Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Weifang city Captain accused of punching owner due to parking conflicts urban

Weifang public network news on December 27, in recent days, friends @ media BBM on SINA weibo and explosive material, said Chengguan Weicheng district, Weifang city, Shandong province, branch city officials because of parking problems, disputes and roadside businesses, then punched approached the owner, also threatened to the store level. On December 27, Weicheng district, Weifang city, Office of urban management enforcement Bureau Director Xin Huanqi confirmed to reporters, beating their subordinates squadron under squadron leader Nan Guan Zhao. It is understood that the attacker Zhao is still on the job. Xin Huanqi says to wait for results of the police to deal with.

Weifang city Captain accused of punching owner due to parking conflicts, urban management Bureau police check Weifang city Captain accused of punching owner due to parking conflicts, urban management Bureau police check

Users Twitter broke the video surveillance footage of the woman has been in process.

Parking dispute, the city Captain punched the landlady

On December 25, friends @ media people long micro-blogging and picture blue power said, December 19, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, beating Cho to drive a Suzuki car stopped in front of the shops that were playing Mrs Meng left, Mrs Meng for entrance does not let its Park here, then the second dispute.

Quarrel, Cho claimed, he was City Council, then forced Park to leave. Meng asked the car fails, will foot kicked the tires of the car in two, Cho said he then pulled out telephone to call people smashed shop. When Mrs Meng block Cho left again, Ms Zhao fist to Bangladesh.

Journalists see from Twitter picture, one man is dressed in Brown fist hitting a red jacket woman. Other pictures show, Mrs Meng on the emergency medical record had been diagnosed with multiple soft tissue injuries.

The landlady has bruising on the face, exposing dislocated his arm was dragged

On December 27, the reporter met Mrs Meng by hitters. Though what has been the past week, but women face still has a slight bruise. Reminding me of things occurred on the 19th, Mrs Meng and don't want to say any more. "At that time he was across in our store, preventing customers from entering not only, also affects the normal traffic. "Down the direction of Lady fingers, reporters saw a lady about three or four meters wide space in front of the shop, but many vehicles plying between the woman shops where the offices were needed from her house after. Mrs Meng told reporters, before it was parked in front of the car, because people cannot be found, causing other vehicles can't go.

Mrs Meng shop there are a large number of parking spaces to the South. "I was in front of the empty parking space is running out, but there are a few empty spaces on the southeast corner. "Meng said, I don't know why Cho vehicles were not put on the parking space to a distance, rather than to park in their own door.

Meng said that because someone insisted on parking in front of the store, and later had an argument on both sides. "He punched me, then in the process of pulling, dislocated my arm up. "Meng said that when he took out his mobile phone to his store took photographs, and threatened to hit stores.

In fact Twitter mentioned that Mrs Meng after being hit, her husband Liu Weicheng District visited law enforcement Council reflect the situation, but avoid seeing the leadership of urban management enforcement Bureau, Weicheng district. However, Liu told reporters on December 27, just yesterday, law enforcement, Weicheng District Council leader has come to apologize, the attacker also raised would pay for part of the cost. More than the network anchors were found false

Mr Liu said that, in addition to the normal medical expenses that he would not accept any compensation, only want the police to ascertain the truth at an early date, hit people were dealt with according to law.

Urban management: conclusions will be made according to the police to decide whether to deal with the perpetrators

Subsequently, the reporters came to the units in which the attacker Zhao Weicheng district superiors – urban management enforcement Bureau. Xin Huanqi, Director of the Office of the Council said that this fight is investigating the handling of the police station, they do not disclose too many details.

When a reporter asked whether the batterer is when Xin Huanqi explained that because Cho fights did not occur during the normal working, is not related to him. "Fighting this kind of thing we should not only listen to one side, or to wait for the results of the police investigation, if that is his responsibility, we will handle it in accordance with the relevant provisions. "

The afternoon of December 27, Nan Guan, reporters rushed to Cho's Squadron, trying to find Cho at that time, Nan Guan, but according to the staff of the Squadron, Cho's off today is not in the unit.

(Originally entitled the Weifang city Captain punched the landlady also smashed shop City Council: police result processing)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Video a truck ran a red light will be 3 years old boy in Zhejiang into underside

CCTV news client on December 24, 22nd, 306 in Anji county, Zhejiang Province, road intersection, after a truck ran a red light, is the intersection of a boy involved in the vehicle. Lucky is that child is okay.

Monitor display: the time of the incident, straight line signal has been converted to a red light, screen left a pedestrian pushing a stroller across the road. At the same time, below the screen fast approaching a red truck, when the truck found and when the baby, it was too late to avoid, 3 on the baby boy was the involvement of large goods vehicle. Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify

Anji county police brigade Xiao Feng Squadron squadron leader Wang Xianggen: accidents occurred at around 1:50 P.M., on enquiry, the drivers didn't rest at noon, opening for more than two hours by car, feeling fatigue.

Lucky is that baby is okay, from the end of the car was brought out to the mother.

Introduced police: truck driver Hu bear full responsibility for the accident, red light violations have been given a fine of 150 Yuan, 6 points of discipline. At present, the case is further processed.

Traffic Police reminded drivers must stop fatigue driving and traffic safety. (This article was originally entitled the truck ran a red light of 3 boys were involved in vehicle)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Members suggested without gross negligence need to take responsibility so good

The morning of December 20 meeting of the national people's Congress Standing Committee review the draft General Civil Code three peer reviewers, members of the NPC Standing Committee has made, poorly defined in gross negligence, in real life, and propose the deletion of negligence leading to recipients the restriction of liability for damage, so good Samaritans no worries.

During the second trial in the General Civil Code, the draft, some members and attend the meeting of the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress proposed, aid to protect the civil rights of others, resulting in damage of recipients, the salvor shall be exempt from civil liability. This will help rectify social mores, assistance to the courageous people be encouraged and protected.

Therefore, in order to encourage and protect the good Samaritan Act, submitted to the national people's Congress Standing Committee 25th meeting consideration of the General Civil Code three peer reviewers of the draft new rules: implementation of bailout recipients to damages caused by acts, except for gross negligence, a salvor not bear civil responsibility.

According to this provision, Member of the national people's Congress Standing Committee Xu Zhenchao suggested deleting "Apart from gross negligence," the expression. In his view, should let people know that good Samaritans are duty-bound to do things, and not have to worry about this thing do to take responsibility for it.

"Seeing the old man dared fall to help? Help, can cause old injuries, rescuers had to bear civil liability. "Attending the meeting of the national people's Congress Fan Haitao also believes that not everyone can define or control what is called gross negligence. For example, he said, some people in common sense relief of acute onset of people, it may be because they do not know the condition of special damage caused recipients. Expert she won t be impeached Korea or the delayed

Members of the NPC environmental and resources protection Committee said Pu Changcheng, provisions may continue to weigh on the bailout. He pointed out that, in case of major natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, many experienced and inexperienced people to rescue people in need of help, but they do not necessarily have the professional knowledge of rescue, legislation should further consider incorporating "not saved" and "fault" it sort out the relationship between the two.

"Good people or don't know too many people in legal disputes and details of, priority should be given encouragement and protection, which are the legislative branch must pay more attention to. "Attend the meeting as representative of the national people's Congress, Chen said, hoping" the good Samaritan "not very familiar with the law on general public more protection, particularly with respect to civil liability.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Guangxi senior middle school students drinking and driving without a license

The morning of December 10, hechi, Guangxi drive 5 car even hit a high school students killed 1 wounded, after the investigation, the student part of the drunk driving and driving without a license. On December 16, the publicity staff of hechi, Guangxi Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), drivers of minor, the police will be punished according to law without taking coercive measures such as detention, the current accident responsibility determination in the case is still under further investigation. Dr dialogue delivery students are becoming alienated

Road monitoring video showed a white SUV driving fast, overtaking and suddenly tilted sharply to the left to the right, lost control and collided head-on with the right side of the sidewalk, street trees fell heavily after vehicle hit by a dive.

News photos from the scene after the incident saw the surging, off-road front and body was severely damaged, with blood on the ground; dirt bike 4 car parking spaces in front were damaged, another electric car was damaged.

According to hechi local micro-blogger reflects, Nan Xin XI road accident in hechi city BBQ snack kiosk opposite the hospital. Accident drivers 16 years of age, hechi is a local high school student, driving the family car out to supper with friends, drinking beer, drove a friend on his way home after an accident.

On December 16, hechi above staff of traffic police detachment, the Public Security Bureau publicity Office confirmed to the surging news, driver and 3 other people on the bus were young, one of the passengers injured in the accident, is still under treatment in hospital.

The staff said, after treating the wounded and discharged, traffic police will make specific incident identified; accident driver minors, not to detention and other coercive measures in accordance with law, at present mainly fines and other penalties, and the parents of the driver education.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Anhui Luan due to family conflicts and abandoned three young children police

Anhui Luan due to family conflicts and abandoned three young children, police found a number of relatives of unclaimed

On December 11, Luan city, Anhui Province, because of family conflict was abandoned three young children in a small roadside ' an, the police contact his parents, grandfather, uncle and other relatives, were unclaimed. @ Luan police online Guangzhou a baby girl was hospitalized with severe

Anhui Luan Winter Street, maximum temperature 13 degrees Celsius. On December 11, has been standing in the cold in the 3 children, attracted the attention of nearby residents-the oldest girl is only 9 years old and the other two children are twins, at the age of 2 years old. Them in huoqiu County people.

This afternoon, they started by her mother "lost" in a restaurant, after being abandoned by his uncle on a small road. Until the police find Grandpa's House with their children, no matter what the police because he had, always closed. Civilian police from outside the window to see, Grandpa slept at home.

12th to surge of Luan City Public Security Bureau staff news (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed the above situation, the child has not yet been taken back by their parents, by parents and relatives are reluctant to come forward to get back, they were temporarily placed at a local orphanage by local police. Police continued to contact his relatives.

The night of December 11, ' an District Public Security Bureau through their official Twitter @ Luan police launches online 6 micro-blog, live with a child-tracing the situation-

11th 23:22, under the leadership of three civilian police, reached the children grandfather district. At this point, the mother and police calls, also are reluctant to pick up the kids.

11th 23:28, kids Grandpa still refuses to open the door. Civilian police and children were at the door, and saw through the window of the police, child my grandfather was lying on the bed.

2:45 A.M. 12th, three children were civilian police had placed in a local orphanage. One episode was because of "three children have immediate family", in accordance with the relevant provisions, institutions can only be rejected, the police again after half an hour of negotiations, three children, was temporarily placed in institutions only.

According to the Public Security Bureau staff, 11th, ' an District Public Security Bureau in the Jinan branch of the three bridge police station received a report, known as a community with three children were thrown to the curb. At present, the three children remain in institutions, police are still in many ways continue to contact their relatives, yet new developments.

According to the child's mother described to police after she took her three children to his father's friends and relatives home for Xidan, children to children after Uncle left. Zhihou, boy Uncle took them to her friends and family community and abandoned.

The staff, police call parents of 3 children call their parents ' mobile phones were shut down, contacts his uncle, uncle, grandfather, without people willing to adopt, shifting responsibilities onto others. When finally get through her phone, the child's mother claims that doctor in Hefei, and provides a child my grandfather's address. In addition, she also explained the abandonment of children is that fathers regardless of children no matter their own, which leads to family conflicts.

In this regard, the lawyer with Guangdong Yasunori Liao Jianxun believes that according to the provisions of article 261 of the criminal code, for younger minors, guardians (parents) have the ability to raise and not raise, abandoned, aggravated criminal cases and criminal prosecution. "Aggravated" refers to serious harm minors or police repeatedly contacted them but refused to support, can require a criminal case, be investigated for criminal liability, children should not become the victim of both contradiction or chips.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Changsha 26 year old female white collar died due to work issues hanging suicide

Hunan by depending on by depending on focus micro-letter public, December 8 message, this year 26 age of young woman small drive in Changsha a company work, engaged in financial work, normally said belongs to many people envy of white-collar, but December 5 work Hou, small drive is has been no home, family find has a night, second genius found, small drive was in company building of stairs between hanging died! Also left a suicide note saying "really tired, always wanted to rest."

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Family members said Monday, December 5, small ride to work, but failed to return home after work, family search, results received large news the next morning. Only 28 days in Zhengzhou issued 42 real estate

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Scene in the top floor of the building where the company, 20/f, a cleaning worker found the small ride hanged himself in the stairwell. After the incident, police immediately obtain monitoring company found the day after work, large elevator 17 and down from the company, appears to be ready to go home.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

But on the first floor, large elevator and not to leave, but waited a while back into the elevator. The elevator, large has been looking at mobile phones.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

This monitor was last photographed small figure. After the accident, police dug out from her carry-on bag with a note that says "I'm really tired," and her mother goodbye.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Large is the only child, birthdays only 26 years old the day before the accident. She met the kind of pressure will make her think she doesn't open it? Family from a small range of diaries and mobile phones, and found her work seemed in trouble.

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

Several days before the accident, and Xiao cheng Zeng wrote a long letter, the letter said at the beginning of "MOM, when you look at the letter, maybe I don't, having to believe in fate."

Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired Changsha 26 year old female white-collar died due to work issues hanging, suicide was really tired

From letters and chat, you can see that small process ran into trouble at work, has been in a State of anxiety. The night of December 3, large and their girlfriends stone spoke by telephone, said he intends to resign Monday, December 5.

After the incident, the company has no operations, only two or three employees on duty. Reporters contacted company official, said the head office has been sent to deal with, currently is cooperating with the police investigation.

(Formerly titled sorry! Changsha 26 year old female white-collar workers killed, claiming that "really tired")