 2017

Beijing language and Culture University Associate Professor of Middle East Egypt

On January 8, the Beijing language and Culture University Student Union in the Middle East said the hospital Associate Professor, Egypt Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute of Suez Canal University Dr Li Zhenhua December 31 Egypt Sinai Sharm el Sheikh city, lost contact.

Beijing language and Culture University Associate Professor of Middle East Egypt diving disappeared, and police to search for

Plan to associate professor Egypt diving missing Egypt police to search.

Li Zhenhua's sister-in-law told North Green newspaper reporter, Li Zhenhua from 2016 to Egypt in daily work, on January 3, the family received a notice from Beijing language and Culture University, said Li Zhenhua in Egypt lost.

On January 8, the Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Embassy announcement said at noon on December 31, Li Zhenhua Egypt South Sinai, Sharm el Sheikh city at the SEA CLUB RESORT dive lost. Stationed in Egypt attaches great importance to the matter of the Embassy in the afternoon led by Yu Hailin, Counsellor of the Embassy sent, head of the Education Office of the Consular Department, a working group composed of Shashi, urging Egypt to seize the search. Egyptian local government and police departments and other interested parties in the past two days the incident area and the surrounding coastline to search, there has not been found. Embassy in Egypt will pay close attention to this matter, and to continue to keep in touch with Egyptian authorities. Li Zhenhua domestic dispatch working group had arrived in Egypt. Sichuan unattached seniors in order to apply for

On January 9, the Embassy told the Beijing Youth daily reporter is still investigating the matter, "the process is not clear. "

It was also learned, Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Embassy January 7 tips travel Ethiopia and Chinese citizen, Egypt coastal tourist city more dive sites, but parts of the Sea Sea complex in winter low temperature, some security measures inadequate, venturing to dive at greater risk. Consulate to remind travel Ethiopia and Chinese citizens to raise safety awareness, a carefully chosen dive items and avoid luck and adventure. If we insist on diving must pay close attention to changes in weather, sea conditions, and safety tips, and conducted in a professional escort.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Beijing Tongzhou Laba Festival a man hacked to death his father with a knife

Legal evening news, today (January 5) is a Chinese Laba, was supposed to be a time for family reunions when drinking Laba porridge, willowbank gardens district, Tongzhou district in Beijing massacre occurred, in homes for the elderly killed a man armed with a knife. Community security and witnesses said the dead assailant's father. At present, the police have stepped in to investigate the matter.

Beijing Tongzhou Laba Festival a man hacked to death his father with a knife, police have suspected control

Willowbank gardens, 6th in the district police cars parked downstairs, police in the careful exploration of the site. This pictures are legal evening news

About 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a reporter went to the incident at willowbank gardens in the community, in the 6th, two or three police cars parked downstairs, dressed in "crime scene investigation" fashion police, was inside the building passed his door, carefully survey the site.

"12 o'clock noon, we had just finished our dinner, residents nervously ran for help. "Willowbank gardens to a security guard, said, he and his colleagues came to the House is aware, a young man, his father with a knife cut," is primarily injuries to the face and arms, 120 emergency personnel after the arrival, we will help people down. "

Beijing Tongzhou Laba Festival a man hacked to death his father with a knife, police have suspected control

Community unit has more than one paw in the door, walls and railings were stained with blood. Media net purchases by the end of the brush members

According to the introduction of security guards, the police quickly rushed to the community, wounding male control.

Reporters at the scene saw residential unit has more than one paw in the door, walls and railings were bloodied, knocked at the door, no one promised in the House. Families have been rushed to the hospital.

Xinhua learned from insiders, hurt man was also cut when hand injuries, facial injuries for the elderly is heavy, died in a hospital. Currently, police are investigating the matter. (This article was originally entitled the father were found hacked to death with a knife in Tongzhou, a man police have been able to control)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Li Chinese belong to Sichuan Qinghai 60 missing people home relatives of this

Mangnai safe micro letter public on January 1, January 1, 2017, mangnai, Qinghai province 60 "big wave Beach" Li Zhonghua missing persons on their journey home, mangnai Wei ju Li Zhonghua remains, relics handed over Li Zhonghua two relatives.

Li Chinese belong to Sichuan, Qinghai 60 missing people home, relatives of this transfer, remains

Forensic DNA identification to show relatives reported.

On December 23, 2016, I received of Ding Shan police station in bazhou district, bazhong city, Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau branch "letter of assist" and "information note", confirmed Li Zhonghua wife Deng long son-in-law Yang Tingji bright arrangement with a relative visiting the mangnai, Qinghai province, received the remains and relics.

Li Chinese belong to Sichuan, Qinghai 60 missing people home, relatives of this transfer, remains Li Chinese belong to Sichuan, Qinghai 60 missing people home, relatives of this transfer, remains Li Chinese belong to Sichuan, Qinghai 60 missing people home, relatives of this transfer, remains

Forensic to show relatives letters, papers and other artifacts.

Mangnai Police attach great importance to, and keep in touch with Yang Tingji daily, recognizing mangnai most convenient routes. On December 30, two-Member Yang Tingji on Sichuan Airlines 3U8569 flight arrived in Dunhuang city, Gansu province. Between two people aged over 60 years, the Qinghai-Tibet plateau for the first time and didn't know anyone, I hire car and experienced chefs visiting Dunhuang to meet. 31st, overcoming road snow from freezing weather, at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon reached the mangnai huatugou Township. Contact two people staying at a hotel and arranged for the dinner, bought oxygen bags to prevent altitude sickness.

Li Chinese belong to Sichuan, Qinghai 60 missing people home, relatives of this transfer, remains

Transfer of all relatives.

On new year's day morning, Interpol Brigade working group to Yang Tingji II people introduced has "waves Beach" missing personnel Li Zhonghua of found situation, and qingchuan police collaboration looking for, and DNA check material of extraction and the identification, situation, Yang Tingji on Qinghai police and Sichuan police expression has sincere of thanks, on Mang ya Public Security Bureau promote "are energy", full "tracing" and relatives to Qinghai provides means of help to and has height praised.

Physical evidence Police Brigade personnel have shown Yang Tingji all the relics. List sign in the transfer of goods, remains and relics of structured packing, all handed over to the relatives of Li Zhonghua, and charged properly kept correspondence and other precious relics.

Li Chinese belong to Sichuan, Qinghai 60 missing people home, relatives of this transfer, remains

5000 contributions will be sent to the hands of relatives. Online ticket trap survey 200 Yuan ctrip team

Given the difficulties in Deng Guangming, mangnai Committee Bureau actively offer love, donation of 5000 Yuan in cash to send staff into the hands of Yang Tingji and Dunhuang tours to pay costs.

New year new year's day of reunion, in the "big wave Beach in" no man's land and Sun for more than 50 years, "Li Zhonghua" Sichuan hometown finally set foot on soul's journey!

(Formerly titled Flash: mangnai, Qinghai "big wave Beach" missing Li Zhonghua home! 》)