Monday, January 9, 2017

Beijing language and Culture University Associate Professor of Middle East Egypt

On January 8, the Beijing language and Culture University Student Union in the Middle East said the hospital Associate Professor, Egypt Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute of Suez Canal University Dr Li Zhenhua December 31 Egypt Sinai Sharm el Sheikh city, lost contact.

Beijing language and Culture University Associate Professor of Middle East Egypt diving disappeared, and police to search for

Plan to associate professor Egypt diving missing Egypt police to search.

Li Zhenhua's sister-in-law told North Green newspaper reporter, Li Zhenhua from 2016 to Egypt in daily work, on January 3, the family received a notice from Beijing language and Culture University, said Li Zhenhua in Egypt lost.

On January 8, the Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Embassy announcement said at noon on December 31, Li Zhenhua Egypt South Sinai, Sharm el Sheikh city at the SEA CLUB RESORT dive lost. Stationed in Egypt attaches great importance to the matter of the Embassy in the afternoon led by Yu Hailin, Counsellor of the Embassy sent, head of the Education Office of the Consular Department, a working group composed of Shashi, urging Egypt to seize the search. Egyptian local government and police departments and other interested parties in the past two days the incident area and the surrounding coastline to search, there has not been found. Embassy in Egypt will pay close attention to this matter, and to continue to keep in touch with Egyptian authorities. Li Zhenhua domestic dispatch working group had arrived in Egypt. Sichuan unattached seniors in order to apply for

On January 9, the Embassy told the Beijing Youth daily reporter is still investigating the matter, "the process is not clear. "

It was also learned, Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Embassy January 7 tips travel Ethiopia and Chinese citizen, Egypt coastal tourist city more dive sites, but parts of the Sea Sea complex in winter low temperature, some security measures inadequate, venturing to dive at greater risk. Consulate to remind travel Ethiopia and Chinese citizens to raise safety awareness, a carefully chosen dive items and avoid luck and adventure. If we insist on diving must pay close attention to changes in weather, sea conditions, and safety tips, and conducted in a professional escort.