Thursday, January 12, 2017

National rail plan sent 8 5 million visitors on the first day of Spring Festival

According to the latest statistics of China's railway company, today the railway is expected to send up to 8.5 million passengers, passenger departure mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Operation Xin Huang, Deputy Director of the Transportation Bureau of the China Railway Corporation explained that the surge in passenger traffic on the first day of Spring Festival travel, mainly because come 11 days earlier than last year, this year, stream flow, work flow, to relatives of students highly stacked form.

40 days during Spring Festival, railways run trains is expected to a record high in the number of.

According to the ticket sale information, traveling this year accounted for two-thirds of the total railway passenger flow of visitors around, add new trains, high-speed rail has become a major force.

Normal railway operation of single rail, EMU will be replaced by joint units at the same time, peak in the opening line of the night of high-speed rail.

Called reconnection, is the single group of eight cars will run daily train connection line, capacity increases 1 time, night offers more choices for high-speed rail passengers, currently established line from Beijing to Harbin, Wuhan and Guangzhou and Shanghai to Hankow and Shanghai to Nanchang will add 73.5 on the night train. New train information will be released through 12306 website, passengers can access query.

(Formerly titled Spring national rail plan to send all 8.5 million motor cars on the first day the reconnection) Dushan Guizhou the largest film city of broken