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Drone toy prices Gao Tongxiao Dragon 801 announced reference design

Drone toy prices? Gao Tongxiao Dragon 801 announced reference design

  Wei Feng network, September 14, in recent days, currently the largest smart-phone chip maker Qualcomm announced that will be more intelligent, more cheap drone, inject fresh vitality into the UAV market. Meanwhile, Qualcomm also unveiled their Snapdragon reference design for unmanned Flight (Xiao long vehicles), compared with allegedly other drones in HD video, navigation, and communication in superior.

  According to information released Qualcomm, Snapdragon based on Snapdragon Flight 801 design, but also high-pass their own smart-phone chips for the first time brought to the UAV field, most of the machines is no stranger to the chip, it was once the flagship Android phone processor, HTC, Samsung Galaxy One M8 S5 and Sony Xperia Z3 has used chips are quad-core design, frequency can be reached 2.26GHz.

  Snapdragon Flight unmanned, Snapdragon 801 will play a key role as a real-time controller such as its DSP digital signal processor, bringing GPS global satellite navigation receiver, supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and provides quick charging cable support can handle 4K video in real time, and also supports sensors such as barometers, etc. Because of Qualcomm's strategy is similar to mobile phone market, announced a set of relevant software and SDK development tool, therefore the chip whether the drone is also OEM hardware vendors, potential seems to be quite amazing.

  Qualcomm entered the UAV market what does that mean? As we all know, the past couple of years, unmanned aerial vehicle development is soaring, DIY UAV has become many people's interest, you can see that many fans use the drones start doing all kinds of crazy things, such as room service, fishing, aerial photography program and catch the thieves and so on. However, the UAV market is still young, it's not a cheap toy, excellent high power drone quite expensive, ranging from thousands of, many tens of thousands.

  However, Qualcomm's involvement would make the UAV market change, not only to achieve strong hardware UAV rapid manufacturing and production to help unmanned machines reduce a huge amount of volume and enhancements, but also can be sold at an affordable price. Most importantly, high pass from profitable.

Drone toy prices? Gao Tongxiao Dragon 801 announced reference design

  Qualcomm hopes fill the gap between expensive expensive and cheap drone

  There is no doubt that high pass into the UAV market is at the moment quite a smart move, because no one can provide quite limited to date, especially in terms of high-fidelity visual experience or smart technology. So, for unmanned aerial vehicles leads to better primary function became Qualcomm's breakthrough, Snapdragon Flight platform for unmanned aerial vehicles will in future significantly improved communications with the ground, with 4K ultra-HD video recording as well as.

  "The benefits of integrated design is realized unmanned aerial vehicles reduce the size, weight and power consumption, thus prolonging the flight time and improve safety. "Qualcomm said, through the integrated chip, aerial drones price can drop hundreds of dollars.

  It is understood that Qualcomm Yuneec's first partner in China, has taken the lead in completed the Snapdragon-based UAV Flight platform design, highly integrated circuit board size of only 58x40mm specification, but was only officially commercialized by 2016.

  High throughput as long as the reassuring drone with powerful and battery level, according to the two characteristics of the development of the huge price difference. But Qualcomm does not wish to significantly raise prices, because most fans focus more on unmanned aerial vehicle basic performance and the functionality provided by Qualcomm, much to their later adjustment can be made better. All in all drones market still has a long way to go, if the price and performance advantages together, and believe that the near future will make up the development. Paul Frank case

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Paul Frank case

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By canister shot and injured in Meizhou Guangdong Province informed the 2 middle

By canister shot and injured in Meizhou, Guangdong Province informed the 2 middle school students: Associates fire have been arrested 3 people

Meizhou informed the police confirmed by further investigation, the case appeared to reverse, sure shot accidentally injured party associates, and two of the injured were students. Sky high priced shrimp frequent diseases total

On March 28, Meizhou, Guangdong Public Security Bureau informed of the shooting occurred in the city's business district injured: 2 high school students by canister shot and injured, 1 seriously injured, 3 people have been arrested and detained in connection with the police seized homemade shotgun 1; shooting victim friends accidentally caused.

The afternoon of March 26, Fang da DAO Hong, bin enhua in Meizhou City Plaza shooting, 2 victims caused various injuries. 27th official micro-blog, Meizhou City Public Security Bureau said in a report, the day at 17 o'clock, two suspects riding a motorcycle, at square fired a shot with a shotgun on the roadside, killing 2 men injured in the square. Injured blue (male) head injuries, has been rushed to a hospital in time for treatment, not life-threatening. Another injured beam (male) arm injury, minor injury, do not need hospital treatment.

Local users in Meizhou surging followers tell News (www.thepaper.CN), wounded two students per capita. After the incident, more than Internet users in Meizhou City Public Security Bureau officer message under micro @ peace of Meizhou, suspected event with the "-related", and gunmen retaliated on the conflict object. @ Peace Meizhou later confirmed, two of them were in junior high school students, and through micro called on the people to actively provide clues.

Reported that to breakthrough cases and eliminate adverse social impact, Meizhou city and district level police set up a task force, starting with the scene of trace evidence, suspects of the crime using firearms and vehicle characteristics were identified; troubleshoot victim relationships, visit information; check surveillance video around the site information by combing integration outlines the physical features of the relevant personnel.

"By further investigation, the case appeared to reverse, police identified the shooting victims Fang accidentally. "Informed said: March 26 17 o'clock Xu, crime suspects beam a and blue a (injured), 4 people in meijiang district bin Fong Avenue a KTV consumption Shi, met previously with occurred contradictions of Bell a, people, beam a (male, 14 age, meijiang district people) was spur called Zhang a (male, 15 age, fengshun built bridge town people, nickname" Dragon brother ") came lessons Bell a, people. Beam a, 4 people left KTV downstairs Shi, was Bell a, people chased to, Meizhou city, enhua commercial square, at Lee a (male, 16 age, meijiang district North town people) riding with motorcycle contains with Zhang a, gun came to enhua square, to Bell a, people shooting, led to beam a of friends blue a (14 age, fengshun people) left eye rupture and the head facial, and upper body more at different degree injured (by forensic preliminary identification for injured II level).

At present, the suspect Liang, Zhang, Li was detained, hearing dig is in progress, and police are trying to trace the sources of guns.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Drivers drunk driving in Zhengzhou sanitation worker killed after escaping settled

Drivers drunk driving in Zhengzhou sanitation worker killed after escaping, settled back to onlookers at the scene were arrested

Was the scene of the police investigation. Henan business daily

Dahe news, yesterday afternoon, in the West ring road, Zhengzhou city, driver killed by a drunk after sanitation workers driving to escape. One thought is, the good driver, settled down overseas and damaged cars, he returned to the scene the onlookers. His unusual behavior, causing police vigilance, ultimately was caught on the spot.

Garbage man was hit and killed the driver driving escape

Garbage man was hit and killed, located in Zhengzhou city, West loop and Longhai railway South about 500 meters east of the elevated crossing. Yesterday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a reporter on the scene saw deceased covered blue, the traffic police brigade police was doing the scene.

Zhao said to the families of the deceased, dead man surnamed Geng, 58 years old, water town, whose daughter married, and divorced his wife, now alone. Knew he was hit, quickly catch up, but people have to die, "more maddening is that the driver ran away. "

Zhao said, at the time of the incident, the driver dared to escape, most likely didn't have a license, or arrested for drunk driving.

Witnesses said Mr CHENG, the accident occurred around 13:50. Was only heard the "boom" is a loud, knocked down by a white car after sanitation workers, running down the middle of the flower beds, turn left to the South. "The urgency of the situation at that time, could not remember the license plate number. " Guangzhou man Sun outbound photo controversy daughter

Tracing the perpetrator was alcohol, returned to the scene the onlookers caught

15:30, the traffic police brigade police police investigation at the scene of the accident, an oncoming car in a hurry, attracted the police's vigilance. Two people inside the car, car did not stop, they asked, "How do people? "Two people get off, one of them was alcohol, stood shaking. "You are what the dead person? "Police asked road. "Who died? "Upon hearing this, drinking men face big change, stalled in silence. Civilian police to ask, he tries to run to run. Now, finally jiabuzhu civilian police continued to question two people, drinking man said he drank and hit driver.

According to his account, he was named Sun, 31 years old, is Hou Zhai area. After the accident, he road Faw car to the repair shop. Out of things, I do not know how other injuries and eventually decided to return to live view. At present, the police, Sun legal blood alcohol content.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Vice Governor of Jilin Province Jilin relatively prominent contradictions of

Northeast series of economic growth stalling problem was sparked focus. Representatives members are building a capital

On March 23, Jilin Vice Governor Jiang Youwei attend the Boao Forum for Asia, said Jilin contradiction relative overcapacity was not particularly prominent, not yet (lay-offs).

In the Northeast on the day as the theme of the Forum, Jiang Youwei media questions, have laid off workers in Heilongjiang province, Jilin has no unemployed problems. Jiang Youwei in response, many heavy industries in Northeast China, Jilin relative overcapacity of contradiction is not particularly serious, but actually under the influence of the country's excess capacity, "We roughly 14 million tons of iron and steel, coal capacity in more than 47 million tons ... ... Steel coal output per capita is not high. "

It is worth mentioning that, at the end of the Forum, Jiang Youwei also immediately went to the questioner, explaining again and again to capacity problems, stressed that no workers were laid off problems.

Once the industrial cradle, a marked decline in economic growth in Northeast China in recent years, some arrears problems of State-owned coal enterprises. In contrast, in the three provinces in Northeast China, Jilin's drop in economic growth is small. GDP of Jilin province in 2015 as compared with 6.5%, although growth slowed for two years, but it still ranks first in the three provinces in Northeast China.

In this regard, Jiang Youwei explained that economic growth eased, mainly industrial growth decline, key industries such as metallurgy, building materials, petrochemicals and coal run more difficult, the structural problems are not just in Jilin, Northeast China.

Jiang Youwei said Northeast end institutional issues, the problem of industrial structure and economic structure. "In terms of institutional mechanisms, we mainly, personal understanding of the market level is not high, the management and services of the Government, there are gaps, factor markets are underdeveloped, elements of property rights, technology, personnel, elements of high transaction costs and capital markets are underdeveloped, enterprise production environment there is a big gap. "

He mentioned in his speech, implementation services in Jilin this year battle, battle of the reform of State-owned enterprises, poverty of their State, speed up the implementation of the various policies.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Song Guo Qing the logic behind the price increases

Speaker: song Guo Qing (National School of development at Peking University Professor, former member of the Central Bank's monetary policy Committee)

Topics: analysis of recent macro-economic trends

Time: March 20

Sponsor: National School of development at Peking University, Shanghai Municipal Government Development Research Center, Research Institute of Shanghai State-owned capital operation

"Editor's note" Interview Stamford principal equality in education

Now says the economy warming up? On March 20, China's macro economy in 2016 (Shanghai) Forum, the National School of development at Peking University Professor Song Guoqing's answer is not sure. He said, "seems a bit, as if not sure, we're talking six or seven possibilities. "

For the recent rise in prices in first-tier cities, song Guo Qing's logic is that China has a high savings rate, return on investment and falling. Coupled with the urban land supply card is dead.

Following is a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) Professor Song Guoqing of the finishing parts of the speech excerpts:

Song Guo Qing: the logic behind the price increases

On March 20, China's macro economy in 2016 (Shanghai) Forum, the National School of development at Peking University Professor Song Guoqing.

I recently have been doing some studies of short-term economic fluctuations, also done this kind of thing in the past. Ordos have, not to mention the readymade House is, but houses there nobody wants. House prices rise and the economy warming associated with it? Can say warm yet? Seems a bit, as if not sure, we're talking six or seven possibilities. Luke (wing) teacher mentioned, we simply don't care "economy warming" back house prices on the subject, of course, not real estate increased by itself, but the logic behind it.

Should be said in December the investment growth rate is very high, was for many years one of the few high growth. Last December's growth rate is several points to 3 points. Logically, this involves six things.

First, potential growth rates declining. Now, of course, some people say an l-shaped drop, drop, at 6%, 7%, later maintained at this level for many years. If this is the case, of course, is very good. There is pessimism, said last fall. Pessimists say, leaping down. L-shape too difficult. Our power supply side reform ... ... Supply side of trust of the party and the people. How should we do? Change it slowly. But from a forecasting perspective, we still see the results now too optimistic projections, just like last year I heard "reform cow" to buy stocks. Hope is hope, forecast is to predict, are two different things, real things to do realistic plans.

Savings rates are slowly declining, high savings rate, so many savings do? Investment, investment is not exports, buying United States Treasury bonds. There is also a stock savings to GDP ratio in the high growth, a year of savings a year, savings that year and GDP growth, and a slight fall in the past few years, and this trend is difficult to determine. But a very high proportion of the stock savings growth.

Asset growth of industrial enterprises above designated size was 6.9% last year, liabilities grew by 5.6%, with a net worth growth rate 8, 9 points, profit fell 2.3%. 6.5% nominal GDP growth last year, disposable income growth is 9.1%, 0.5% population growth, profit growth rate of less than 2% of the whole society. Simply put, it is the rate of return on investment in the fall. Even after an l-shaped economic decline, rate of return on investment will decline. If not l-return on investment faster decline. Declining rapidly over the past few years, and from this point you can understand why the fall in interest rates.

Last year, financial markets, and financial product's expected rate of return has been shrinking. In April last year the Central Bank has done some work, monetary policy has to take some action, interbank interest rates fallen faster since last April, as compared with the past fell by more than 1 point, and return on investment have fallen much faster than this. Financial products are also reduced, interest rates are falling. Stock market last year in April or May, when is the most crazy moment, we don't know what's on you mind, two into loans interest rate is 8, and Rob were not forthcoming, the market interest rate at around 3, when it is 8 points more to borrow money in stocks. Also rating Fund, a conversion down share prices should also be 8 per cent interest rate, stock, and at least some of the expected rate of return is more than 8. Of course, by the end of June (the stock market) has been dropped, the expected rate of return fell, including two melt in contraction, grade a rose, all the expected rates of return expected to go flat. According to the current real interest rates, and bank deposits 1.7%, three-year t-bond yield 1.6%, 1.7% level. Why are interest rates so high? We are talking about China's high savings rate, in fact, count per capita assets, individual financial assets in the country, do not lose the mortgage, calculate other financial assets, less than 100 trillion-kilometer, is 70,000 yuan per capita.

That prediction, we are now seeing the real rate of return on investment in China will decline, which seems to be a sure thing. The real interest rate, now we can in accordance with expectations of about 1 point, the medium term may not be like this, real interest rates can also count to 1, but will soon come down, after that it will put all of the interest rate, rate of return on investment, and so on down. Reasons that speculation in the stock market last year, interest rates, stock prices were on the rise. The reasons for the decline in interest rates is a bad return on investment, the boss ran, so interest rate cuts, the news for the stock valuations are at best neutral, is not good news. If only because the rate cut speculation in the stock market, this is not right, cut business is the cause of poor performance. To put the entire chain together, because the economy is bad, so to cut interest rates, so the stock to rise, link removed, so is bad, so the stock to rise. Final return on investment to decline, real interest rates to 0, this should be a pretty quick thing, may be a fraction of the interest rate.

Price I again emphasize that if first-tier cities as well as land supply, that's entirely another matter, already dead, has been unable to expand the scale of investment, this is a hypothesis, but if there is supply that is another situation. Buy a House, from the demand side, there are different considerations from the supply side, to take these factors into account. Certainly not say China, global interest rates to drop, why didn't fed raise interest rates? Plus plus plus no more, is the Chinese save too much, you don't have enough capital. 2014, net national savings in China is probably the United States eight times, that is China saving a little to the United States over United States Treasury bonds, at once his interest rate to 0, this is a very bad thing. So China's savings and incremental thing, global interest rates are important factors, and not to mention the global economy itself has a tendency to lower interest rates, if they are not, Chinese money going out, playing very low interest rates.

(Finishing surge journalists according to the lecture shorthand draft, without review of the speaker. )

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OPPO R9 spring fashion show

  OPPO R9 spring fashion show

In recent years, rapid development of mobile platform SoC, quad-core CPU has been developed to mainstream, and even a new "4+4" structure. In addition to increasing the number and the frequency of the CPU core, GPU also cannot be ignored, we often see "12 stones", "16 stones" GPU propaganda, that fact and, how should we judge the GPU core at all?

Michael Kors Case

If literally manufacturers propaganda, consumers are likely to believe that "16-core" GPU Council is stronger than "12 stones" of the GPU, and "12 stones" GPU than Apple, Samsung's three-core, Quad-Core GPU than many, that really is the case, please?


As the PC platform competition number of stream processors, mobile platform popular competition the number of cores, but due to the vendors for the definition of the core is not unified, so often confuses a lot of people will, briefly explain common firms for the "core" concept:

1.ImgTec a relatively complete set of GPU PowerVR SGX 5XT series unit as a core.

2. nvidia Tegra GPU series will be a core ALU as a (number with unified MAD ALU ALU units, each for the scalar ALU and definitions may have different therefore temporarily excluded).

3. Qualcomm Adreno series does not focus on the core of propaganda, so long ignored.

4.ARM Mali-T6xx series will be a unified Shader unit as a core.

5.Vivante GC series a SIMD Shader pipeline as a core.


Below the current high-end GPU with a table for comparison to understand

Your phone's GPU is a few

Dark blue font above is reference content from Baidu GPU card (author: crayon small new hip hop)

Form can be understood as different manufacturers under different GPU in comparison to the standard "core".



ALU: arithmetic logic unit, for the vertex shader and pixel shader units are 4 channels, so the GPU's pixel shader and vertex shader units are designed to have four times the computational capabilities of ALU.

Unified calculation both Vertex Shader units, capable of Pixel calculations.

SIMD Shader (Vec4 Shader): in order to improve efficiency, Shader designed Vec4 SIMD, you can package the four data, and then use the same processing instruction. Of course if the data is less than four, computing power is wasted.


Here a small explanation of the table, we usually understand GPU "core" GPU units actually should be complete, as can be seen from the table, only ImgTec products using that standard, SGX554MP4 in a table that is on the iPad 4 GPU, it has four integrated GPU units, that is, we usually understand the "quad-core" GPU. Similar situations also Galaxy S3 Mali-400MP4 (quad-core) and Galaxy S4 SGX544MP3 (three cores). In this table, other than the Mali-T678 is a dual-core, including billed as the most Tegra4, Adreno320 and GC8000 is just our general understanding of nuclear products.


From this table we can see that a lot of very "face" issue:

Compared to NVIDIA's standards, not to mention the Tegra3 "12 stones", even 6 times ALU Tegra4, in competition number ALU as well as 128 as good as SGX554MP4 and Mali-T678, which can be used as a standard NVIDIA "128 cores" GPU.

Standards relative to Vivante, GC8000 "16 stones" in contrast is not eye-catching, since SGX554MP4 and Mali-T678 are still far ahead of SIMD 32 Shader (Vec4 Shader), namely "32 cores".

We cannot ignore the GPU parameter, but the dozens of "core" is easy to mislead consumers, and that we should focus on the GPU itself, performance, and should not try to pursue the core numbers.


May also be combined with the following illustration to understand Michael Kors Case

  OPPO R9 spring fashion show

Read on: Michael Kors Case for iPad

Refused to talk mobile GPU reading (a)

Refused to talk mobile GPU interpretation (b)



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Your phone's GPU is a few Red Note 3

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Red Note 3

For red rice Note 3 this new paragraph, rice stressed that this is their first full metal phone, of course it is also owned by millet's first to provide fingerprint identification phone. Red Note 3 gray, silver and gold three optional, millet official stressed that the use of new technology, so that its metal shell fit right in, and in order to guarantee great texture, designed to use the arc-shaped edge, 120th double blast of sand material.

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Entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the national flag upside down

Entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the national flag upside down in Mudanjiang, in response to: misuse, just more than 10 minutes

On March 17, an "entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the national flag upside down in Mudanjiang," went viral short videos in the ring. Mudanjiang surging entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau told the news (www.thepaper.CN), which occurred on March 16, misoperation caused by security personnel, immediately corrected after it was discovered, the whole process of just more than 10 minutes.

In the video, on the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau office building in Mudanjiang, bright five-star red flag fluttering in the breeze, but inverted, or negative attitude. Video immediately sparked. Netizens said, the national flag upside down tarnishing the dignity of the national flag, and a violation of law.

Mudanjiang entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff, at 16th, because the flag is older and needs replacement. That morning, aged more than 60 security personnel to replace, substitute and found the national flag upside down, and immediately went upstairs again to reset the flag, "the whole process 10 minutes."

For misuse of the security personnel, the staff member said, involved security is over 6 years old and retired, then also known as the first property temporarily called, leadership was "seriously." Henan Black households teachers just 34 total

Under the national flag law of the 17th article, not to fly the damaged, defiled, faded or substandard national flag.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Thirteen Five program proposed to delete establish a strategic new

Reporter yesterday (March 14) from 12 session national NPC four times Conference Bureau was informed that, according to NPC representative and CPPCC members on "Thirteen-Five" planning platform for draft proposed of views, on platform for draft for has modified perfect, total intends modified 57 at, increased has including "implementation electronic invoice", and "guarantees medical security", and "pediatric doctor training using plans", and "strengthening on lost alone family of care and help", and "citizens has science quality of proportion over 10%", content. It is learnt that tomorrow (March 16) 12 in the morning session of the national people's Congress will hold a closing session of the meeting, and the Government work report, the national economic and social development of the 13th of the draft five-year plan (hereinafter referred to as the outline of the draft), the People's Republic of China draft charity law, eight of the voting on the draft resolution.

Some of the content to be modified, added and removed to adjust


Column 1 in the "number of cities participating in the basic old-age insurance" achievement of the 2015 target year, "380 million people" amended to "377 million people."

In box 2 "town jobs" the 2020 target from "50 million people" is amended as "> 50 million people".

The "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional groundwater remediation pilot" amended to "regions such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei-Shanxi-groundwater remediation pilot project". FTA vie for the third place in 15 provinces Gansu

"Qualified undergraduate colleges and universities are encouraged to apply changes", changed to "promoting the application-type undergraduate colleges and universities to meet the necessary conditions."

"Reforming Medicare payments", changed to "reform of the medical insurance management and payment".

"Reducing the dangers of tobacco" amended to "vigorously promoting smoking in public places."

"GP training scheme", changed to "general practitioner, pediatrician training plan."

Will "strengthen credit supervision" amended to "strengthen credit publicity and supervision according to law."


In column 2 plus "registered population urbanization rate" base target of 2015 years "39.9%", a corresponding increase in the number of 5 years "5.1".

"Improving the efficiency of tax collection", add "e-invoice".

"Build international logistics corridor", add "to promote public hot metal and air intermodal."

In "Science and secure the implementation of bilingual education", add the words "increase the intensity of training bilingual teachers."

"Improving the quality of medical services", add "guarantee medical security."

"Improving rural family planning reward assistance and special support system", add "step up to the loss of family care and assistance alone".

"Strengthening of pro-poor poverty reduction, labour protection and health care for women", add "maternity care".

In the "create a favorable growth environment", add "formulation and implementation of youth development programs."

"Promoting the reading for all people", add "more than 10% of citizen's scientific literacy".


To delete "establish insurance compensation mechanism".

"Establishment of strategic industries" are deleted.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Iraq anti government rallies attended by tens of thousands of people called

Local time on March 11, 2016, Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Baghdad tens of thousands of supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr taking part in anti-government rallies, asking the Government to reform and improve services, an end to political corruption. Dongfang IC The mentally handicapped man in Shandong province

Iraq anti-government rallies attended by tens of thousands of people called for reform

Local time on March 11, 2016, Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Baghdad tens of thousands of supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr taking part in anti-government rallies, asking the Government to reform and improve services, an end to political corruption. Dongfang IC

Iraq anti-government rallies attended by tens of thousands of people called for reform

Confrontations with the police figure for people attending the rally.

Iraq anti-government rallies attended by tens of thousands of people called for reform

For people attending the rally.

Iraq anti-government rallies attended by tens of thousands of people called for reform

Iraq police.

Iraq anti-government rallies attended by tens of thousands of people called for reform

Picture Iraq tens of thousands of anti-government rallies.

Iraq anti-government rallies attended by tens of thousands of people called for reform

For people attending the rally.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Li Shishi complex the layout is not good amazing AlphaGo super computing power

Humans lose, Li Shishi lost his first set of man-machine war. This great fight, Li Shishi was much different.

Secondary drive after the game, Li Shishi was the only one sitting in front of the Board, and the opponent does not have any communication, and his AlphaGo in the complex when complex has already completed the operation, and quickly move. Mavis fan tears premiered the song 3 of China

Even after the game's launch, and Li Shishi was the only one facing the media throughout the world long short gun. When the world was shocked by losing a disk, the Korea name and didn't want to back down, "losing chess does not move me, I still have a 50% chance. "

Li Shishi complex: the layout is not good, amazing AlphaGo super computing power

Confidence, Li Shishi was still with a smile on her face.

"The man-machine war" before, outside of a little tension, Li Shishi, meet the press, he is showing more contempt for AlphaGo.

He didn't go to see the AI and Fan Hui's moves, when he said he 5:0 the chances of victory, the only unknown is whether the AlphaGo can progress to what extent.

Endgame phase errors let Li Shishi gave opponents the opportunity to reverse, always punches during the endgame phase after the game to win but Korea first expressed respect for Google's artificial intelligence team, "first of all, I am very surprised, layout is not good, I as a player on the AlphaGo team is very impressed. "

Perhaps the odds-on favourite, mistakes in the media also failed to get to the bottom of the topic. Talked about whether he will lose after the first game is affected, Li Shishi usual sharp tone: "first of all as a chess player, I experience more, lost the first set is not shaken me to my core. I think the outcome is just beginning. "

A game of chess, Li Shishi admits still failed to understand this can turn human opponents, "I will continue to know your opponent, it was too early to evaluate the AlphaGo. "Li Shishi has felt the advantages of artificial intelligence in terms of computing power," there are no strong computing power is not out of the chess, under AlphaGo, is very surprising. "

He doesn't regret his even 5 seconds less than promised to challenge Google's decision, "despite a great impact, but I still enjoyed the game of chess, and was looking forward to the back of the game. "

Li Shishi confidence also can't believe even the presence of the media, "this I'm not well, so I want to move behind me will still be greater likelihood of winning, the odds would be 50%. "

Yes, he remains convinced that 50% winning percentage, but there is not much time left him.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hard to create open class Online early adopters HTC Vive

Recent price: Casio AQ-S810W-1AV. 73

This Casio Casio AQ-S810W-1AV belonging to Tough Solar series, has always been strong resistance. Solar-powered, uses Casio own quartz movements. Digital, pointers, dual display, functional alarm clock, world time, multi-language display date, five sets of alarms, stopwatch function were readily available. Dial diameter is 46mm resistant to 100m. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

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Recent price: Casio AQ-S810W-1AV. 73 Recent price: Casio AQ-S810W-1AV. 73 Galaxy Note 5

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Galaxy Note 5

After London and Shanghai after rehashing the event, Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 has come before us, and we got in the first retail version of Galaxy Note5, then this Note what's new flagship series features? Come and see ... ...

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