Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Year talk Sichuan Mianyang yellow 240 square meters of new houses looking forward

 "Editor's note"

"Xiao Shu top white hair is not full, guard round the fire spent sleeping. "During the Spring Festival family reunion around night to share the fun, share the pain. Shen monkey, the Chinese economy continues to dream great strides forward in the new normal, how are you people? Ding You cock the Spring Festival, and how they spend it? During the Spring Festival and what are the wishes and hopes of ordinary people? The Spring Festival, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interviews with 35 families nationwide, through the same questions answered 10 questions, listen to them tell his stories of ordinary people. 7 days of the Spring Festival holiday, day, there will be 5 families have been surging in the sound.

Year talk Sichuan Mianyang | yellow: 240 square meters of new houses, looking forward to this year, moved into their new homes

Yellow family

Interlocutor: yellow, 42 years old, yanting County in Mianyang, Sichuan people, artists, workers in Guangdong

Surging News: how many people are there in your family, reunion this year? '

Yellow: we are home to a total of 13 people, this year's Spring Festival family reunions, family is not reunited. Personnel a lot hasn't come back, were working outside.

Surging News: How do you eat on new year's Eve was, watching the Spring Festival Gala yet?

Yellow: the family together and drinking wine, watching the Spring Festival Gala. I did not finish reading, eating meals with the neighbors play recreational (Eve).

Surging News: where do you work, what do you do? Income last year?

Yellow: I work in Guangdong is mainly are mainly doing art was painting and garden design and construction side of things. Income last year at around eighty thousand or ninety thousand.

Surging News: got no buy or purchase plan?

Yellow: none. Have bought a house in Huizhou, but property disputes (not yet submitted), as developers have sold us the House for three years, has not been in the Bureau of registration, now the prosecution, the Court has not found.

Home projects (wudu water diversion projects) was in our old House, old houses have been requisitioned, we built a new House to compensation, probably in about 240 square meters, has been repaired, and no decoration. Planned for 2017 renovated, now a temporary stay (live) in a neighbor's House.

Surging News: purchases this year?

Yellow: not yet.

Surging News: how big is the kids?

Yellow: the eldest 18, third. Second taller at the age of 15, 37 years in the first grade.

Surging News: now working outside, how long contact time to her family?

Yellow: one of my people working outside, wife at home looking after the children, 2 days to contact home, main and wife chat about home and work on stuff.

Surging News: 2016-what is the biggest harvest in 2017, what you wish for?

Yellow: home built a new House, and his wife has gone through a marriage certificate (joint family), because in the past together for six or seven years, and not rush. 2017 is that they house renovated, as early as practicable. Also want outside work project would be able to get their hands on, get out.

Surging News: last year there is no big change? Sichuan police advised against stopping by woman

Yellow: hometown is changed, the State (start) xiuwu project this project, saying it was "the second dujiangyan." Later, it will be resolved here before we "rely on the" problem of diversion.