Saturday, February 4, 2017

Guangxi man sentenced to divorce after 20 years of envy the judge family with

News-Guangxi nanguo morning post on February 4, luchuan, Guangxi men long after some family conflicts with his wife, Sha Po Town, luchuan County people's Court in a divorce. Afterwards, he kept a grudge against the then President of the Tribunal, waiting for revenge. On January 26, the Dragon carried prepared in advance knives, the other stabbed to death.

On January 26, an older man in Sha Po, Sha Po, town street, hotel, arguing with another man, after going at each other's body with a knife stabbed several knives, lead lay in a pool of blood. Police quickly arrived at the scene, suspect arrested.

Long a 67 years old this year, suspects are Sha Po, Sha Po village town, luchuan County. More than 20 years ago, long after some family conflicts with his wife, who has been his wife, results were sentenced to administrative detention by local police on 15th. Zhihou, Dragon's wife sued for divorce. The end of 1995, Sha Po Town long a divorce from his wife, law judgment of the Court, the Chamber President surnamed Fu. Users tweeting Xiling snow mountain on new year

Fu's decision according to law by the President, long a bitter. Before the Spring Festival this year, he saw Fu Ting-long a harmony, and thought himself alone for the holidays, revenge idea more strongly. So long from Sha Po Town bought a fruit knife pointed at booth, play a waiting game.

On January 26, the Dragon came to Fu Tingchang House Hotel, find each other is using the computer to type, then taking the knife to be stabbed to death. At present, the long one on suspicion of murder, suspects police arrest by Lu Chuan. (This article was originally titled sentenced to divorce his knife-wielding revenge unfortunately was stabbed to death by the President the President)